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His brother did a million him and floyd did a million. So mixed martial arts has been around since the early 1990s 1993 to be specific in denver colorado, but its origin actually stems from asia. It was founded in japan by satoru tiger mask sayama way back in 1983 as a form of an effective combat system derived from shoot wrestling. The sport only became popular upon the establishment of the ultimate fighting championship or simply ufc, where it gained the media attention. It deserved, as well as opening doors, to interested athletes to partake in. According to, there are approximately 724 active fighters under the ufc, which comprises 607 men and 117 women as of 2020, who come from 71 countries across the globe as much as it had its share of entertainment. There are other things the establishment has fought hard to suppress, but to no success like any other multi billion dollar company ufc also has skeletons in its closet. What’S up everybody have you been vaccinated. Yet if you haven’t please go get vaccinated. If you can welcome back to our channel where and once again we’ll be talking about five of the worst kept secrets in the ufc history, so if you want to know what these are stay tuned to know more, but before we proceed with today’s video. Kindly do us a solid and click that, like button and subscribe to our channel with the notification bell on so you won’t miss any of our new releases.

Vitor belfort’s, trt usage starting today’s list we’ll be discussing belfort’s trt issue. If you’ve been a fan of mma and ufc in general, then you may have heard of this from a while back whether or not you’ve heard of the controversy surrounding this champion. We’Re pretty sure you know him since his reputation precedes him vitor. The phenom belfort is a brazilian mixed, martial artist and is the ufc 12 heavyweight tournament champion, as well as the former ufc light heavyweight champion and the cage rage world light heavyweight champion known for his explosive knockout power. He currently competes in the heavyweight and middleweight divisions of ufc before that he also took part in the heavyweight light, heavyweight and middleweight divisions. Aside from the ufc he’s also competed for mma promotions, pride fc strike force, affliction and cage rage. Belfort’S career has been one of the longest running in ufc, considering that he’s been fighting inside the cage since 1997, long as it may be, the world became witness to a lot of his best and worst performances. We’Ve said before how powerful his ko’s are and to some it’s the combination of innate talent and training, whereas others credited to his use of performance enhancing drugs in 2006, belfort was suspended for nine months after he tested positive for an illegal substance. 4 hydroxy testosterone upon his return. Many believed that the ufc champion relied on the help of testosterone replacement therapy to try and enhance his performance.

The public was well aware of his actions, yet ufc turned a blind eye to what belfort was doing. Not only was it controversial, but the ufc even embraced it and denied those claims to this day, brock, lesnar’s use of steroids. Next on the list, we have another mma fighter, who’s also involved in the use of illegal drugs as a performance enhancer we’re talking about none other than the american canadian, pro wrestler and retired mma fighter brock lesnar, although he’s no longer active in the cage, lesnar left His mark in ufc history, known for being an intimidating fighter and a powerhouse athlete he started in wwe before venturing into mixed martial arts in april 2006, where he fought against minsu kim. He managed to win the match in the first round, using strikes, which also became his first official mma match. In october of the same year, he joined the ufc due to his ferocious fighting style and towering stature. He was called the beast incarnate or simply the beast and it wasn’t long before he was knocking on the heavyweight division’s championship when he fought against mark hunt in the octagon for ufc 200. The crowds as well as the viewers were shocked at his inhumane power and speed. He managed to overpower hunt claiming victory over this match. Unfortunately, for lesnar he tested positive for clomiphene and the win was overturned by. Then fans were already talking about how the ufc was aware of lesnar’s drug usage, but, like belfort’s case, they too turned a blind eye.

