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This is what’s interesting. They got famous first and then it turns out. They can fight, especially jake, that kid can knock people the out. He knows how to punch. Can he knock fighters out there? Well, we don’t know, i mean we saw ascrine right, but ascribed first of all, coming off of a hip replacement surgery was like it’s, a brilliant move right. You get a guy who’s, arguably the worst striker in elite mma, which is ben affleck right and that’s. No disrespect to ben asking he’d probably admit to that phenomenon right: phenomenal, wrestler, like elite wrestler, great guy, not a good striker. You make him box it’s like lit the worst thing that he does and then jake paul starches him with one punch. But he look. You know you looked at his body, he looked severely out of shape, looked like he hadn’t trained for a long time and then kind of got in good enough shape. So he could compete. The guy knows how to fight and knows how to win, but that’s, not a sport, it’s, not a sport at all. He just took a paycheck i’d like to see this guy jake paul fight, someone who’s going to fight tyron woodley. Well after he fight can tyron woodley fight. Can he box i well. I know he can punch, he punches really hard, but he doesn’t punch like a boxer. He throws big bombs and sets up take downs and you know he can crack, though, with one shot.

He could anybody up, but the thing is like the way he throws shots. He’Ll, throw like a bomb and then set up a takedown or set up a clinch he’s, not a guy who’s like going out there with peekaboo style, throwing jabs and hooks to the body. That’S, not his style. He’S never been a guy who boxed he’s been a guy who uses boxing in mma, but he uses everything. Does jake paul beat him, you think? Oh we won’t know until they get in there. The thing about it is he’ll, be the most dangerous guy that jake’s fought for sure jake paul, not even close, not even close, and no one more dangerous than tyrone was all right. Well if he beats an mma fighter, because they’re tyron’s is an mma fighter. Tyron is a multi he’s, a ufc world champion and one of the best welterweights of all time. If you looked at all the ufc welterweights of all time, he’s he’s top three he’s he’s phenomenal. I think there is something fundamentally different about mma fighters. Fighting a boxer yeah because there’s other stuff that you incorporate into your movement right, you’re, worried about leg, kicks you’re, worried about takedown defense, you’re, worried about all these different things. You have all these different variables on your plate. Now you remove all those variables. You give tire and a pair of shoes and you just let them punch, i you know he punches really hard and when he doesn’t have to worry about wrestling, it doesn’t have to worry about getting his tired and he can and pick his shots.

He’Ll be the most dangerous guy that jake paul’s ever fought for sure, but um it doesn’t necessarily mean that he wins and i think jake paul can in box. If you look at that nate robinson fight, i know nate robinson didn’t know what he’s doing, but the way he landed those punches. He cracked him and knocked him out moving backwards. He can he can move backwards and then plant so he’s. Not he doesn’t have like big wind up movements like his brother has more wind up shots. His brother is throwing more windmilly type arm. Punches jake throws things straight and hard they’re dangerous, much more dangerous here’s. Why here’s, why? I have more respect for the older brother for what he just did. Yes, he outweighed him by 40 pounds, but he got in there with perhaps the best fighter to ever get in the ring i’d love to see how jake paul fares against someone similar in size. That is a boxer yeah. Well, you know what man he’s only got a couple of fights here’s, how you have to look at him. Look at him like any other guy, who only has a couple of fights if you saw a guy who’s coming up and he didn’t have an amateur career and he’s only had a couple of fights, he’d go man. He’S got some promises yeah, i know, but these guys aren’t in it for the they’re. Are they in it for the long haul? Did you become boxers? They’Re jake says they’re in it to become spectacles, but imagine if this guy gets all the way up to a world title fight.

Imagine imagine if he actually works his way through some professional boxers. That would be remarkable wouldn’t it. It wouldn’t just be remarkable. The money he’ll be able to earn well how about fighting a recently retired. You know who would him up right now? Are you saying andre, because he can’t fight andre can’t fight professionally anymore, because he’s had some physical problems, but andre is still in shape. He’S, recently retired, maybe he’ll get he’s trying to set something up. Look at you looking away you’re like the worst poker player ever he’s like well, maybe well! I just know i know i know, look that’s my brother, i mean. I know that he’s, like has. He thought about it: he’s he’s thought about it. You’Re right. A lot of money was put on the table um for him to fight canelo and we still get james and i still get asked about it and he just he has that stick to it ness. But why would he want to fight jake paul then, because i think it’s in his mind, it’s an exhibition, and i don’t think that he um looks at it as even a remote threat that it could tarnish his legacy or that he would have to expend too Much physically, i think that he’s, probably sitting back looking at this and, like you know what i could now secure, not just my children’s but my great grandchildren’s futures, and i could you know, i think that there’s a part of andre, if you know him well everything That i’ve set aside, oh he’s, got some dog up in him.

You heard if you ever watch his fights. If he gets hit, he you’ll see him now i’m going to get you four times. You know he is a mean sob in the ring, and i think that there’s, a part of him that sees this and is like these guys – need to be put in their place, and i could do it pretty easily. But do you think that jake paul will be willing to fight a guy like andre ward, olympic gold, medalist, multiple division, world champion undefeated fighter, no who’s still young? No, i mean what how old is andre 35 yeah just turned 35. 36. he’s still in the prime of his athletic career or close to it close enough to it, but he’s a little he’s a little banged up physically. He, basically, you know, he’s trying to sell this fight, no that’s. What it seems like to me i’m, not trying to sell it seems like you’re trying to i i i would love for the guy. I would. I would love for jake paul to be like you know what i’ll take that on um. So in that, but in my mind, it’s like that would never happen well, it’s very risk adverse. I don’t know about that. I mean tyron’s. A brisk tyron bloodly is a real risk and he’s uh he’s, also offering to bet tyron his purse. He said he’ll he’ll, donate tyron’s purse to charities notice that i noticed that tyron did not take him up on that yeah, not good yeah.

I mean that’s that’s uh. I noticed that i said tyron is just saying i’m, not saying anything. I think tyron needs that money yeah. I think he’s planning 100 percent on that money and if he were to lose the fight it’s, not good yeah, yeah yeah. So i think he’s the biggest threat, though he listens, fought he he can knock him out and i i think he’s uh got a legitimate shot at hurting him there’s something it’s hard man. I have a q. I have a question for you. What do you make of all of these? These exhibitions have like caught fire. I don’t know if it’s, because of covid that people began like thinking. Well, i got ta watch something i’ll watch, anything yeah and then they watch – and you know tyson and lennox – are now talking about an exhibition that might happen these paul brothers, logan and jake they’re.

What do you think?

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