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They will be challenged by the world’s best in the men’s, basketball and women’s basketball tournaments. But tonight the road to tokyo begins in las vegas nevada. This is where the united states a talented collection with a real leader in greg popovich tremendous returning players begin that quest for gold, Music, nbc sports and team usa. Basketball proudly presents the road to tokyo, as the exhibition season and schedule begins here in las vegas. As tonight team nigeria takes on the united states of america, hello, everybody bob fitzgerald, alongside fran frascilla and normally he would have team usa tour the united states and play a number of exhibitions for men and women. But this time around training, camp and all the games are here in vegas and it makes sense because there’ll be five different olympic teams on the men’s side. Here, training with the usa they’ll play some of those teams throughout the week, as will the women and it’s nice and self contained and we’re indoors, that’s a good thing. So when you look to build a team, you’re looking for leadership and so greg popovich has his most experienced olympic player in kevin durant. Kd is one of those players that is looking for his third gold medal. What makes him so special on the international stage, this guy loves the game, he’s, obviously a great talent but nba summertime, pickup ball. He loves to play and his game rubs off on his teammates. He will be one of the most prolific players to ever play olympic basketball and we know the talent he has.

I just love the joy he has for the game, and especially olympic basketball, 30 in the gold medal game in london, 30 in the gold medal game. In rio and when it’s all said and done as he seeks his third gold medal to equal carmelo anthony, he may be the most decorated american and i think all the scoring marks are going to go by the wayside. He’Ll be number one in every category and what i love about him is he’s brought some friends along to this party, because the guys that have raised their hand for jerry colangelo and greg popovich they want to play with kevin durant. Some of the newcomers are so interesting and the commitments are so spectacular for the united states dame lillard in his first olympics and then the relationship with jason, tatum and bradley beal. These two guys grew up five minutes apart in st louis same high school chaminade high school they’re going to get to be teammates for the second time in their careers. Nba, all star game was the first there’s nine first time, olympians and actually three of them are still playing in the nba finals and so i’m very curious to see how this team comes together. What i love about this team is, they have offensive firepower virtually at every position. They can put the ball in the basket and so for greg popovich. The air force graduate he’s been an assistant on olympic teams.

This is his chance to run a team and win a gold medal, and i know that he is looking forward to it. He goes against tonight, one of his proteges in mike brown, who was trying to get nigeria representing the entire confident of africa to the medal. Stand we’ve got two former nba coaches of the year and mike brown has a good group of young nigerian players. Many of them who are now in the nba. This is going to be fun. Nigeria has 16 active players as we look at their starting lineups, kz akpala, joshua, kogi, gabe, vincent ike, nawamu and precious ochua, the starting lineups brought to you by nike and for the united states, bradley beal and damian lillard in the backcourt, with kevin durant, jason, tatum And bam adebayo and nike, bringing you those starting lineups as well Music. So the olympic court is a little shorter 91 feet instead of the 94 by 50.. The ball is a little bit different. You will notice that the circumference is just a little bit shorter. The three point line is 21 1 instead of 23 9, but the the international game is different. It is a little different believe it or not, it’s a little more physical and remember the rule that i love is when the ball goes on the rim. Anybody can either knock it into the basket or knock it off, but it’s got to be on the rim.

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United States national basketball team, Basketball, Nigeria, Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, Kevin Durant, Summer Olympic Games A vs Nigeria Basketball Highlights | Team USA Highlights | 2021 Olympics

United States national basketball team, Basketball, Nigeria, Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, Kevin Durant, Summer Olympic Games A stunned by Nigeria in rare exhibition basketball loss ahead of Tokyo Olympics