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He guns and he got him there’s a shot deep right. Oh he crushed it that ball’s gone. That was a rocket deep shorts, bow guards up and throwing and got him at first base a long throw by xander well struck. Watch it go gone home run, sandra bogart’s, salvy hits it deep and the royals are on the board as strong as he is he’s, just able to muscle that ball out of the park and that’s exactly what that swing was now they’re coming home and they have Got him for the gap in left center field on the run mike trout closes. That gap makes the play for the out mike trout, runs it down banging up against the wall. That was a majestic home run for trout, right field, going back judge on the track. Applause, that is a judging blast, hernandez, i’ll tell you what that thing disappeared quickly. The oscar back at the track makes the catch right up against the fence and that one’s gone again. He did it again. How do you turn on that pitch there unless you’re superman? How quick those hands are for show somebody there’s a high fly ball back into deep left down the line schwaber into foul territory, and that ball is gone. That would tag to left forget about it if it stays fair, it’s gone grand slam, jose altuve. This one’s gon na go Applause, judge at the wall that baby’s gone number 20 for matt olson.

That balls hammered right into the club of jose ramirez, who made a leaping stab for out number one. We are tied grand slammy time for walshy ball, hit well to left field all the way back. Brantley at the wall, leafy catch by michael bradley miner brown to home run deep out to left field near the wall gone his 21st of the season, garcia whoa sneaking right up against the wall to catch that one like a wide receiver and cedric mullins. The newly minted all star puts the orioles on top of the night line to left martinez coming in he’ll make the catch. Murphy’S tagging here comes the throw to the plate, it will be out of the play. Jd martinez throws him out of the plate and we go to the 11th here’s. A high drive to deep, left center field and cruz has had another home run in chicago joy. Teaches us something pretty much every single time out in terms of adaptability to pitching beavers has been on a nice roll bieber gets his second out second strike out of the inning. He is retired. Six in a row see garrett cole is towing that slab in the boogie down bronzer numbers are just fantastic nathan. The baldi is the red sox, wins leaders, swaying adam, as he overpowered him at 97 to strike him out another good inning for native aldi kyle gibson. The rangers always excited when they have kyle out there strike three calls jake and gucci is up on the mountain for the mariners today, six punch outs for usa kikuchi, eight strikeout for lynn strike three Applause; lance lynn, outrageous to finish off this inning carlos rodon, eight Strikeouts his last seven starts it’s, the third longest streak in socks.

History, socks win, yes, a milestone, punch out to boot for matt barnes, 103 miles an hour champion, nails it down, and the yankees get a gritty gutty comeback. Victory struck him out. I thought liam was just going to go ahead and walk to windsor and the sox, as you heard from liam hendricks, have a sweet bottom of the ninth inning, and that means it’s time for ryan presley and the houston astros. Take the series takes care of it and what a job by gregory soto in his second inning of work, how about freddie, freeman, taking a double away from diaz, beats the braves in all those categories and just hit another one? Oh yeah, freddie freeman is back and it is gone out, goes freighter, clear the deck with a cannonball, adam frazier and a diving stop made there’s one, but a nice play by frazier when in play, arenado Applause – this is Applause, just heard the chant, mvp blind and Caught by tatisse that’s a nice little tumble there at the end, as he reels it in it’s short posey’s got it his throw perfect, absolutely had to be perfect because they had no chance buster stays inside it. Nobody, it absolutely explodes the bat head through the inside fastball and here’s. The result cozy home run number 12., that is stroke to deep left field. This baby’s clear for takeoff tape, measure home run that ball is deep. At the wall, it’s a line drive home, run 116 mile an hour missile off his back god, a grand slam believe in nick castellanos.

He has driven in seven runs. The mvp campaign continues home run number 16 hammered into right center. He did it back to back plate appearances with homers for winker a three home run game toward the corner. It is gone. Another office and field home run for jt real mucho ozzie unloads on the first pitch deep to right. That ball is gone, bryant swings and blasts one out towards left center, and you can forget it wow, deep center field and going way out of here wow what a home run. Brandon, crawford, high drive, deep right field towards the ground zone, gone escobar. What a play eduardo escobar way back in a grand slam for max munsey, trey turner. Welcome back see you later, betts is gon na grab it made. It look easy, but here comes gonzalez. What a throw from the body hitting me are. You kidding me slammed out to right center. Brian reynolds hits one out of coors field. Oh my i can’t believe it see you later come on and that ball hit hard into right and here comes soto. You rob me i’ll rob you sailor hits a towering fly ball back to the track back to the wall. There. It goes one of the brewers best hurlers here is corbin burns down. He goes cold strike three on the bound for the padres today. Is you darvish and really all star numbers as you look at this ledger here after the second straight inning, degrom strikes out the side, he’s got a dozen tonight, including six in a row.

Gaz is 30 years old he’s in his eighth year at the big league level. The one 680 area, and all that has done is put him on the all star team. This is going to be as good a one hitter as you’ve ever seen and it’s going to ballgame starting picture marlin’s turn to their 2021 national league. All star representative, congratulations to trevor rogers zach wheeler is on the mound tonight for the phillies 114 pitches for wheeler. Great job from joe brandon woodruff, the brewer all star, having control like that doesn’t hurt that pitts count either and now josh hader gets the take the knife it’s another winning road trips Applause. This is probably for valencia. More than anything else situation. He stuck him out.

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