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They literally thought my brother was about to rob the store, do a sub with only me, and the boys got you with 1.2 million likes all right. Boys let’s see. If you can pull this off, this is a very oddly specific request, but you guys have done it before so let’s see if it happens again, this sub is just a classic italian bmt. Just the meat like you’ve asked – and this is actually the sub – that i recommend to every single person, whose first time it is going to subway, you can really never go wrong with an italian bmt, i’m, actually the owner moment so about a month ago. I had a woman walk into subway and start complaining to me about all the prices. She was talking to me about how everything is so expensive and how our business is gon na go out of business if it keeps being this expensive at the end. She tells me you should really tell your boss, or whoever owns this place, to lower all the prices, and at that moment i was like uh that’s, my parents and the look on her face. Just completely shifted. She basically just trash, talked us in front of me for like five minutes straight. Where do all the subs go from the videos? So once upon a time not too long ago, i actually used to eat every single sandwich i’d make for a video if we’re being real.

It was completely unhealthy and i probably gained like 10 or 15 pounds in that process. But now these are all sandwiches that go straight to customers. Most of them are online orders or, if it’s, a fan that comes in i’ll record, their sandwich to be on tick. Tock too, have you ever said to a karen. I am the manager. I had a woman walk into the store one day and she asked for a nice tuna sandwich. Every tuna sub comes with four scoops regularly, but this woman wasn’t having it she was trying to tell me that i was making the sandwich wrong and that a standard tuna comes with six scoops. I told her listen i’m. The manager and i train literally every single employee that works at this store that shut her up pretty quickly. What is the longest? Someone has come just to see you so yesterday i had these three very nice guys come in and they told me they drove all the way from ohio to come to my subway. This was so mind blowing to me and guys. Please don’t, do this. My subway is literally just the subway, but those three gentlemen’s names are guyer beck and michael. So shout out to you three and these nice, gentlemen left me a twenty dollar tip honestly such great energy, and i hope it was worth a couple hours of driving straight up most awkward moment. So this happens a lot of times.

I’Ll have a customer come in and ask me if i can follow them on instagram, tick, tock or whatever platform, and before i say this, i wanted to be clear that i love all of my followers, like you guys are literally what made me, but it’s really Hard because i can’t really follow anybody that i don’t know, because if somebody puts out content, that’s inappropriate and somebody else goes and sees that i’m following that person, it becomes really tough on me and it’s even more awkward when they just walk in and ask me That and then leave i always wanted to know, but how did your parents end up buying a subway so about 40 years ago my parents immigrated together from iran to this country. There was war going on in iran, so they moved here and my mom got a job at jcpenney and my dad did construction for about 10 to 15 years. They saved up enough money so that they could build a business together and subway just happened to be one of the cheapest franchises to buy into at the time, so they picked that 22 years later. Here we are, has anyone ever walked in and told you that they are the owner of your subway? No. This has never happened to me before, but i had somebody walk in and tell me that they were from subway corporate. They started taking pictures around the place. The entire time they asked me to go to the back, and i was like wait a second.

This is kind of sucks, so i tell them that i have to call my boss and i go into the back quickly and he just tells me out of nowhere. Oh wait: i don’t have to do this i’m gon na go okay! Thank you, what’s your worst nightmare at subway, so my worst nightmare is one of two things. One is being robbed. I mean that would be terrifying and the second one has actually happened to me. Once before, it’s completely running out of bread for a half hour to 45 minutes, we literally had no bread to serve to customers and the customers were definitely annoyed. But at least we had flat bread and a couple of wraps left. Who is the meanest person to you so honestly, all my customers are pretty nice, but there’s, this guy, that always comes in and i’m really bad at memorizing sandwich orders, and this guy always expects me to memorize his sandwich order ingredient for ingredients. So whenever i ask him what kind of sandwich he wants or what kind of cheese you want, he rolls his eyes at me and always goes. You should probably know this by now: shouldn’t you i’m, like dude, i make hundreds of sandwiches a day, no shot on memorizing your order. What do your parents think about your tick tock page? So in the beginning, my mom actually wasn’t a fan of it, because i was eating a lot more subway and that meant that i was messing up the supply and the spreadsheets of subway a lot more.

So she had to do a lot of extra work. But now they love it. There literally won’t be a day that goes by without my parents going. Are you gon na go, live on tick tock or are you making tick tocks today, i’m, like yes, mom and dad, i make tick tocks every day. Don’T worry. They really love it now, and i love them, for i mean without them. I wouldn’t even have the ability to be doing this. What was your happiest day at subway or your best day? So, a few sundays ago i had a family that drove 50 minutes to come, see me, and this was one of the first times i had fans that drove a far distance coming to the store and honestly shocked me. They brought such a positive energy into the store and, if i’m being honest before they arrived, i was kind of in a fun, but then they came to the store and they were laughing with me. They were joking around and the kids seemed so happy. So by far that’s one of my best days at subway and i’ll, probably remember that day for the rest of my life, do your favorite sandwich and the girls got you with 1 million likes all right. Well, let’s see if the girls really got me. So this is my childhood sub. I have a lot of sandwiches that i like, but i don’t think any sandwich compares to this.

