Tank truck, Troy, Interstate 75 Local 4 News at 6 — July 12, 2021

Local 4 has learned that vendor was never inspected by the state. Tonight. Laura is responding. An outbreak of coronavirus in france teaching us more about how effective vaccines are for elderly people and others with compromised immune systems trouble on i 75 in troy, an accident leaving a line of fuel burning along the side of the freeway and the truck engulfed in flames. Topping our news tonight at six people not only saw the burning tankers, some heard the explosions, others could feel the heat they said as they drove by seemingly everyone near the scene had their cameras out trying to capture video or pictures. Just look at that. The plume of black smoke extending high into the sky fire was near big, beaver and, as a result, the freeway southbound lanes are closed at square lake. Road. The northbound lanes closed at rochester, road let’s, go live to sean lay right near the site where this happened. For the latest sean devon here is the latest from troy police. The driver, 46 years old from sinclair. Take a look behind me that is what’s left of his tanker truck. It was packed with 14 thousand gallons of fuel when police say he hit the wall, causing the fire. We’Re told the driver is going to be ok but putting out the fire just step one. What is going to be a lengthy process to get this highway back open? Oh my gosh it’s hot it’s, hot it’s, hot incredible cell phone video as a local four viewers showed us and told us what it felt like to drive right by this tanker fire.

A ball of fire and massive plume of smoke that could be seen for miles. Angela busalato watched this all unfold from her apartment and i look outside the window and it’s just black smoke all over i’m, like oh that’s, not good, troy fire, putting water and foam on the fire, but they needed more foam just after three another foam truck arriving. All the way from holly – and that is what finally put this inferno out – we asked troy fire. Why bring in a foam truck from 30 miles away, it’s an oakland county resource, so we have several oakland county hazmat trucks located right here in troy and they’re on scene very quickly and then again just to help disperse the resources that is stored in holley mdot. Putting the finishing touches on this part of the new i 75 this year, watching fuel burn so hot. For so long the damage to 75 could be massive conceivably. We could have to replace the pavement there’s. Just no doubt about it, a fire that hot is just going to really render that pavement brittle it won’t stand up as long as we want back here live here. We are at six o’clock huddling up here on i 75 northbound closed right. There you’ve got firefighters mdot talking about what is going to happen next, that will be removing the tanker, but it is still hot right now, so this is going to be a lengthy process, guys also, we were standing right here.

You could feel the heat but see the smoke not really smell it. So, no just because the way the wind was blowing, there was no mandatory evacuations. Here one office did evacuate just in case there was more fire or toxic fumes, but you can see what a mess and they’ve got to get the tanker off the pavement to see the damage done underneath back to you really is a mess indeed, okay, sean. Thank you, let’s, send it over to kim to giulio she’s standing by with a look at other options for drivers who normally use that stretch of i 75 kim that’s right guys – and i was just so excited this morning – about eastbound, i 94 being reopened for your Morning commute so now we got i 75 here’s what’s, going on as shawn mentioned. Northbound closed at rochester road southbound here closed at square lake road. So, if you do travel northbound, i 75. What you’re going to want to do is exit before that closure. At i 696 or a mile road, then you can take john r or dequinder up northbound for those of you that travel southbound on i 75. You can take m 59 eastbound that will take you to adams and you’ll be able to go south. Of course, woodward is another good detour for that area as well, and as sean mentioned, this could be closed for a couple of days as they want to make sure the freeway is safe for drivers to drive on.

So these detours are something you’re going to want to keep in mind for the next couple of days as well. Guys, thank you and turning now to our weather and a chance for more storms, tonight really i’ve been there creeping up on us now from the south. This time, yeah uh the thank goodness, though this stuff that we’ve been tracking that’s in indiana and ohio, not severe and is weakening as it moves north. So yes it’s more rain, but it is weaker than some of the stuff that we were fighting last week at least that’s going for us linaway county you’re, getting some of the showers first, the rest of us will start to see those shortly. So the rest of your evening looks like this: temperatures are going to stay in the 70s, which is not bad, but that humidity is still elevated and really between 7 and 10 o’clock we’ll see some scattered showers thunderstorms. After that point heading towards midnight, we should be done with the rain for today, but the storm chances do hang out for most of the week. We’Ll tell you when we can finally find a dry spot humidity, not going anywhere either, but the weekend looks really really good. We’Ll check that out for you in a few minutes, but you can get a sneak peek on our local forecasters. App has the entire forecast for the next 10 days and you can track tonight’s rain as well free in your app store by searching wdiv kim vice president kamala harris visiting detroit today after recent flooding postponed.

