Charles Robinson, Night Court The Cops Came to My House…

We got a cop car empty. My entire bank account for that one clip upgrades on the cop car looking sick. You know, i think real cops should have whatever the this is in the back yeah with the law. All right, since we have this cop car, though, should we go with people in westwood? Oh, you really want to go in there. Not really all right go for it: okay, yeah nice, car douche bag. I mean, like i actually like the car it’s, a pretty sick. Bmw model yeah bryce hall, a lot of power. Hopefully it works out right. So we get arrested what happens we’re in a cop car we won’t get arrested attention. Everybody use code, penis for one dollar on pau club. You see lots of stupid on there bye. How do you turn it off? You can turn right on red, sir dude. This is prison time attention, honda, civic to the left. My car is way cooler than yours, i’m going right. So no one cut me off. Don’T cut me off, otherwise you will be arrested. Okay, don’t say that as a joke, because i’m, not actually a cop ma’am, i’m gon na – need you to walk faster. The next note boys. I wish not that good all right, real cop cars coming up let’s all act natural, like cops. What do you guys buy? These ones i mean this place is where we drifted last time and we got the cops calling us but again we’re the police, like we can’t, get arrested so preschool.

Oh acs is coming, hey drive off just drive off get out of here. You guys did it before up here. It’S cool! Wait, you remember us, do you remember us, you guys are, i think, banging into a trash can or something thank you all right. Take care, bro, shut up, see you got ta, stop doing that. His record in boston is one i think i saw something about that is not a police officer all right guys. We have a double double animal style: no onion, hey bryce fart in the intercom dude. No one speak on that you’re going to get pink mouth i’m. Not going to lie that was rory that farted into the intercom, your legs are still in the same position. You get out freaking out here, sir sir, you want in and out anyone we just bought it. I have a good one. This is with your hands. Above your head, please, i get the residence with your hands dude that actually scared the out of me. I thought someone swatted our house. So once again, we don’t have any ideas: it’s nick’s birthday, nichola bird, you guys might know him as the guy we pranked with three scary looking dudes, but we have a special guest today and he’s in the back seat. Rory yeah and i brought my friend griffin: are you ready to go to saddle ranch yeah all right, let’s go wait, wait, wait it ain’t, even my birthday, but i can ball if i want to pull up on cars.

If i want to how about that with that in my jumpsuit, just do what i say and i love you, okay, i get this from my uncle yeah, hey griffin, if you look to your left over here, that’s, where you used to live before triller kicked your Ass out it’s, my friend nick’s birthday, he turned 33 today, we’re really excited for it. Let’S go happy birthday, Music, they’re, gon na get so drunk i’m glad i’m, not drinking. Today, griffin johnson’s still a little griffin johnson’s, still a who doesn’t drink come on the sun called ford let’s go ride the bull we’re in saddle ranch, they open the ball again. We have to ride the bull i’m. Gon na be honest. I wasn’t expecting a whole audience to watch us ride a bull, but i suck at riding. But here we go. What does that mean? Bryce shut up j rod, don’t make it sexual he’s had a lot of practice with michael, i see so since it’s nick’s birthday, he’s a scooter rider being the nice guy. I am. I got him a dope ass scooter holy yeah. Look at how sick it is. If you go right inside my pants right here, it says two and it’s cash for about 500, so we can get an actual dope scooter. Oh my god, i have a gift for you. You’Re gon na uncover your eyes yeah. We got you something appreciate your dude. I’M, not gon na front that scooter was like 30 bucks.

But if you go in my pants right here and you open this, this will get you a new scooter. I get a mo. I don’t even do this, like i really like. I genuinely cannot take that. The pussycat dude dude, i can’t do that dude. I got you happy birthday i’m in the envelope. Please you have money in here.

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