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What to do what to do with your boy, big band, we back again with something new. You already know if something new just came out is something new. We got ta talk about what’s, going on everybody, how you doing thanks for tuning in. I appreciate you guys for coming along for the journey. Today we are checking out something new from subway subway revamped. Their whole menu, they got a new eat, fresh refresh menu, they’re talking about i’m already going to let you know i’m a little suspicious, a little critical, not believing it right now, because i just came off subway – and i asked the lady about a couple of things And she was like it’s not really new, so we gon na find out guys. So the new item i chose to start with guys for this new menu is checking out the new turkey cali fresh sub from subway guys so on. Here guys is oven. Roasted turkey, hickory smoked bacon, smash, avocado bell, gaucio fresh mozzarella. Hopefully i said that right and uh has mayo on here: tomatoes now it’s supposed to be the multigrain bread, but again guys. I asked her about the bread like which one should i get, which one’s new and she’s like it’s, not really new, it’s, just different cornmeal, if that’s, what you call new. So i just have to go with my regular bread guys, but otherwise it has everything else. On it, price tag, for this came to 7.

29 for the six inch uh. You know we respect the calories. I wasn’t able to find out the calories, because it’s too new subway is all about that eat, light low calories. Is it 400 calories? Probably not. I would probably say around that 600 range – maybe around that, but all right guys so let’s go ahead and get into it. Try out the flavor see how it tastes before i do. If you find me for the first time, make sure to subscribe, always drop a new reviews so come along for the journey join the party people. This is where it’s at so here we go guys. New turkey cali fresh sub from subway i’m actually gon na go in on this side. Here we go guys wow all types of flavor up in here, though i feel like i got attacked by a pack of toddlers. They all kicking me flavor, coming from everywhere, bacon’s hidden. I tasted that turkey that turkey was actually pretty premium guys. You see a joy riding out the bun right. There got the tomatoes flopping out then was tasty and fresh smash, avocado yeah, that’s, real nice, and that cheese is definitely on the thicker side. But let me go back in because i’m liking what i have right now: i’m, really impressed subway. It don’t look like nothing right: it ain’t the prettiest, but you kind of know what you’re getting with subway Music i’m liking. This is this a full menu revamp.

I mean this ain’t something out of left field, it’s a nice little addition, everyone has new products coming out right now. I just reviewed jimmy john’s. They got some new raps um everyone’s, really coming out with some new stuff. How does this compare um? Let me keep it all the way. 100 guys. I was here with the new flavor on the first bite. Everybody says, though don’t know guys i’m doing one last bite because i’m trying to do this due diligence, you know give them what they deserve the spotlight. They deserve last little bite right here. This one looks pretty good got the avocado there, the little that new bolaciado cheese. I can’t say it right, belgian, fresh mozzarella, cheese. How do you pronounce it? I don’t know um all right guys, i’m ready to get out of this review was i blown away, obviously not because if i was blown away i wouldn’t be ready to get the review. I’Ll shut the camera down. You guys know how i do it. This thing right here i mean i ate half of it just to try to give it again. You know a fighting chance here, but this new eat fresh refresh menu. You might have to eat fresh refresh refresh your one more time menu, because this thing ain’t blowing me away so normal subway flavors, that you get it’s kind of what i say about subway right. You know what you get. You know what you’re paying for.

Can this compete with the big boys, nah man? I ain’t got a whole lot more to add to it all these can’t compete uh. Was it good yeah? You know it was a good subway sandwich right score for this one. The first flight was crazy that’s. What i don’t get the first bite was like a nine overall, as i kept going guys, i’m gon na say a real strong 6.5 of fighting. You know uh. He fought pretty well 6.5, he fought. Well then he went down with the tko 6.5. It was good. It just didn’t blow off my socks, guys it was cool. I was expecting more off the first but i’m really confused. What i will say is get that hearty multigrain bread. I think that would go a little bit better than just the white brim. Um again smash avocado the turkey. I liked it uh bacon. Everything went good, just like a subway sandwich, but uh it just wasn’t a sandwich from a crazy hey. We got a new menu come in check us out, carnival balloons there’s clowns in the front of the place. Maybe all that happened, but it just wasn’t what i was expecting. I was expecting the red carpet roll it out, experience it wasn’t that guy 6.5. So let me know what you think about the new subway menu. Is it a marketing gimmick? Is it legit? Let me know if you guys try out some sandwiches what’s your favorite um or is it just the same old subway i don’t know but that’s the review guys if it helps you out if it’s entertaining think about subscribing, i have a lot more coming out, but For today that’s the review, as always, if you like the video, if you walk with me the whole time, please leave a like don’t share.

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