If you like these celebrity videos, i’ve done so many i’ve done jessica, alba, kourtney, kardashian, meghan, markle, khloe kardashian, who else shane mitchell i’m, probably missing. Somebody – and i have to say megan fox – was definitely the hardest one, because she is lower carb she’s keto, pretty much it’s like a keto, paleo diet and two she’s so much more private than the other celebrities i’ve done. But i definitely did my research for you. I appreciated with her is that she does have coffee, because some of these, what i eat in a day they’re like i just skipped coffee, no so i’m gon na, show you guys what she eats in a day and throughout the video just share different facts about Things she said about her diet about cheat days about why she does keto why she does low carb, why she does paleo, and all of that i also want to share my experience with a low carb diet, because you guys know i was low carb for years And last but not least, this video is, in collaboration with bondi boost i’m, going to share the vitamins that i take for really long thick hair. Whenever i have new followers follow me, they always ask if i have hair extensions or anything like that, and i don’t this is all me. I hope you guys enjoyed this video let’s get started good morning. Everyone. So the first thing megan fox has in the morning is coffee.

Thank the lord. I did not have to skip coffee today, so i couldn’t find her exact coffee recipe, but i did find articles where she said. Coffee is the worst thing she has in her diet because she sticks to a mostly healthy diet and that coffee is probably the worst out of everything. So i used my almond milk creamer, since she is dairy free and she does prefer almond milk. So i just thought why not just use what i have then for breakfast she likes to have a egg white omelette with fresh veggies. Again i wasn’t able to find which exact veggies, but i chose low glycemic as in low sugar, vegetables. I went with mushrooms. Mushrooms are huge in a keto diet and since she does love japanese food, i decided to go with mushrooms. I also decided to go with parsley to season it as well as some peppers Music, when you are on a keto diet, it’s really all about flavor. So salt pepper parsley really getting creative with flavor, since you can’t add too many different things. Music. How funny is this? I found this live on youtube and look at the pan did something look familiar. These green pants became so popular i’ve, been obsessed for years, but anywho i’ve seen so many celebrities use those pants um. But anyway, then she adds a handful of almonds. So you definitely want to mix your protein with fat. That way, you stay full longer, that’s, a huge thing in the keto world.

Okay, so sometimes in these, when i eat in a day videos i get different inspo for snacks or for smoothies, or something like that, and i have to say that breakfast is definitely one of them. So that is definitely something i’m going to keep up with. Is a quick omelette, i think when i make it i’m going to add the yolk i don’t think i’m just going to do egg whites, but i am going to incorporate more omelettes. It looked like it wasn’t going to be filling, and actually, when i read the article i kind of like judged it before, and i was just like. Oh my god, an egg white omelette with veggies and some almonds like that’s, not going to make me feel full. But actually it was quite the opposite: i’ve been full all day and now it’s time to make her snack. So she does like to do five small meals. Throughout the day, breakfast lunch dinner: two snacks, one of the snacks – is a protein smoothie, so she does add almond milk, fresh fruit and a protein powder Music, i’m gon na buy spell this over my white shirt. But the key thing with this smoothie is low. Glycemic fruits so that’s why i chose blueberries and raspberries it didn’t specify. It just said that she sticks the low glycemic fruit in her smoothies and that’s. The other thing when you are doing keto or low carb you don’t, want to fill it with a ton of fruit, especially not like bananas or high sugar high carb fruits.

Pretty much the berry family is a good one. I love that it’s. Just such a simple smoothie, when i saw it, was just like almond, milk, low sugar, fruit and protein powder, i was just like yes cheers: i’m assuming she uses a vegan protein powder that’s. What i use today, i used salted caramel by topeka, because i read that she is dairy free. She actually used to be vegan, she’s, no longer vegan. She has continued to be dairy, free, um and said that dairy just does all sorts of things to your hormones. Megan fox credits, a lot of her weight loss to going dairy free. She says it’s hard on your hormones and that it could be the cause of weight gain. Okay, so for lunch, megan fox likes to have a salad with either salmon smoked, salmon or grilled chicken or turkey. If she’s not feeling like salmon and since we’re having salmon for dinner, i decided we’ll do a grilled chicken she likes to have that with greens mix the greens with olive oil, then she likes to do a splash of apple. Cider. Vinegar been said that a lot of celebrities like using apple cider, vinegar for weight, loss, speeding up your metabolism, you’re new to using apple, cider, vinegar or if you see people drink it that’s like pretty popular to want to make sure you’re buying this one. This one is bragg’s organic apple, cider, vinegar, it says with the mother.

The mother is the murky stuff at the bottom, so you want to shake it up before you use it. So i just always use the cap whenever i’m drinking it or like in this recipe. Adding it to the salad, i also added some salt and pepper since, as you can see, it’s a pretty plain salad like there was no mention of any vegetables or anything else, and i tried to google so we’re just gon na eat it like this um, but The apple cider vinegar definitely gives it like that. Kick that, like little jazz, you can see from her salad that she really does focus on a high protein diet lower in carbs, so it actually wasn’t so bad, i would say the salad like it was. I mean i added a good amount of chicken, so that probably helps too protein and fat. Keep you full longer so fat from the olive oil feel like i would want to add a little avocado or like some cherry tomatoes or even seeds, if you’re doing the keto diet, then you definitely love to utilize nuts and seeds like pumpkin seeds, and something like That just to give it like that extra crunch, because i feel like having something like that every day would get like a little warm. The next thing that i read about her diet is that she really doesn’t take cheat days when she is eating like this. So some of you might wonder if, when we get closer to the end, is there going to be some kind of a cheat? And she said that when she’s doing it, when she’s doing the keto diet, when she’s doing low carb, when she’s eating paleo and trying to get in shape for a roll or lose weight, has some sort of fitness goals she stays away from cheat days.

