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One of his you know clearest you get to see the whole footage sparring sessions it’s from a while ago, it’s from a couple years ago, but i still think there’s some great things that we can learn from it. Some great points that you see ksi a lot better in his actual natural habitat of not brawling. You see his boxing ability at the time. Now i want to say, like i said in the past, we haven’t really got to see his boxing skill. We haven’t got to see what he does when he’s in control of a fight when he’s pushing the price when he’s putting the pressure on – and this is a great example of that, because you know face sensei – is not in camp right here in this video he’s. Not uh conditioned nearly at the level that ksi is so we get to see a pressure fighter and how cardio wins, but we also get to see ksi executing his game plan. So this is something that we would ideally get to see even better with a couple more years of training in his next fight. But it still gives us a really good lens to look at what he does, how he operates and how he looks when he’s throwing straight punches. You know when he’s throwing real boxing combinations, so let’s go dive right into it. One time good, pull up good, so guys this first round ksi frankly, doesn’t, look very good he’s, dirty boxing very consistently throughout the entire time and he’s overly pressuring his opponent, he’s crowding himself, and he just consistently leaves himself open and he walks in forward with his Face now they correct him pretty quickly on this, but there’s a couple moments right here you can see he he throws a very lazy job and he’s coming in with his face and if faiz sensei had seen it coming or been waiting for that shot, he would Have thrown the overhand right and that would have cleaned ksi out so that’s, not how you want to be brawling like that right, it’s, good to practice, dirty boxing for sure it’s.

Definitely a good skill to have it’s a great way to tire out your opponents and weigh on them and do things like that and dirty boxing is definitely a priceless thing to be practicing it’s a good thing to practice in a sparring match like this. However, it’s not really the best example of ksi right and i don’t want to dive too much into this first round because, as the second round starts his coaches, they make some really great points. They want him to extend his punches, execute a game plan and actually start boxing well, and he starts doing that and that’s a great thing about ksi that a lot of people don’t understand is ksi the reason he got so good. The reason he won the fights is because of his coachability and the way he listened to his coaches. Man, vidal really made him win both those fights you got to give credit where credit is due, and especially in the first one vidal was like okay we’re, not boxing anymore, go in there and brawl. He knew to make that adjustment. He knew and then ksi did it and that’s what’s really great, and you can see that in his sparring sessions you can see that in his fights, he’s very disciplined and he’s very willing to accept criticism, even mid fight, even mid sparring session and make adjustments that’s. What boxing’s all about leave your ego at the door and be able to make adjustments so that’s? What i love about this clip right here, like i said it’s obvious – that face sense, is the smoother and and more polished fighter, but because of the fact that he just doesn’t have the cardio and conditioning and he claimed to have a rib injury as well and There’S, no reason not to believe him, but because of that, ksi is really willing able to, even though he’s not as clean and technical and and because faze sensei is really not throwing shots at 100 he’s able to execute his game plan a bit more right there.

You can see there’s there’s a massive difference between the way sensei moves, his body and the way ksi moves, his body ksi sort of stomps around the ring and shuffles a little bit more drags his feet a little bit more instead of floating around the ring. So that’s something that i would like to see him do a bit more footwork a bit more footwork drills and get better at bouncing in and out keeping a proper boxing stance. Instead of you know, shuffling in and walking around the ring right, that’s, a simple but very important skill to have when it comes to boxing is so. I like that man he’s doing some darren till style faints, where he’s coming up like that. Those are those are good, but not to analyze the faint itself. Fainting is really important, it’s, really good and he’s doing it here, which is great to see those are a bit over the top faints i like to see fans that are a bit more natural and a bit more convincing, but it’s still good to see faints boom. Beautiful combination, i love that he comes in with the one two straight down the pipe throwing straight punches and then he throws a left hook at the end of it he’s a bit off balance at the end of the combination, but it’s still a great combination. It shows just how much more effective straight punches are over these massive looping punches right and he does it well.

He doesn’t land because face sensei’s got a great defense. He’S got a great defense, his entire clip honestly but it’s still a good example of a good combination. So right now, he’s head hunting the whole time and face sensei’s moving really well and his coaches start yelling at him to work. The body work, the body work, the body, and this is a great example of how head hunting can get really addicting right. You see that head and you want to punch it so bad punches to the body or just as or even sometimes more valuable than punches to the head, especially early in a fight punches into the body. They’Re super super important. You even look at a guy like canelo, who punches very hard, he’ll punch the arms, because he knows that he can dead his opponent’s arms and hurt his opponent’s arms. You want to just hit something you don’t want to be missing completely right, which is what he’s doing here, and that tires you out a lot and it also doesn’t look good and it opens you up for counters as well. So working the body is super important. Music, what i love about this round is ksi has a great understanding of his own range and he’s, not crowding himself anymore he’s at the tail end of his own range, which is great to see that’s. What you want, when you’re in your own range and you’re out of your opponent’s range that’s, the perfect spot that you want to be in ksi’s, got a great read on that.

