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In fact, the south zone is going to see those very shortly we’ll time them out. Coming up flint the battle over the water settlement money now getting underway will tell you just how far apart both sides are and what this could mean for the people that really need it and restoring the roar at ford field. One of detroit’s best fall traditions is coming back, but we’re going to begin with a massive tanker fire shooting flames into the air on i 75 in troy, both sides of the freeway shut down and it is going to stay that way for a while, as crews Work to determine just how much damage has been caused off the top today at five, the call started coming into 911 right over 1 15 this afternoon, as people saw the thick plumes of smoke billowing yeah. Now both sides of the freeway are closed. The southbound lanes at square lake and the northbound at rochester we want to get right to sean, lay he’s live tonight. Sean people standing a quarter mile away could feel the heat they could feel the heat we talked to a man 13 floors up in an office tower nearby. He could feel vibrations as this what’s left of this tanker exploded into a massive fire. Take a look: the fire is finally out that’s what’s left. Imagine what the driver felt when he hit the wall here. He had to be taken out of the cab of the burning truck he’s in the hospital right now.

His condition is unknown. Oh, my gosh it’s hot it’s, hot it’s, hot remarkable video from local for viewer sydney wills as she rode just feet away from that tanker moments. After it burst into a massive fire. She told us they kept going to get away from the incredible heat. This happened at 1, 15 northbound, i 75, just about at big beaver. Our local four cameras up close here at the drury inn parking lot where we could feel the heat as firefighters work, to try to get that fuel fire under control burning for hours, troy fire. Then getting a foam truck from clarkston fire to the scene, just after three o’clock. What caused it? You can see what likely happened, the truck scraped marks for hundreds of yards on the new divider wall. You could see way in the beginning where he started hitting the wall, and you could see it get intensified. The scraping as it comes over here this fire and smoke could be seen for miles. You can see the flames just shooting up and right above it all here’s what we’ve got currently joseph krylikowski on the 13th floor of troy’s pnc office tower, he gave us his view from above on a zoom video chat with us. He says he could feel it all the way up here. You could feel the popping very quick, no rumble tube just boom boom, wow, okay there’s some activity here, there’s, something pretty scary, going on with this truck out.

There scary, you know concerning. Obviously you see uh. All the emergency vehicles rushing in your main concern is for for everybody’s welfare and then uh. We can get down to the matter of uh. Getting this fire under control once we’re sure that everybody’s, okay, we certainly hope that driver is going to be okay tonight, more foam being put on this what’s left of the tanker right now, it’s still hot. This is just the beginning, guys ndot, saying they’ve got to get the tanker out of here once it cools down. They have no idea when it’s going to cool off they’ve got to get it out of here. Do an environmental study because not only was the fuel burning, it was also spilling down into this area. Here then, only only then can highway engineers get up on i 75 to see what damage was done. We just got an update about that live at six. The damage done and what took so long why this was so challenging for firefighters back to you, sean thank you and that closure of i 75 is making a real mess of the evening. Commute so let’s bring in kim to giulio for a look at how to get around it. Kim yes says if i 75 isn’t hard enough to get around with that revive. I 75 construction now add this to the mix so as sean mentioned northbound. I 75 closed at rochester road southbound closed at square lake.

So, if you are traveling on the northbound side you can exit at i 696 use a mile road and then to get northbound. You can take rochester road, woodward crooks or anything in that area. If you are traveling southbound, you can exit at m59. Take adams to take. You southbound we’ll, continue to keep you updated on this, but you’re going to want to keep these detours in mind for the next couple of days as sean says that this closure could be there for a few days now, guys kim and that smoke from that fire Was so thick, it actually showed up on storm tracker 4.. Look at the center of your screen right where i 75 curves to the north. You see those two big plumes materialize and head west as the rain moves in the opposite direction, this being a storm tracker! Four, there has been rain popping up on it on and off throughout the day yeah let’s get over to ben here on a monday uh, the threat of storms is out there. So what are you seeing so far ben yeah? It seems like we couldn’t get by a day without him guys, but yes, we’re going to be seeing more of those tonight. Everything so far has been really light. It’S kind of weird just to see the drizzle and light rain we’ve been so used to downpours lately, but you can see those just starting to creep north of the state line, there’s a line of thunderstorms here, no severe stuff out there, no warnings, although these storms Are a little bit more intense where the heat and humidity is stronger.

We didn’t see that today, clouds really kept those temperatures muted but we’re expecting to see at least some scattered thunderstorms through about 9 10 o’clock tonight, they’re going to fizzle pretty fast and anything left over overnight is going to be generally just light rain. Three of the next four days features thunderstorms, we’ll talk about the one dry day and how much heat and humidity are coming with it in a few minutes, guys: okay, ben now to breaking news involving the johnson and johnson vaccine. The cdc says it has received around 100 preliminary reports of gian beret syndrome, that’s a rare neurologic, neurological disorder. More than 12.8 million doses of the j j vaccine have been administered in the united states. The cdc says available. Data does not show a similar pattern with either the moderna or pfizer vaccines, but the issue will be discussed at an upcoming meeting of its advisory committee after postponing her trip at the end of last month. Vice president kamala harris spent the day here in detroit talking about two big issues: voting rights and the push to get more michiganders, especially detroiters, vaccinated, grant herms live at the tcf center, where all of the vp’s events are being held, grant hey good evening. Well, yes, you said this was a rescheduled visit after flooding postponed that initial visit. That was supposed to happen from the vice president at the end of last month and it’s, fitting that her entire day took place here at the tcf center, the site of one of the best vaccination sites.

