Tank truck, Troy, Interstate 75 Fuel tanker fire on I-75 shuts down stretches of northbound and southbound lanes

It is monday, and i want to welcome you to 7 action news at 4.. We begin with breaking news out of oakland county where fire crews have been battling a massive fuel tanker fire. On i 75 the blaze igniting on the expressway this afternoon, sending up a plume of thick black smoke that could be seen for miles the fire burning for two hours before it could finally be put out right now. The southbound lanes of the freeway remain closed at crooks road and the northbound lanes are closed at rochester road 7 action news reporter jim kirchner is live in troy with the very latest on what happened here and how that driver is doing right now. Jim fill us in all good questions, carolyn the good news. As you just said, the fire is out. It has been out for about a half an hour. You can see the charred remains of this fuel tanker truck with me. Right now is lieutenant dan marley from the troy fire department gracious enough to be with us live. What do you know about this? What happened out here? So there was a single car accident involved with the fuel tanker. When we arrived on scene, the tanker was fully involved. We worked on scene for about two and a half hours with the oakland county, hazmat team alliance, mobile health, troy pd to get the fire under control and, at this point, there’s going to be a lot of investigation still going on only one vehicle involved.

You said the truck only that’s correct that’s, what information we have at this time and what’s the status of the driver. He was alert when we arrived on scene. He was transported for uh medical care and i’m, not sure his status. At this point, did he appear to have any injuries at that point appear to be some injuries? Yes, okay, let me draw your attention to something right behind us here and the camera can follow this as well, so we’re looking at the center median wall, we see what looks like an initial skid mark and then a secondary one and a continuous skid mark, and Then it turns charred follow me over here with the camera charges past the troy fire vehicle here and then along the wall and where that truck stopped, is it possible? This is related i’m sure it is possible. Detroit police department is going to handle the investigation on the actual accident and what happened, but it could be from that or the construction that’s happened over the last couple years up here and has he given a statement, the truck driver at this point um? I have not spoke to him. I know some of our other personnel did speak with him and as long as the police department did as well, but i did not speak to him before he was transported. How difficult was it to put out a fuel tank or fire? You had to use this white foam? Is that correct, that’s, correct? We use a class b, foam and they’re always very difficult, especially in a situation where it’s on a freeway where we have limited access to our hydrants.

We were able to establish a hydro connection behind the brewery inn over here, and then we had to bring hose up to the freeway, so that took a little time to establish. But once we had that we were able to flow some water to get it contained. And then we brought our the hazmat assets with the foam to completely put the fire out some 13 000 gallons in one of these tankers. Yes, so this one i was told, had ten thousand gallons of gasoline and four thousand gallons of diesel fuel. So a lot of that was obviously burning a few of the tanks ruptured, but we were able to contain that with the foam and our water extinguishment and you chose, maybe because this is a remote area. No evacuations is that right we were monitoring the situation. Our hazmat team was monitoring the air and making sure it was safe. We did have some considerations for the pnc tower and with their hvac to try not to bring any of that into their building, so they were contacted, but it was better for everyone to shelter in place at that time and the wind direction didn’t. Take it across any neighborhoods: no, it went over towards the commercial buildings on the other side of the freeway there and pretty much stayed over that way and then again we had crews monitoring that area to make sure it was safe for them to stay pretty lucky.

This could have been a lot worse. This could have been a lot worse, we’re lucky to get here quickly, get notified quickly and get our all of our equipment and the teams from the hazmat team, the troy police department alliance, mobile health all helped out and making sure that we could get this out Safely, lieutenant dan marley. Thank you very much nice workout here. Thank you very much so carolyn there you have it it burned for more than two hours could be seen for miles. It appears the driver may have hit the center median wall and then stopped up there. Driver is okay, might have some minor injuries, but does not appear to be serious. No other vehicles involved could have been a tough out afternoon out here this afternoon. Carolyn back to you yeah great work, and thank you for that interview, jim and all the information and good to know that that driver was talking.

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