Ufc 165 jon jones vs alexander gustafsson, moving on with today’s list is another controversial event, and this time it involves two fighters. The bout for the light heavyweight championship belt between jon jones and alexander gustafsson at ufc 165 has been one of the worst controversies. Ufc tried to cover up at the time jones was the reigning champion with gustafsson, serving as a challenger back in 2013. Jones was ranked as the number one in ufc men’s pound for pound rankings as of march 23, 2021 and he’s, also a former two time, ufc light heavyweight champion. On the other hand, alexander gustafsson is a swedish professional mma fighter, who now competes in the heavyweight division for the ufc, but before that he spent time fighting in the light heavyweight division of the ufc ufc. 165’S main event at the time was the championship match between these two and, like all close fights. The decision in ufc 165’s title bout between jon jones and challenger alexander gustafson, created a buzz among fans and viewers on the internet. Their fight lasted for five rounds, but in the end jones retained his championship, title, which he won by decision. Contrary to what the decision said, many believe that gustafsson deserved the crown that night fightmetric stats suggested that gustafson was leading 191 120 when it came to significant strikes, landed in the fight surprising to many. The real score read 137 114 in jones favor, which led to many fans, especially swedish fans, upset over their champ losing the match.

This was one of many instances where the ufc made questionable decisions on who won the match: fighters, pay, unfair and biased treatment towards other fighters. Continuing with today’s episode is yet another sensitive and highly controversial topic that has been going on for years and has been experienced by one too many fighters. Their career earnings we’ve seen the likes of conor mcgregor ronda rousey cash in a lot of checks, not only because of their skills, but also because of their name and publicity. Take it from one of the latest, though frowned upon internet icons, jake paul. We know paul as the american youtuber, who often got into hot waters because of his questionable thoughts and actions. Although he’s got a lot of haters, it did land him so much publicity that he even managed to land an acting role as dirk mann on disney channel’s. Bizarre vark for two seasons now paul has made his debut as a boxer where he fought and won against. Former mma fighter ben askren paul has called out ufc president dana white on multiple occasions, and now he called him out once again regarding the fighter’s earnings, the youtuber turned boxer, put the mma promotion and president dana white on blast, while promoting his upcoming bout against former Ufc champion tyron woodley, i think there’s, a movement moving toward that is going to show the fighters should be getting paid. More paul told reporters according to mma, junkie, it’s, unfair, the ufc fighters don’t have a fair pay out of all the sports.

The percentages that the owners get versus the athletes they’re the lowest past reposts, have shown the ufc pays its athletes, no more than 20 percent of generated revenue, far less than any other major north american sports leagues, they’re, the ones getting in the ring risking their life. Paul said chris weidman goes in snaps his leg in half what’s that look like he may never be able to fight again and provide food for his family. He continues. These fighters are risking their lives. You can quite literally die in the ring and they need to be compensated more i’m, a big proponent of that movement and being in control that and dana white, but props to paul for saying what a lot of people have been meaning to say. He further added you’re starting to see this as a show business. A lot of people like to focus just on the sport aspect of it, but it’s all the way around kucher vs ufc, a sour ending. Last but not least, we have the rivalry between retired mma fighter, randy, kutcher and dana white considered as one of the best mma fighters in history. He was a three time, ufc heavyweight champion two time, ufc, light heavyweight champion and interim ufc light heavyweight champion. Unfortunately, for kucher ufc, president dana white is not a fan of his, which led to an ongoing feud that hasn’t been resolved. As of the moment, kucher was already earning handsomely from his matches, but he believed that he should earn more and made the decision to bring his problem to court.

Of course, kucher didn’t get the ending he wanted and as a way of getting back at him, dana booked him to defend his championship against brock lesnar, who at that point only had a 1 1 record in the promotion. Of course, kucher lost terribly and a rubbed salt into the wound. He wasn’t even allowed to be in the corner for his son ryan’s ufc debut a few years later, and with that we are wrapping up today’s episode about the five worst kept secrets in ufc history. Hopefully, you enjoyed today’s video as much as we enjoyed making it check out our channel. If you liked this video, since we’ve got more content to cater to your needs from tutorials to celebrity news to curious trivia, thanks for watching today’s video and before you go, don’t forget to hit the like button and subscribe to our channel with the notification bell on. So you won’t miss any of our newest uploads.

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