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Nigeria has 16 active players as we look at their starting lineups kz akpala joshua, kogi, gabe, vincent ike, nawamu and precious ochoa, bradley beal and damian lillard in the backcourt with kevin durant, jason, tatum and bam adebayo, casey, paula, hey welcome to the olympics. Go guard damian, lillard, nice and there is out of iowa rolling if they choose field trying to drop it back to bam, gets his own rebound and out of bio, going up to hammer it mike brown’s got to be incredibly pleased and durant with the fade away. Elbow jumper, the near turnover tatum recovered a strong kid at a georgia tech. Still a young pup adebayo’s worked on that mid resources. Tell me that at 72, greg popovich did not finish last in the liners, and there are two unnamed coaches that were lagging behind the usa. Training camp are anxious to see him damian lillard drop it in the three avoided. The turnover lillard had that three blocked but stayed with the play to lay it up, he’s played in spain. This is his first olympics. You mentioned his play last season in israel, green and jason tatum pushes Music tatum will rise. I love this level of athlete. He’S put together out here: levine misses everything, we’ll call it a pass and draymond green, so tatum with an iso epito didn’t come and they will flip it up and in and couch just bowling him over. Take a look right now see that’s the fema basketball in the nba it’s a great it’s great, to see a kid that could come out of nowhere like this levine had the big udo switched on him and took him right to the bucket if you’re a pac 12 fan, you may remember, uh from washington state jeremy looked the part i’m impressed with that mike brown’s done a really good job.

Zach levine here love gives no ground at all shot clock at three for kevin love moved his feet. I don’t think he got it off different than the 48 minute nba game lillard from deep, too easy hey. You can cross the international date line. It will always be dame time for nigeria. We’Ve seen shooters we’ve seen size vincent can hit threes and here’s another one. All right now, zach levine took a spill there and at this juncture that’s the last thing you would want any player that would have any kind of significant problem and the twist of the left ankle as he went down there. Certainly, we don’t want to see that but looks like zach’s walking it off, but a terrific shot fake, like a long withdrew holiday, they post up durian and men up top by a tua. What a block said. No, i love this kid’s energy and this is why no way kd so nigeria earning the respect of the united states. He’S got some swing, guys that really can score Music lillard that’s a warm up three a little two man action here, but if you’re going to pick on durant and adebayo you’re gon na have a problem that time gabe vincent nearly had that get it inside and Bam out of bio, but i don’t think anybody saw this coming. You see the decision making for draymond there and the rotation of levine cashes it in oh hoyey, spinning that’s, good defense by levine moved his feet, came up with a steal, spectacular score on this team.

That’S my role and agata: has it now drop it to metoo draymond met him up top draymond said something to him about it: jeremy grant flipping it out the female defense this year and day day, draymond green up top meeting chamezzi metoo, and let me remind you Who i am defensively, that’s what he had to say: i’m glad the saginaw michigan native state final six seconds of the third agata from dave and he’s? Oh three he’s making some money tonight. The tigers have come with some bite. Oh man, this kid’s gon na be in the summer league in the nba, so remember the name caleb agata. This is the corner three and it’s, a beautiful play by sadiq bay and dropping it into levine to lay it up and in 12 o’clock at eight raymond thought about playing a little bully ball now directing traffic is garland floating it up and in top nigeria another Opportunity and a regular unable to finish goodness what a bob in the last, maybe maybe since the middle of the third quarter. To this point they are out working team usa. This is all effort plays right now: there’s draymond out top and there’s there’s. The defense here comes agatha, caleb again and draymond got him Music tatum. This is a good lesson for team usa because they have to play now catching shoot. Three dropped in koi dropping a knob to oni, who just hit that last three extra step: good defense by beal knocked away field getting on the deck you’re not used to that.

If you play in the nba but watch the effort here, you see jason tatum, and this is just tremendous effort by bradley beal on the kickout, a reg boo, open three and he got it. The 23 of the night for nigeria ran avoided the turnover his three and answer the corner. Three buries another one. The three point: shooting for nigeria, scintillating turret dancers, with a three vincent holding bleeding clock with a shot clock at seven, a regular hit, the two big threes draymond, knocks it away; lilly push ahead, durant’s in full flight to lay it up and out, but draw the Foul buries the last two threes he’s fouled here on the drive and rainbow’s in the free, throw finals, mvp mvp of the league, and he makes them both vincent comes to get it faces up on lillard, shot clock down to seven dave vincent on the drive. Tatum stepped in and knocked it away still looking looking, they get into fa uno, his wing jumper off iron, draymond green, the rebound team usa needs a three to tie and they will foul durant now. So what is interesting is with the threes made by nigeria at 21.. Each team has a timeout remaining durant makes it a one point game. Nigeria has only attempted six free throws in the game. Music benson hit a bowl back to the three point advantage and so greg popovich will use the united states final timeout, lillard, duran, tatum, zach levine, so many great scores and three point: shooters and lillard durant with draymond and tatum and zach levine don’t apply a foul.

Yet eight seconds left seven they’re looking for levine at five, they needed three and there’s the foul, so that was the worst of every world for the united states. The first that means he’s gon na have to miss this free first free, throw and somehow get a three there’s. The missed free, throw achua, pulls the rebound and with 1.4 you’re gon na have nigeria with the ball and the lead and a chew is shooting. Free throws Music and nigeria has upset the united states in an exhibition game, 90, 87, and for that national team. That is the biggest win in the country’s history into your point: maybe the continent of africa. For any nation. This will be a constructive eye opener for team usa. There’S no question give nigeria credit for an amazing effort, but this could be.

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