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You know this is more than some of us seeing a year here in southern arizona, so a lot of rainfall, especially for gainesville and tampa right along the west coast, where elsa is expected to potentially make landfall here in the next 48 hours. Potentially. So a lot of rainfall for our friends in florida, but meanwhile back here in southern arizona, it has been pretty quiet places to the south and east of tucson caught in got in on some storm action yesterday. But we also saw really beautiful sunsets across the board. Harris rosenberg sent this in near wachuca city and the mustang mountains, absolutely beautiful. As always. Thank you harris for sending that in mike cigar sent in this great photo love the palm trees, the colors, oh, this one looks like a painting. I love it mike. Thank you for sharing that one also got this great photo from cynthia king and douglas look at those beautiful purple and orange, maybe it’s kind of a reflection of the sun’s game tonight, ghost suns. Definitely looking like that. Steve and carrie ray sent in this beautiful photo from bisbee. So thank you to everyone for sharing those photos. We always appreciate it here’s. What you need to know for today, isolated storms, will be possible not only today, but each afternoon this week, but especially to the south indies. The chance will be a little bit better in those spots just holding on to a little bit more moisture in those areas.

So looking a little bit better for places like santa cruz, cochise and even graham and greenlee county too, because of the storm coverage decreasing triple digits are going to return. Temperatures are going up a little bit and that will be the case the rest of the week. So, actually pretty near normal for this time of year, that’s, where we should be and then as we head towards the weekend, another moisture surge will be possible, especially as we head into the late weekend and early next week. Upping our storm coverage so looks like the monsoon isn’t kind of backing off for too long, which is good for your doppler radar. This morning, we’re waking up to a few isolated showers, but nothing crazy, no thunderstorms or anything like that, but the roadways are going to be a little bit wet, especially across santa cruz, county and kind of about the i 19 near cerrita and green valley. Just south of tucson, we also had a little downpour push through parts of the metro tucson area earlier this morning. So most of us have been quiet, but that will be possible over the next couple of hours for the rest of your day today by 11 a.m. Some showers developing over the higher elevations, especially to the east of tucson, maybe some strong storms up towards southern greenlee county with more of the same expected through about 7 p.m. As we head into late tonight early tomorrow morning, maybe a few showers here in eastern pima county, but that’s pretty much it for today and then for tomorrow.

More of the same showers firing up right around 11, if not noon tomorrow. Some strong storms looking to develop, especially in graham and greenlee county and those will try to make their way southward but looks like cochise county will get in on most of that action, with maybe a few showers over the raincons and in areas like coronado, tucson and Vail by 11 p.m. Tomorrow night could see a few light showers here in eastern pima county with some strong storms, maybe two or three strong storms out to the south and east of tucson, for the forecast rainfall as we head throughout your wednesday today and wednesday could pick up less than A half inch for parts of eastern pima, county and santa cruz county, as well as cochise, county and graham and greenlee county. So a lot of us picking up a little bit of rainfall, but the higher elevations could see. Maybe a half inch to an inch and a half, so definitely more so for the higher terrain and out towards the west and to the north of tucson, looking pretty dry for the next few days for those highs 102 for the tucson international airport. One of three for average valley same thing for marana 96 in coronado, tucson same thing for vale, and i know i don’t like the triple digits, but at least we’re not pushing it towards 110 115 degrees. So we can handle this. This is okay and we’re.

Pretty close to average for this time of year to the south andy’s mainly in the 90s, but places like bisbee, maybe just 87 94 for wilcox 102 for safford and 103 for ajo. As we make our way towards the weekend, we could see another nice little moisture surge here in southern arizona, so that’s going to help up our storm coverage a little bit as we head into early next week could pick up maybe a little over an inch in Some spots as we head over the next seven days so definitely a decent amount of rainfall on the way, but, of course, we’ll keep you updated as we get a little bit closer still working out some of those details but low 100s. The next seven days, we’ll go from about a 10 to 20 percent chance for storms to about a 40 percent chance next monday.

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