She says that when she’s doing it, she’s just doing it and focusing on that and eating like that, i wanted to talk to you guys about is my hair supplement, so you saw me take these with my lunch. I do take two a day and i like to take them with lunch. I like to take them with food. So if you are a subscriber of mine, you know i’ve talked about these before and they are the bondi boost, hair growth, support supplements and what i like about them is they’re, backed by science. All the ingredients are for a reason, like i said, backed by science. So some of the active ingredients that will help your hair grow um. So the first is biotin. I feel like a lot of us have heard. Biotin can help with your hair growth um, but something i learned from bondi is so can vitamin b6, which is also in this so i’m, going to read this one to you so that i don’t mess it up, but vitamin b6 ensures that hair cells have access To amino acids needed to make hair proteins, so vitamin b6 definitely helps with the protein metabolism and making sure your hair can grow. This also contains vitamin e, zinc, silica and folic acid, and if you go on bondi boost website, you can see that they have so many different things that support hair growth. I also use their shampoo and conditioner that smell like peppermint, and it really helps stimulate your scalp they’re cruelty, free they’re gluten free they’re, yeast, free egg, free lactose, free nut, free sugar, free, color, free and all that stuff.

The reason why i wanted to put it in this video is something that i’ve noticed years ago about megan fox is she has beautiful, hair skin? I noticed that not only do these help my hair, but their ingredients in these vitamins have also helped my skin, and i think too, like whenever i’m asked to do a celebrity diet or workout people want to know what they’re doing more so than just their body And the way that they look, but just like the overall health and one way you can tell somebody is just living healthy eating healthy, is their skin, their hair, like the quality of your hair. So if you have hair length bowls like for me, you guys know i’ve been trying to grow my hair to my hips, but it’s all the way down here. That is crazy, so i’m, going to leave a link in my description box for all my favorite bondi boost products, including the vitamins, but the shampoo, the conditioner and their hair growth mask is amazing, especially for dry hair people. Like me, i will leave all of that down below and thank you so much to bondi booze for collaborating with me on this video. I swear she likes it. These are her favorite crackers, see they make you dance. They make you happy, but she’s pretending she doesn’t, like it Music, so it’s later in the day and now i’m having my snack, so i always have snacks with violet.

This is just our thing, our mommy daughter thing. So i am eating a handful of almonds. So getting my fat in, and that is what megan fox has as a snack. Can i eat her for a snacks trying you for snacks? What up? Let me see if i can turn this down to talk, i don’t know i might get in trouble for dinner. Megan fox loves her sushi, so she gets sashimi miso soup and a cucumber salad which we yeah. I feel like we pretty much do that. We do a cucumber salad, miso soup and a roll except we do like the rice. I do it’s so good, maybe you’ll order sushi with me. No i’m definitely gon na get rice, so i have to watch you eat rice yeah. I mean or close your eyes. However, you prefer, i passed it um. I got ta bulk up. Y’All i’ve, been i’ve, been pumping out swelling up these pythons all morning got ta feed the babies, the muscle babies, baby Music guys, so i just did skin care and we put violet to sleep as you can see. It’S like dark out now day is done. I finished what i eat in a day like megan fox, and i will say when i first read like everything that she ate. I was like. Oh no, this this is gon na, be a hard day. I’M gon na be really hungry by the end of the day, but i’m, actually, surprisingly, full um.

I think because it’s so high in protein you’re eating frequent meals and then, of course, with dinner. Like i don’t know, soup always fills me up and like anything high protein well it’s. Just from my experience, as i said in the intro, i would share a little bit of my experience with keto it’s like the first week, isn’t that bad, but then it’s like week two week three week. Four, if you are planning on doing keto, i will say that it definitely does work. Cutting carbs has always worked for me, anytime i’ve done it. I have lost weight, though it hasn’t been for me because it’s just something hard to stick with. I love food. I love carbs and i feel, like you have to eat what makes you feel good. I’M, a firm believer in that now or about just like toning up now. At this point i do have carbs like we have summer pastas, you guys know and it’s just about eating things in moderation, but yeah. If you are planning on trying the keto diet paleo, it definitely does work. You will see results. I will just say that you want to stick with it for a couple months, because you want to get results and no matter what anybody tells you you do have to stick to a diet for at least three months to see results. So if you stick to it for two weeks, three weeks, you’re gon na see some water weight drop and you’re gon na deep bloat, possibly, but to really see results.

You wan na stick to something for at least three months anyway. Thank you guys so much for watching. I would love to hear what celebrities do you want to see next also, don’t forget check out bondi boost hair growth, vitamins and just their whole hair growth, lime, it’s, so amazing, especially if you’re trying to get your hair healthy, too it’s, not just about the length. Maybe you’re trying to get it healthy, definitely check it out.

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