He knows how to be just outside of face: sensei’s range, while being in his own range that’s a good observation throughout this sparring session right there, though, you see how ksi sort of marches in with his hands down and he gets caught on the way in see. That’S a problem that’s because he’s not being defensively responsible as he’s moving. He needs to work his way in instead of just sort of march, his way in with his hands down, and he keeps head hunting the whole time he keeps walking right into that job. During this second round and he’s not really listening to his coaches, but when he gets into the corner, he does, which is great so right here. What happens is face. Sensei lands four punches from the same hand in the same way with a similar punch. That’S not what you want to see because ksi doesn’t react at all to it. Now a problem with sparring is sometimes you’ll think you can just take the punches and then you’ll get into a real fight where someone’s throwing at real power and you won’t be able to take those same punches that you thought you could when you were sparring and In that situation, where face sensei is clearly throwing at maybe 25 30 percent. It makes ksi comfortable taking those shots and instead of reacting in a way that he should have been reacting, which was being defensively responsible. Moving from that position, putting his right hand up where it should have been, he just sort of ate all of them and he didn’t make any adjustments or any changes.

That’S, not something you want to see. You want to see something someone be able to make the read oh i’m exposed here and make an adjustment right. He doesn’t make any adjustments. In fact, he waits till face. Sensei moves out of the way that’s, not what you want to see. You want to see reacting to getting hit right and he doesn’t do that effectively. There he’s kind of terminator walking through these shots that’s one, not a long term game plan. If you want to be boxing for a while and two against a guy that’s going to be hitting you harder, a guy like jake paul, maybe you’re not going to want to be in that position. That would that would really put you in a bad position. He keeps keeps getting obsessed with that head hunting and he can’t hit him that’s beautiful, head movement from face sensei fay sensei is really seeing these shots coming because of how dramatic ksi is with his movement. Ksi is a pressure fighter that’s. Clearly how they’ve trained him to fight he does it very well. He does it very well. He weaponizes his cardio and his pace it’s one of the best things you can do, look at guys like max holloway there’s, a lot of guys that have made their career off of weaponizing that cardio weaponizing that pace and pressure right, he’s doing that very very well. You can be a lot worse than your opponent and have good pace and pressure and cardio and you’ll win the fight.

Trust me it’s happened a lot of times, so ksi’s movement is a little sloppy it’s a little heavy he’s, obviously a bit tired. What i like, though, is even when he’s sloppy and tired. He still maintains that sloppiness and tiredness consistently and is able to deliver okay combinations and decent punches throughout that whole pressure right. I talked about a couple days ago how dustin poirier is able to operate tired? The same way throughout the entire fight ksi is able to do that as well. He does it very well actually, and even though his boxing might not be crisp, it might not be technical, especially not here a couple years ago. Who knows what he’s doing now, but a couple years ago he was still able to operate in that way throughout the course of the sparring rounds. You know he does it consistently and throughout the course of the fight he doesn’t ever get worse. You know what i mean: he doesn’t start off great and super crisp. He starts off almost the same way. He ends and that’s actually a good skill to have. Even though i would like to see a bit sharper movement, a bit less sloppiness bit better hand, placement those are all things that can be changed and can be adjusted, but he’s still able to keep that pace and pressure throughout the rounds, which is great to see, See listen to me right now. There you go he’s finally, putting his hands up in the right place.

Man you become so much harder to hit as a pressure fighter when you’ve got your hands in the right place. Watch any canelo alvarez fight when you’ve got your hands in the right place and you want and you use head movement when you want to use head movement when you deflect the most of the shot’s coming your way instead of just marching in with your head forward. You don’t want to be doing that you want to be putting your hands up absorbing the shots on your arms. It makes your ability to pressure consistently without taking a lot of damage way. Better it’s, a great thing to see, and now he’s starting combinations to the body listens to what his coach says and he starts throwing combinations to the body and it’s where he starts to get a lot better throughout the course of this sparring match boom jab to The body it lands, even though it lands sort of on the arms it still lands, especially to the judges that lands. I don’t know how fei sensei does this, but he blocks the hook with his hand like this and then brings the same hand back and blocks the right hand coming right down the pipe. I don’t know how he did that because that’s, a beautiful combination, that’s a great combination to defeat the philly shell right, which is what face sensei, is doing this entire time. A great combination is to throw a loose a loose sort of slapping left hook because you’re trying to bring the parry hand away from the front of the face, and then you throw a right hand down the center right 90 percent of the time that would land Somehow face sensei gets his hand out of the way but it’s great, to see ksi, throwing a straight punch because it’s very accurate.