One just brings back so much nostalgia and putting doritos onto a sub. Listen. If you haven’t tried it, you got ta. Try this at least once in your life, all right, girls, let’s, see what you can do do only condiments. I dare you you already know i can’t back down from a dare so these are all the condiments onto a mini sub. Just because i didn’t want to waste bread and you guys always wonder what condiments we have at my subway. So we have mayo, barbecue, sauce, caesar mustard, light, mayo, chipotle, honey, mustard, ranch, sweet onion, sauce, hot sauce oil and vinegar, and a little bit of guacamole. So yeah just know: malad never backs down from a dare do you ever get hungry while making the food. This happens literally, all the time i’ll be on shift and i’ll be starving and when you’re on shift you’re usually really busy. So you don’t really have a chance to stop and eat, so i’ll literally be making a customer’s food and be like. I want this so bad right now and sometimes a customer will actually give me a sandwich, or that looks so good that right after they leave, i just have to make it for myself that’s. Only if i have time has a mother ever threw a hissy fit at their child because they’re taking too long. So there was this time a mom came into my subway with two of her kids and they were literally just running around the store chasing each other.

The mom was just standing there and at some point she had finally had enough and screamed guys come here order. Your sandwiches right now and the kids look at her for literally a second and then continue to start running around again honestly felt for that mom. That day, what’s the rudest thing someone has said so i’ve had a couple of friends in real life and a couple of people that have walked into the store say this to me before a lot of the times. They’Ll assume that, because i work at subway i’m, not the brightest person, and i find it completely unfair. If i’m being honest, i mean just because you have a job at a fast food place. It doesn’t mean that you’re, not a smart person, maybe you’re just young and looking for a way to pay your bills either way. Whenever i hear somebody say that, under their breath to one of their friends at the store, it always makes me kind of uh kind of upset. Have you almost gotten fired? So, as most of you know, my parents own the store so it’s really hard for me to get fired. But there was this one time where i broke our oven and when i was talking to my mom, she was really upset with me. I mean i don’t usually ever get into fights with my parents at all, but this was one of the rare times and i seriously thought they were about to fire me from the store.

Even though i worked for free – and i worked just about every day, but everything just resolved after like an hour and i wasn’t fired, has anyone tried to steal something from your subway? This has happened many many times and just about every single time they get caught, but yeah usually they’ll, try to steal a pack of cookies or drink on their way out or a bag of chips and every time i’ll call them out be like hey. You didn’t pay for that and when they’re coming to the counter to ring it up because they got caught, i’ll try to throw something slick in like your mom wouldn’t be proud that you’re stealing from a subway did you ever have to close the subway because of Danger nearby so about two years ago, on our road, we actually had a gas leak right underneath our subway location and the buildings around us, and my store is on a very major street in my city. So it was kind of a scary thing that was like the one time that we had to close besides, like a blizzard or a hurricane in the past couple of years. Thank god that gas leak didn’t turn out to be anything and they fixed it. After about like four hours, i’m, pretty sure how many cairns do you come across a dad? So before i started making tick tocks, it was honestly at least one karen a day, but i think for some reason, they’ve become completely scared of my store of coming and interacting with men.

So now, it’s literally like two cairns a week if i’m lucky or maybe i’ve just gotten so used to some people being karen’s that i don’t notice but either way i might go undercover at other subways to find more. So last week, on a video, i told you guys that for every single like that that video got, i would give away point zero, zero, zero five dollars to a lucky customer. Well, that video got a hundred forty four thousand three hundred likes, so one lucky customer is going to be getting 72.15 now it’s time for the next week. So for every single, like that, this video gets one lucky customer will get point: zero, zero, zero, five dollars to their name like this video, so that customers can get as much money as they want funniest story with a customer and their family. So i had a mom walk in with her two sons one day and they were ordering their sandwiches. Everything was going normally and out of nowhere. The two brothers just started fighting. It started off with words with them. Saying you smell you smell. These were like eight year old kids and they literally just started swinging at each other out of nowhere, and the mom was like hey knock it off boys me and the mom started laughing about it afterwards. Have you ever made a friendship with someone you met at subway, so there’s this old man that’s in his 70s or 80s that always comes into the store whenever he used to come in, we would kind of get in little arguments and kind of bicker back and Forth, if i’m being honest, but now we love each other, i mean he’s, the sweetest guy ever and i’m, really happy that i met him.

He makes me look at life in a completely different way. I know he’s not watching this, but if you are, i love you dude, you know exactly who you are what about an entitled customers? I know the owner moment. I had a customer come in a few years back at the old subway that i used to work at, and he came in with an extreme attitude and literally every single thing that i was doing he started complaining about. When i was ringing him up. He told me: hey, you, got ta fix a lot of these things, or else i’m gon na have to tell your boss. I mean i know the owner of this place and right there and then i was like well. You could go ahead and tell my parents, i’ll literally tell them about this what’s your name and then he kind of brushed it off and paid his total and left. Well, in case you guys, didn’t know i’m officially sponsored by subway, and this is week three of picking your guys sandwiches from the comments. So i need you guys to drop whatever your favorite sandwich. Order is from subway in this comment section right here: i’m gon na pick one and you’re gon na get featured on subway’s official tick, tock, page it’s kind of crazy. How we actually got sponsored by subway guys, never in a million years, would have thought this would be possible, but we’re here now, so we got ta leave a good impression drop me your sandwich order.

I wan na make it and try it. How did i not know your parents owned the subway? A lot of you guys already know this, but a lot of you guys don’t know about this. Yes, my parents own the subway that i work at call me. The owner’s son call me whatever you want, but if i’m being real working at your parents, restaurant has its privileges, i mean whenever we are busy, which doesn’t really happen anymore. That was like months ago. That would happen, but i got to scroll on tick tock.

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