Home Run Derby, Shohei Ohtani, Home run, MLB, Pete Alonso, Los Angeles Angels d Sox @ Angels 07/07/21: OHTANI AND WALSH HIT BACK TO BACK HOMERS (Full AB’s) (Red Sox Broadcast)

His ranks the best or among the best in baseball. In these offensive categories, that’s unbelievable home runs. First extra base hits first, second percentage, first, total basis. Second rbi’s. Third that’s putting up some numbers as if there hasn’t been enough chatter, the last few days about shohei ohtani, it was the starting pitcher. Yesterday, seven innings couple runs he’s been in that two spot in the lineup for the angels as well and he’s leading off here. After the red sox just tied the game in the fifth inning there’s an article today out in the anaheim area, in the los angeles times from bill plaschke, and he wrote that shohei otani’s having the best season by any player in baseball history. When you combine what he’s doing as a hitter the numbers, we just showed you and then being a very good starting pitcher as well yeah when you’re putting everything together. I’D have to agree. But you know on the hitting side, i mean he’s having an unbelievable season. Don’T get me wrong, but they’re they can be compared to others. That’S, you know had some great seasons, Applause. You know i don’t want to say right now: let’s wait a little longer toward the end of the season and see where his numbers are. But right now he is definitely the man. This might be the only thing that can slow him down fouling one off himself off the toe facing eduardo rodriguez. For the third time in this one, you were getting a little worked up today.

Thinking about a potential mvp vote, yeah, where your allegiances might lie. If we saw a triple crown from someone named vladimir guerrero jr, i mean a triple crown to me: that’s, the top that’s the highest. You could go as a hitter. It comes up. Lame again. Is that another car? Let me see this: oh yeah, have you ever seen off the back leg like that, the back leg, yeah see and it’s things like this. That will affect him as a pitcher down the road eduardo’s 2 2. But back to what i was saying as far as the mvp is concerned, now it’s very early first of all, it’s very early, but when you’re talking about the triple crown that’s, the top level and it’s going to be an argument, it’s going to be something that’s, You know going to have to be talked about. Obviously, Applause ohtani pulls this one on a line to right and it’s his 32nd home run of the season. I think he hurt me also dang. It puts the angels back in front in the fifth inning. He got full extension on that pitch even after the ball was hit off. His knee came right back inside he fouled the pitch off his right leg and his left leg, and then he homers and it’s already the most home, runs in a single season on july. 7Th by a japanese born player in major league, baseball Applause, he’s doing some amazing things.

No doubt now, let’s see what this pitch was. A change up up in the zone didn’t quite get it down and he got full extension on that head right on the barrel and he crushed it 114 miles an hour off the bat from shohei ohtani and the reaction from rodriguez yeah. He knew he should have gotten that ball down just a little bit more with an elevated change up your eyes, open up very wide as a hitter and now jared walsh to straight away center field back to back for the angels in the fifth inning 21st of The season for the all star, jared walsh, not to be outdone back to back home, runs jared walsh, who’s been very quiet. This series gets a pitch that he could handle and drove it to deep center field, a cutter out over the plate, and he got full extended extension on this ball. Look at this.

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Home Run Derby, Shohei Ohtani, Home run, MLB, Pete Alonso, Los Angeles Angels cting to shohei ohtani

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