He throws the punch exactly where it’s supposed to go. He’S going right for the chin of faith sensei, it doesn’t land, because faith sensei’s got some great movement with his with his hands. He’S got a great philly shell, honestly, but it’s still the right punch to throw right, you’re allowed to throw sloppy left hooks. If you’re setting something else up, you know what i mean: you’re allowed to sort of slap if you’re setting up that right hand that’s what he’s doing there and another thing is the only reason that was almost open. The only reason it was so close to landing is because he was working the body throughout the course of the round. Man, coachability and listening to your coaches in the corner. Is a superpower guys always do it? Learn it from a young age. Learn it right when you start boxing, listen to your coaches, listen to the guys in the corner. That’S going to make you win! Fights trust me so that’s something i don’t like right. So the coaches are calling for a head movement and what he does is. He comes into the pocket. He comes into range with his head: anticipating a punch coming towards him, anticipating, head movement, he’s doing a head movement for the sake of head movement; that’s, not what head movement is for right. You do head movement if you’re lomachenko or if you’re canelo you’re setting traps so you’re you’re waiting for the punch that you’ve you’ve established is going to come by leaving a opening that you’re aware of and you’re anticipating that head movement.

Ksi doesn’t do that here he comes in and he’s doing, head movement for the sake of head movement, that’s, not exactly what we want to see. What we do want to see is we want to see him doing head movement when he needs to so. Instead of being defensively responsible, he sort of comes in and waits to get punched in the face there that’s, not the move, it’s, okay, man, it happens as you’re as you’re learning, but that’s. Not what you want to do it’s, definitely a a gap that he just showed right there like. I said you never want to be going in head. First, you barely want to be going in with your hands up head. First, you never want to be going in. Just straight head: first, never the move, see that one that’s how you throw an overhand right. It misses but it’s still a useful punch in fact, it’s a great way to get over people’s guards. So he set it up properly. He used it the right way. He threw only one, he didn’t, throw a combination of you know three or four, and he used that overhand punch properly right. He he blocked it with the jab and he threw that overhand right that’s. The way you’re allowed to use that punch the way he uses it in his fights when he gets a bit away from him, not super ideal, but you’re still allowed to use overhand rights.

Man it’s still a good punch, faith sensei throughout the course of this fight. The thing that i don’t like is he’s almost landing every single punch he throws. He throws almost nothing, which is why ksi really gets away with it, but he everything he throws he’s landing at like a 90 clip. So imagine you were a guy that was cardioed up was ready to fight, was throwing significantly more punches if you’re landing at a 90 clip on your opponent, like that it’s not gon na work out for them right. So that sort of pressure like i was saying he would need to combine that with proper defense, proper hand, placement getting landed at a clip like that is not conducive to being able to win a fight as a pressure fighter, you need to be able to be Defensively responsible, while you’re pressuring your opponent right there look at that. So when he works the body he lands, every single punch, guys work. The body man stop hand hunting. If the head’s moving what’s the body doing the body’s sitting right there, so that’s a great thing that ksi does right there. He works the body that’s. What you got to do so now, we’re going into the last round face sensei is absolutely exhausted. Here you can tell, but this is where ksi really listens to his coaches. He puts it together and he goes 100 to the body. He realizes hey man, this guy’s moving his head.

Well, guess: what’s, not moving. The body gets smashed with that left hook. See like you can’t, do that consistently if you’re going to be getting hit like that on the way in again, every single punch that faces throwing still landing here, see there when he puts his hands up, he blocks almost all three of those punches see a very Simple adjustment that he makes that works, put your hands up man boom and he goes down great work by ksi there guys so guys. I know it’s an old clip. I know it’s an old video and a lot of you might think that that’s it’s not valuable in today’s look, but i actually think it’s more valuable than even looking at his fights would be because in that clip we get to see what he’s doing when he’s. In control of the fight, we get to see what he’s doing when he’s not reacting to someone else’s game plan and not changing his game plan on the fly which ended up being go for, broke swing, massive punches and it worked for him that’s for sure. But in this instant we get to see how does ksi look when ksi is fighting the way ksi wants to fight? Well, how vidal wants ksi to fight, which is pressure consistently, throw straight punches and throw good body shots? Well, there’s still some gaps, there’s, some major gaps, some things that were not hard to fix, though right and the biggest gap, was his defense and not really working his way in and being susceptible to huge punches and huge counters.

That would be really bad if he was fighting honestly if he was fighting jake paul that’s, not a good combination, because we know that jake paul likes to move backwards, jab as he’s moving backwards and then throw big overhand rights. So if ksi was pressuring that way against a guy like jake and getting caught at that consistency against a guy that’s in better shape, or at least trying to hurt him more than than faze sensei was in that situation, he might have a bit more trouble right. So we just have to look at it like that, there’s honestly, a lot of work to be done, but that was a couple years ago. So i wonder if he’s made the adjustments, if he’s done the right things, because he’s got great fundamentals, guys he’s got a great ability to throw straight punches when he wants to throw straight punches. He’S got a great ability to cut off the ring. He’S got a great ability to throw shots to the body great stuff, like that. He can work on the the things that he would need to work on, to be able to come in there and beat a guy even like austin mcbroom. He needs to be able to block more punches coming back towards him. Get his hands in the right place be a bit more comfortable with his hands up in that good position to block perry shots and even bounce them off the guard than than what he is at right now.

But that being said, man overall it’s good work, and i honestly i see why he’s won. I see why he’s not lost yet at least that’s for sure and frankly i i want to see him in there again and i think that if he’s been training, if he’s been training consistently, he’ll look great so let’s see it guys.

What do you think?

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