We had here in metro detroit and the scene of one of those things that launched the big lie about the election from 2020. A whirlwind visit for vice president kamala harris meeting with elected leaders and advocates first on voting rights from inside the same building that helped launch the big lie about the election and spurred efforts nationwide to curtail voting rights again, it’s so important that we meet with folks. On the ground, you are the leaders on the ground who are making these rights real every day and with that let’s begin, our conversation later she spoke at a vaccination event praising frontline workers and calling on detroit to raise its vaccination rate, which still sits below 40 Percent hair is promoting the new effort from the white house to go door to door with vaccine information. We got to get the facts out because, sadly there’s a lot of misinformation, so let’s know what it is and let’s talk to our neighbors and our friends and say here. Let me tell you about the facts: okay, the facts, one and two bringing the vaccine directly to the people. That program becoming the subject of criticism from republicans before harris’s arrival. If you’re not aware of vaccines. At this point, you really are living under a rock i’m. Not sure what more the federal government can, or frankly even should do harris forced to postpone her visit in late june because of flooding did not tour flood damaged neighborhoods or talk infrastructure.

Despite a major infrastructure bill that still stalled in congress, and this visit is also a little political here in about 15 20 minutes or so the vice president will be attending a fundraiser for the governor and her re election back to you and grant you mentioned politics. It’S interesting michigan has now seen uh quite a view. A few visits from the white house haven’t we four total so three from the president, including that one we went to traverse city uh last or two weekends ago. Excuse me, and now this one from the vice president and it really signals that they are going to take michigan very seriously in the midterms in 2022, especially since we’re losing a congressional seat. And the white house wants to hold on to the house of u.s representatives and they are very serious about keeping governor whitmer in office next year. Yeah back to you, you got it all right! Grant president biden voices american support for thousands of cubans protesting the collapse of their economy, food shortages and the government’s handling of the pandemic. These anti government protests are the largest in decades. Many cubans say they are no longer afraid of the oppressive government. They marched in cities, including the capital, havana, shouting, freedom and down with the dictatorship. President biden says the u.s stands firmly with the protesters. Folks, i want to start by recognizing remarkable protests that are taking place in cuba, with the cuban people demanding their freedom from an authoritarian regime, and i don’t think we’ve seen anything like this protest in a long long time.

If, quite frankly, ever the united states stands firmly with the people of cuba, these protests are significant, as government critics often risk jail for dissent in the island. Well, how’s this for a slice of normal when the detroit lions take the feel for their home opener against the san francisco 49ers they’re, going to be able to do it in front of a capacity crowd that comes after last year, when fans weren’t allowed inside ford Field, victor williams, is there live right now, victor, so any restrictions now at all inside the stadium, no restrictions at this point in time now they are asking those who are not vaccinated to wear a mask, but nothing really other than that. Lions fans everywhere should be rejoicing. That ford filled will soon be back at full capacity for the 2021 season. Beautiful thing it should be, football is what it’s supposed to be people coming together, rooting for the best team wins. That means no more virtual onlookers in the crowd, but actual fans live and in the flesh and a stadium that holds up to 65 thousand i’m happy that we’re coming back it’s full capacity, but it was definitely a loss. You know not having sports here in detroit. You know it’s a big part of our gathering it’s, a big part of things. We talk about fans will not be required to show proof of their covet 19 vaccine, nor will a mask be required to enter the building those who have yet to receive the shot.

However, are encouraged to mask up as much as possible. You have a personal responsibility: everybody if you vaccinate it cool if you’re not vaccinated, just be respectful to the next person. Wear your mask. I know it’s going to be hard because it’s football season and everything, but just do expo – do what’s right. You should be considerate of others. You know, especially when you have older people, people who have other health conditions so just be respectful and responsible for people, and one thing to keep in mind is that ford filled. They do have the right to stop any fans from coming to future games. If those covet numbers do get out of hand again, but let’s keep our fingers crossed that that won’t happen in ford field: victor williams, local, four, nice all right. Victor, a gem of the gross point community lost to the flooding. What caused the gross point? War? Memorial’S patriot theater to fill up like a swimming pool and why rebuilding it is really up in the air right now. Also as athletes arrive in tokyo we’re getting an inside look at what the athletes are having to deal with training under these extreme restrictions. Why one says staying focused is a long way from easy right now: hank flint, first, the big water crisis. Now the big battle over cash. Just how much could the victims in flint get now i’m hank winchester help me hank i’ll.

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