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It was against the mets at city field in a cubs uniform earlier this year tonight he makes his mets debut maria drives one out to left this one will stay in the ballpark, dom smith reels it in for the first down and christian yellett steps in for Milwaukee and way inside so yelich does indeed draw a one out walk. So the brewer’s first base runner against stock willie adams will be the hitter swing and a miss, and he gets adamus with the slider now that’s his first strikeout as a met. Two down and it’ll bring up rowdy teles the recently acquired first baseman and rips one in the right field. The base hit and yelich will walk into second base, so first and second for milwaukee and tolez’s first brewer hit swinging a bouncing ball to the shortstop hole. Backhanded by lindor fires to second for the force play side, retired anderson left started on june 21st. He left in the second inning he jammed his knee and had to be removed, gave up three runs and those inning in the third swing at the first pitch little roller and vr is out for a quick out for brett anderson, this one to short, adamus and There’S two down well smith, went over three and was hit by a pitch in the opener and that ended dom seven game hitting streak. The 2 2 line towards right that’s a base hit for smith, who continues to rank against left, handed pitching played in by the right fielder taylor and dom smith aboard with a two out single, and that will give pete alonso a chance now to bat against the Lefty brett anderson lonzo hits one in the air to right a couple of steps towards the line tyrone taylor he’s there makes the catch in the inning is over after one inning brewers, nothing mets, nothing.

Second, walk issued by stock, there’s, manny pina, then a long stretch for manny pina one hit in his last 42 at bats, and this one hit well right center field. All the way back and gone perfect timing for manny pina, his fifth home run of the year ends a long drought for him and gives milwaukee the early lead nothing better than that. You’Re. First, at bat, you get a home run to give your team a lead and boy. He needed that in the worst way. So, second time, through the order now for robert stock swinging, a liner in the left base hit for luis urias, he had two hits in the opener. Now he’s got another knock and it will bring up christian yelich on the outside corner strike. Three call got him with a slider so for stock. His third strikeout, but the brewers take the lead in the second they scored. Two runs james mccann will lead off in the home. Second, against the lefty, brett anderson and mccann gets a change up and bounces it slowly. Ria’S double clutches and lost the play: teles dropped it anyway and mccann is safe at first well, it was going to be a routine play until uria’s have to reach in for it a second time. Here’S conforto, conforto, ground ball, double play ball peterson. Second, one adamus! Double play that erases, whatever it was a hit or an error on that great double play term by peterson and williams, went out.

Nobody on third inning it’s, two, nothing milwaukee as rowdy teles, bats live ball tour at the left field, line, dom hoping for a play near the side wall reaching in and he got it. Oh wow, dom smith. Timing is jump perfectly reaching into the crowd terrific play by dom dom’s starting to have some highlight reels, get a little boost from the padding yeah look how he sits on the top turnbuckle there, but it’s nothing. Fourth, inning milwaukee leads the mets two to nothing. Jace peterson will lead off and peterson rips another base hit into right field boy. He is just continuing to swing a really good back good eye at the plate. Swinging the bouncer left side, vr grabs it throws to second base. One marasa turns it to first two double play off the bat of the slow moving manny pina 5 4 3 around the horn swinging. A missed strike three stock with a fastball at 95 that he blows by jackie bradley juniors. Second time through the order for anderson is alive. Just two hits over the first three innings line toward the middle of base it for lindor and the mets of the leadoff man on to the fourth and there’s one away now for pete alonso. No one to alonso could be two ground ball to shore to dallas to second for one on to first in time and the brewers turn two and get anderson through the inning drew smith takes over in the top of the fifth inning and avi garcia will bat For the pitcher brett anderson, so his day will be done as well.

After four innings and a fast ball gets garcia and drew smith fans. The first man to face him. Three pitches and drew smith takes care of luis arias here’s adamus to lead off the sixth inning drew smith stays in the game for second inning of work, as this one is hit. Hard left field, and out of here a home run for william thomas, is 14th on the season. Ninth is a milwaukee brewer and it’s three, nothing milwaukee. He was having a difficult time with that slider tonight. Look how short and compact this swing is right. Here, nice and level ball jumps off his back as soon as he make contact. He knew that was a homer, so the grill is, with four home runs in the double header, two of them in game. Two brad boxberger now comes in from the bullpen to take over brandon nimmo is going to bat in place of peraza and he takes the walk. Another tremendous flight appearance for brandon nemo, a nine pitch, walk to start the mets in the bottom of the sixth. All four to mcneil, a beautiful at bat by jeff, back to back walks to nimmo and mcneil, has pinch hitters to set the table in the bottom of the six rio coming outside ball. Four foxburger didn’t come close and now on three straight walks. The mets of the tying runs on base with nobody out francisco lindor represents the go ahead run two balls two strikes on lindor and cole strike three on the outer edge, a nice pitch for boxberger to finally get this first out best pitch in the inning right.

There right on the outside corner now, dominic smith, will bat one two on the way swing and a miss and another strikeout for foxberger, two down a borderline strike up borderline away, and he had a very defensive swing at it. Not out of the woods yet alonso has flied out and bounced into a double play. Strzok came out swinging a high fastball and alonso went after it brad boxberger after walking the bases loaded comes back and strikes out, lindor smith and alonso. What a zero put up by brad boxberger with bradley at second marius one for three in the nightcap of this doubleheader, the pitch swinging, a fly ball deep left, palar back gone more insurance for the brewers it’s. Five! Nothing is luis, urias it’s, his second home run of the day. His 12th of the season brewers are up a nickel boy. Did he put a charge into that one? A dozen home runs for luis urias as we head to the bottom of the seventh inning of game, two hunter strickland on to try and finish this one out for the brewers here’s, the 2 2, and this one lifted into the air to right field and taylor Has it for the first out the 2 0 conforto taps one first base side, that is a fair ball right near the back. Teles picks it up steps on the bag from number two that’s down to their final out drilling five to nothing, it’s one more strike there.

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