Tyron Woodley, Jake Paul, Mixed martial arts, Boxing, Ben Askren ck βœ… Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley πŸ₯Š Part 3

You know for be a great fight. You know it was a great fight. Always we support people from ma going to the box. I think this is we together. Uh, but you know, i hope, he’s training well, you know and be aware for this fight, but i know uh paul paul david paul is going to be very, very, very ready. You know for this fight. Oh gosh, i’m, really hoping tyron willie pulls this off. Uh. Really hoping he does it’s it’s, probably one it’s, one of those things that i’m hoping that he’s like really like training hard for it and he’s, not just doing it for the paycheck, but uh i’m gon na go tyron with me man. If tyron woodley doesn’t sleep him uh, then i don’t know what to say. I guess the kid’s good so woodley, i sure hope, tyron woodley goes and shuts that up. I would uh we’ll never hear the end of it if he were to actually pull off a victory against tyron woodley. So i got my boy, the mma fighter. In that fight. You know, i’m, a rock with a woolly. You know what i’m saying we usc man. We will see we got ta rock with it, but once again man, everybody got a chance in the fight. Jake paul. You know he a younger fighter. Um, i mean that’s. Really it you don’t see any other fighter uh. You know, but i feel like willie could get it done man.

You know i never boxed willie or never seen him box, but um. You know i’m, just going i’m gon na just go with them. You know stick to stick with my ufc brothers, it’s still it’s tyron woodley man. It still has got freaking dynamite in his hands um. So i think he’s gon na go in there and knock out jake paul and especially if he’s going and working with uh mayweather like he’s talking about um. I could definitely see time i’m putting him out in a round or two which i hope is what happens. I’M, not confident woodley, bro i’m, not i’m, just being honest and no one should be um really uh jake paul’s, i hate to say that he’s, a good boxer. I won’t say that um but he’s bigger. You know he has range and tyron hasn’t looked the same in four years, he’s been looking, not good for about four years, so um, you know. I know i know. Mayweather asked him to come down there and stuff, but he hasn’t. He said he would, but he hasn’t – i haven’t, seen one video down there, so i would get down there and rudy yeah yeah, but i i don’t have faith in woodley on anything but shout out to anderson silva, shout out to anderson silva for putting that. Putting that dub against the real boxing champion um, he actually held it down for the mma guys so much. That is a spider for winning yeah.

I mean so shout out to spider. I got ta say that, because um he actually held it down for the mma community, not aspirin, not woodley and uh. They should put freaking and one more thing he didn’t ask me this, but about anderson silva anderson silva asked um to be on to really to fight jake paul to be on that card, and he said oh i’ll put you on the card. Jake paul don’t want to smoke with anderson silva i’ll. Tell you that not one bit, he said i want to get on the thing, and he said. Oh i’ll put you on the card against word, john he’s. Not that was not what he was asking. He was asking to fight you and for you to just just ignore that and say yeah you get on the card. He didn’t want to smoke with anderson, so that’s a fact. I put it on jay paul i put on jake paul. You know, like you know, i know, jake paul is a disney kid and tyron’s. You know he’s the x world champion and stuff, but it’s like jake paul. You know with those with all that money, those millions of dollars – he’s got he’s he’s, put it in the right place. As far as preparing for a boxing match. Like you know, he’s got the right people around him. He’S uh he’s been training in just the sweet science of boxing. You know, for i think three or four years now versus you know, woodley, you know being an mma fighter.

He he hasn’t focused as much on boxing as jake has and uh. You know woodley. You know he’s known for that overhand right, you know, he’s knocked out a couple guys in the ufc with that overhand right, but it’s like we’ve seen what happens when he can’t land that overhand right. You know like when woodley can’t land that overhand right he doesn’t, really have much else to offer on the feet. So it’s not like he has this. You know these crazy good boxing skills. So uh you know he’s not known for having you know, punches and bunches and a lot of combos so yeah. I think it’s going to be a close. A lot closer of a fight than people are thinking. Tyrone woodley is not the same person he’s he’s, probably going to be bigger than jake paul, come fight night and he’s known for his hands being very powerful. I just i don’t see any way. Jake paul even makes it out of the first half of the fight. I mean maybe makes out a round or two, but uh tyrone is going to make an example of him it’s going to be embarrassing. I think yes, he can pull it off. I like. Ah, the guy seems like he’s an alright boxer. Tyron woodley is a good puncher. Will he be a good boxer? I don’t know he’s got explosive power, very powerful, good puncher in mma. One one punch puts people to sleep.

Will he be able to actually box with jake paul yeah he’ll be able to, of course, but i don’t know i don’t know it. It depends how he shows up and and if jake paul is actually faced with some adversity, which he has not had. How will he deal with it, because ben askren has the worst punches out of any successful mma fighter ever and besides that he’s like boxed, like basketball players and or whatever so when somebody who’s actually gon na throw hard shots at him? How will he react either? One can win man, i ain’t, placing any best with that original flow head kicks with the pros, picks up the fights or anything in the mix, getting closer to the heart of the flame, bringing conversations with heavy hitting names.

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