United States national basketball team, Basketball, Olympic Games, Nigeria, Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, Kevin Durant hen A SHOCKED Kevin Durant & Damian Lillard can't hold Nigeria def. USA Olympic 2021

It was anything but bam out of bio. Here, with the finish usa, though, down four early kevin durant with the jumper, gets it to go usa within two early; second quarter now: usa, up three jayson tatum nice little and one right there, eleven first half points for him: late, first, half, usa up four durant Derived you don’t see that too often brexit is a chua right there. The 9k d, incredible defense right there, usa, led by two at that this highlight was gon na be later on in our show, but we saw was so close. We’Re, like oh, my goodness, like nigeria, had a chance in this game. They were playing outstanding, batman of bio, tough, one right. There gets it to go later in the third usaf by three gabe vincent nigeria, not going away. They were confident game tied at 55.. They shot that three ball well in this one agata another triple nigeria up two after three quarters in the fourth again, you would think the americans will get this thing together with all the talent they have on that squad. I know it’s their first exhibition game still, jason tatum gets to go nigeria, though another three not going away in the fourth now usa, trailing by three and it’s another corner three for niger: 83 77 jayson tatum, now driving misses the layup usa still trailing under two Minutes to play step back three that one rolls in 85: 77 kd.

What do you got? You need something he’s, their best option drop to triple there: 85 80 at that point, usa, trailing Music and then nigeria, going up by eight on that one. Next, usa, possession durant pulls up, hits another three. We got a five point game eight seconds remaining usa, trailing by three zach levine gets the pass fouled so he’s going to the line and he misses the free, throw nigeria getting the rebound and again nigeria hit 20. Three pointers in this contest: not the big difference. They miss here uh but no chance. Nigeria, beating the united states here 28 and a half point. Favorites usa work dave vincent on nigeria’s, win, Music um a lot i mean mike’s done a great job with us. So far, uh we’ve had a good camp. So far, we’ve had to build a new culture start from the ground. Up new plays new everything. You know we got a lot of new guys in so it’s been a competitive camp. So far and like i said we’re looking forward to more mike brown, has talked about you’re representing the entire continent of africa. Absolutely, and you know i, i saw your training camp in oakland. It says the the future is bright for the green and white. You guys feel like nigeria has 200 million people, but the entire continent you’re representing much more than yourselves yeah, i mean it’s totally different. You know playing in the nba and playing for organization in the city is different when you’re playing for our country and right now, we’re representing the continent – and you know, that’s got ta.

It means the world to us. I know it does and i hope we showed that here tonight, hey gabe, you’ve grinded your way into an nba career and tonight you’ve played like one of the best players in the world. How much confidence did you have getting off to that start and keeping it going for 40 minutes? I mean it’s, just all the work that we put in. You know it’s by no mistake uh what happened here tonight, not just myself, but caleb agata. You know he had a great night and it’s a coming out party for him. He had a great year this summer, uh he’s gon na have a big summer coming ahead. So could you feel that the pressure with durant and lillard and tatum all coming after you in the last couple minutes after you built the eight point, lead and, and they took it down to the wire and you held them off yeah i mean we knew what It was, i mean we’ve all seen them play at the highest level and make huge shots uh. We knew what come we came with that and we just had to make plays. I tell you gabe, you are very calm and collected for an amazing win that’s going to be talked about for quite some time, and you were a huge part of it. Congratulations and thanks for taking the time. Thank you very much right where we’re supposed to be gabe vincent talking about mike brown off the top there, the associate head coach for the warriors, the head coach for nigeria, so some nba experience there.

I mean this is a shocking loss. The last loss by usa in exhibition play was in 2019 to australia. Now, usa has four more tune. Ups before they go to tokyo, they’ll play australia twice with games against argentina and spain as well. The americans opening up their olympic schedule against france, who knocked out the us out of the last fibo world championship, so nothing coming easy for the americans. Brian winners, he’s deficit box guard chris middleton, said quote: sometimes it’s just going to be ugly. We just got to find a way to win one game at a time from here on out the bucks rallied from an o2 deficit against the nets, but that was round two. What about the nba finals? Bucks are the 36th team to fall behind 2 0 in the finals. Only four have come back to win most recently, the 2016 cavs the warriors blew a 3 1 lead or something like that. Milwaukee did erase a two games to none deficit in the second round. Against the nets, as i mentioned, this year’s clippers team is the only one to win two series where they trail: two, nothing here’s malika andrews with more gianni’s attention is still pleasantly surprised, he’s able to play in these finals at all, let alone play as well as He has been, but he said that he still hasn’t watched the clip of him, injuring his left knee in the eastern conference finals, and we sat down on saturday, and he explained to me why, as a student of film, not watching that clip has actually given him A competitive edge i’m, always you know telling myself like you know, i don’t feel pain.

You know like if you keep telling yourself you’re healthy and strong you’re gon na be healthy. Strong. If you keep you telling yourself, you don’t feel pain. You’Re, not gon na feel pain. Like that’s, you know the mindset i have and um when i watch the clip i might be like oh it’s way worse than i i you know what i felt it looked way worse. So i kind of leave that in the past i’m, just wondering about what i can do right now to make my body feel good and what i can do right now to help my team win in order to help his team win.

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United States national basketball team, Basketball, Nigeria, Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, Kevin Durant, Summer Olympic Games A stunned by Nigeria in rare exhibition basketball loss ahead of Tokyo Olympics

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