United States national basketball team, Basketball, Olympic Games, Gregg Popovich, Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, Kevin Durant A Men's Basketball Team's post-game presser after a 90-87 loss to Nigeria

I thought that the nigerian team played very physically did a great job in that regard and knocked down a lot of threes. Give him credit yeah, just kind of goes to show that you know we have to, and then we have to play better and on any given night. You know the team that plays harder, uh more physical. You know anybody can win so that’s, something we can learn from nigeria. Doesn’T have anywhere near the pedigree. The nba does this well, i think you’re. What would be the word you’re taking some points and making them more important than they are at this particular time. For instance, you know you don’t, give the nigerian team any credit, that’s, a talented group of players, that’s, not a bunch of people off the street playing basketball uh. You need to understand that every year teams are better and better and every year one or two or three more nba players are on their teams, so uh they’re they’re, a quality team, uh mike’s done a great job with them and they’re as athletic as anybody and Very physical and they’ve been practicing for three weeks so uh. You know there are a lot of things that i liked about the game. Uh, we turned it over half as much as they did. We shot about three times as many free throws. If you, if i had to watch the game, you gave me the stats, i would have thought we got rebounded out rebounded by 20, but it was six or seven at the offensive end, the assists were even basically 21 and 19.

. The three point game was the difference tonight so that doesn’t negate or take away the fact that they were more physical than us. But i thought you know we have to find out why they got so many threes and uh. What what we need to do defensively to shore that up, but that was the difference in the game it’s pretty obvious, so i think you need to give them more credit and i think uh with four days of practice. Uh there were a lot of things. I liked out there, but in a way, i’m kind of glad it happened. You know that that loss means nothing if we don’t learn from it, but it could be the most important thing in this tournament for us to learn lessons from this and see what we did to move on, because it’s, a great group of guys, high character and And we’ll figure it out, but i don’t think anyone should act. Nor will we act like this is the end of the world it’s about everybody else deserves a lot of credit and we have to play our ass off to do this. Well, i think everybody knows that that is cliche but you’re correct, but it is cliche. I mean that just goes without saying. We know that chris sports, um uh, i don’t, know the exact answer like pop said: it’s only been four days: um and we’re making strides you know: we’ve, none of us have ever played with each other um, so we’re just trying to figure it out, and we Know we don’t have three or four weeks um or whatever it may be, but you know i think this was good for us and we’re going to learn a lot from film um and just re regroup to stay positive.

I was surprised too, that the assist was so you’ve got a lot of great isolation. Players on this team and looked like there was a little bit of isolation tonight. I assume you want more ball. Moving yeah you hit the nail on the head. Yeah, you know, rebounding was a problem uh, you know the stats. I almost wanted to give it back to the stat guys and say: can you do these over there’s got to be some mistakes? Do your homework over again because i thought we got murdered on the board. We got beat on the board, but i thought we got murdered and uh. I you know we’ve shot like i said three times as many free throws or more i can’t remember exactly but Music, the offensive end if you don’t get the rebound. If you don’t, get stops and they’re making threes made 20 of them, people can set their defense and it’s a lot tougher for you. So we didn’t get anything easy. We didn’t get anything off of a rebound run, get some open shots, get some open threes uh! That hurts your scoring, obviously, but in addition to that uh when they got into us physically, we reverted to nba iso, one on one that’s not going to get it done. Jason, you kind of alluded to it, but how did it feel did it feel awkward? I wouldn’t say it felt awkward. We all know how to play basketball, um it’s.

Just you know i guess in the first half or throughout the game. It was certain points where um it felt like we were taking turns instead of just moving. You know passing one guy and letting him do his thing um, which, like you said, we got a lot of great isolation players but um in this deal. We’Re gon na have to play together and figure out what works best with certain guys out there um and getting other guys easy shots instead of ourselves. Okay, i didn’t know Music well that just we just lost the game and they scored 23s. The answer is probably yes. I’M. Sorry. Well, i think that would be a mistake to let yourself off the hook and say yeah. They just shot shot shots tonight. They were just hot that wouldn’t be very wise to say that um yeah. I think we just use this uh to bring us together. I think um, you know tough times bringing brings guys and teams and people together, um. You know it’s not going to be easy and we knew that coming in um, and this is just something to build off of spend some more time together and talk about things. You know because it’s all about us all right you’ve got a couple of couple more question. Minutes online with david, which is our report in italy. Go ahead! Hey coach! This is uh david alato from italy, um. You said you like some things from your team tonight.

Can you tell us what sure i think that, more than anything, even against all that pressure, we took care of the ball pretty good. I think we had seven turnovers and i’m actually surprised by that, because i thought their pressure was great, all night long for all 40 minutes. So i thought i thought that was good and i think that we kept up. We kept supporting each other, even though things weren’t going well. Everybody expects us to win every game and that that put some pressure on you and for a new group in a tough circumstance. I thought that they did a good job, not getting down, not blaming anybody. Just playing and trying to get it right and that’ll that’ll go a long way: hello, hello, guys that questions for jason, tatum, jason after four days of practice. How satisfied you are chemistry wise and what can we expect from team dsa in the next 20 games? Um chemistry uh, i mean we’re still getting to know each other and i think part of this training camp and the time that we’re going to spend uh. Once we leave. You know we don’t have any other choice but to to get closer it’s just going to be us, and i think that is good, that’s good for us it’s going to translate pretty well to the court.

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United States national basketball team, Basketball, Olympic Games, Gregg Popovich, Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, Kevin Durant winning the Gold Medal for Kobe, dreams of playing for Gregg Popovich

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