Her plans to visit the vice president meeting with elected leaders and advocates on voting rights at the tcf center it’s, where there was a clash, you might remember, as ballots were counted which sparked false claims about the accuracy of the election last year. She also spoke at a vaccination event, promoting the white house’s effort to go door to door with vaccine information, as detroit’s vaccination rate sits below 40 percent got to get the facts out because, sadly there’s a lot of misinformation, so let’s know what it is and let’s Talk to our neighbors and our friends and say here: let me tell you about the facts: okay, the facts, one and two bringing the vaccine directly to the people. Harris did not address infrastructure or tour flood damaged, neighborhoods she’s attending a fundraising event for governor gretchen whitmer’s re election learning more tonight about a frightening accident in which a child fell 20 feet from a rock climbing attraction. This was friday night at the y and dot street fair priya man has been looking at the concerns about safety regulations. Let’S start, though, with the condition of the child prio. What have we learned? Well, devin. We know that 13 year old boy is now home expected to make a full recovery, but we did have questions about the vendor’s record of safety inspections and when we talked to lara officials, told us this type of attraction isn’t within their jurisdiction. When paramedics got here on friday, that 13 13 year old boy had suffered multiple broken bones and was unconscious good thing, he’s going to be ok, but no one should have to go through that, not even to see it.

On friday, horrified witnesses watched a young teen fall 20 feet from a rock climbing wall at the wyandotte street art fair. I will be terrified if it was my child and i would be upset that something like that happened. Police say the safety cord snapped, causing the boy to fall onto the concrete deputy chief archie hamilton, says the vendor. Airborne bouncers was insured up to a million dollars and signed an agreement assuming liability in that contract. They’Re telling us that everything is safe and we have to go by their word. We are not a regulating agency. Local 4 has learned. Airborne. Bouncers was not inspected by the department of licensing and regulatory affairs. The state agency saying this type of activity falls outside the carnival, amusement safety act of 1966. carnival and amusement safety, general rules and the code that require lara to inspect, amusement rides and therefore not subject to an inspection by lara. This is something that we need: an agency, a state agency to regulate, who is ensuring that the equipment is in working order. Window police will report the incident to lara and have ended the criminal investigation. Meanwhile, parents say they’re worried this could happen again at another street. Fair, i have to go to them all the time you know with the kids but yeah. Now that i’ve seen like something like this happen, i’m, like nope you’re, not getting on it and police, say airborne. Bouncers will not be charged saying there was no criminal intent.

Instead, blaming human error or equipment malfunction, but they do say this particular vendor will not be allowed to operate at any future. Events reporting live tonight in winedot i’m priya mann, local 4., interesting here priya. If the state isn’t in charge of regulating attractions like this – which i think a lot of people would assume, is the case, then who is well, you know i asked laura the same thing and officials would only say this type of attraction isn’t within their jurisdiction, but That’S why the deputy chief is calling for oversight, saying police departments handle criminal investigations they’re, not regulatory agencies. We’Ll, of course, continue to follow this story. Send it back to you. We sure will all right priya all right now to the coronavirus and new questions about the johnson and johnson vaccine. The cdc says it has received around 100 preliminary reports of gian beret syndrome, that’s a rare neurological disorder. Those 100 reports out of more than 12.8 million doses administered in the united states, meanwhile, 62.4 percent of michiganders, 16 and older have received one or more dose of the vaccine, and the detroit lions announced ford field will be at full capacity for the upcoming season tonight. We’Re learning more about the risk of covid spreading inside nursing homes among the unvaccinated and vaccinated french researchers are stressing the need for vigilance, they’re warning about outbreaks and that they’re still possible, especially in the most vulnerable nursing homes, were hardest hit throughout the pandemic.

And there remains concern about just how effective the vaccines truly are in the elderly and people with compromised immune systems. A new french study may provide some answers. Researchers studied a covent outbreak in a nursing home in france, 75 percent of the residents and 52 percent of the staff were fully vaccinated. Blood tests showed all, but one of the fully vaccinated residents had antibodies against covet 19. over the next seven weeks. 26 percent of the residents and 22 percent of the staff were infected with covid infected residents, tended to be older. With an average age of 91., 12 of the 24 infected residents were not fully vaccinated and all of the infected staff members were unvaccinated. Overall researchers found the vaccine was 68 percent effective in elderly residents. However, unvaccinated residents were three times more likely to develop. Covid and infections were milder among the vaccinated residents with no severe cases. Researchers say the study suggests the elderly may still be at risk from covid. Even when they are fully vaccinated because the immune system tends to weaken as people age and multiple health conditions are common researchers stress, this outbreak highlights the need for high vaccination rates among residents and staff in nursing homes to prevent outbreaks and protect everyone more effectively. And this outbreak involved the alpha variant, which was the dominant strain in france. At the time experts caution, the outbreak could have been worse with the more contagious delta variant ford motor company has officially replaced the use of chairman with chair the board of directors voted last week to adopt gender neutral language throughout the company.

That means bill. Ford’S title is now executive, chair rather than executive chairman, our spokesman said our roles at ford, aren’t, gender exclusive, and these changes help limit ambiguity and contribute to the inclusive and equitable culture we’re creating end of quote general motors, led by ceo, mary barra. Recently adopted the same policy well there’s, some exciting news for those of you who like to play the lottery. One of the biggest games is adding another weekly. Drawing tell you about that, also it’s, so bad inside one local basement, we actually couldn’t get our cameras. All the way down there more than two weeks after the flooding problems.

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