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I don’t know how to say it. I don’t know how to pronounce show hey otani, something like that. I don’t know but um yeah i’m going to be acting, so i mean, if you were, if you’re new, to baseball and all this he’s, probably like the best baseball player, i mean not like he’s, like one of the best players in baseball right now. He could pitch and he could bet which is kind of like kind of like a difficult thing of doing baseball, but for him it’s he he could do everything, but so far like if you watch him play then he’s gon na do something amazing every single time. He comes play that’s something special about what he does, but yadda yadda. You know what i’m hearing i’ve been reacting to the early season season highlights what he’s done so far, because it says it’s still not done, and i think it’s gon na be in the homeroom derby, which i’m probably gon na, see it but um yeah let’s start His swing is smooth too hits it. It goes all over the fence who knows maybe i’ll meet him in the future. Splitter split that just falls off the table. Look at this baby. Look at the split into the shadow unhittable. You missed that ball by half the rotation took a little something off that pitch here’s. The next delivery, there’s a swing and a miss, and he struck him out Applause, which i think he was considering.

The best relief Music Music ball well struck to right field. Up nearly out of here high off that wall, one two three angels will score the three two Applause wanting to say that i’ve been interested in playing japan. I don’t know maybe, who knows like a great place to play baseball with fans and everything with people out is out of there opposite way for shohei ohtani, 99 miles an hour, there’s a breaking ball and down goal just another sunshine strikeout for shohei o’shea. I don’t know how that was cool, but my man’s only broke his leg, but flash the form he did in his rookie year. He grounds one fair on the right side, just down to the reach of garcia and ohtani’s. First time up this spring gets a one out single angel says here’s. The o2 took three pitches that one at 98 miles an hour first strikeouts for another sunshine. First pitch you heard that Music here’s the 2 2 pitch and that one is chased and missed working struck him out of the season. Oh tony crushes he doesn’t really put that much effort and still goes over the fence that’s. How smooth next delivery slices that one into left field and that’s the basis with that pitch didn’t try to pull it in the third? They still need one. Nothing jose got him four for shohei otani tonight i mean the last three pitches here. What can he do? Here’S the pitch and he lifts another one, deep into left center field.

That ball is carrying well, and that ball is out of here show time Music just enough tilt at the hit hard left center field base hit. He continues toward hitting here in the spring. The hill that flies and showing says i am back at first made more triple digit velocity when he played in japan, like i think he do like 158. I don’t know a little more more like 151 i’m saying, but i was like damn and then the the crowd was cheering him like yeah yeah, i don’t know, but i don’t know how to play with independent it’s, like the it’s. Like the picture thing like in front of the thing or yeah i don’t know, i’m gon na have to figure that out, but yeah. I think that’s gon na be the end of the video guys. Thank you guys for watching and yeah. I guess i’ll see you next time. I’M. Probably gon na react to more of them, because i think this highlights the show the spring training which i don’t know but yeah.

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