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This is cam radish from the atlanta hawks and you’re watching three point: conversion: Music, hey, damn what’s going on man – hope all is well. This is rafael haynes with the three point: conversion um, just a quick two part question. First of all, if you can just speak a little bit about just the hiring of sean say, i know you spoke about it on social media, but just your thoughts on it and how you feel and then also joining this usa team. Do you expect to knowing that it’s more of a team team type you know um atmosphere? Do you expect to change your game just a little bit or do whatever pop needs you to do if he asks you to change your game and not be that prolific score, i mean as far as uh chauncey uh and that higher, obviously you know it’s been Talk over the years of him kind of moving into the front office and coaching uh space and uh with us, uh letting terry go after nine years. I think our organization was set on a leader. You know looking for a leader of men, somebody that players will respect and went through that process, uh as they felt they should or as we felt we should as an organization, and i had a prior relationship with chauncey on the friendship level, and you know somebody That had a lot of success at my position was a champion finals, mvp and uh.

You know i’m i’m prepared to go in and do my job every year, like i always do uh you know. Hopefully we make the strides in a positive direction and we can become a better team with a new coach. You know that’s that’s, where i am with it as far as uh being here and being part of team usa, i know that i’m not gon na, have to be in the exact same role that i am for portland, but i think my skill set and the Things that i do bring to the table will be very good for the team my ability to shoot make plays. I think i can show that i’m, a good defender without as much responsibility on the offensive end here with with so much talent and i’m excited to do that and you know just enjoy being on the scene with with the best players in the world. You know you get to play with the best. Not everybody is afforded that opportunity. So i’m thankful for that and uh whatever. Whatever pop comes to me and tells me uh, he he needs me to do or expects from me i’ll be ready to do it. Thank you, hey dame. This is tyler attachment with the oregonian. I hope you’re doing well um. What were, i guess, the deciding factors um in in making the decision to play for the olympic team this year and was there a specific moment that you kind of made the decision um? I wasn’t really sure at one point, because i expected us to to have a you know: a pretty solid run in the playoffs this year and that ended up being cut short and uh.

The fact that the season wasn’t extended for me – and you know, on top of the season not being extended um. You know it was a sour taste in my mouth after you know losing so early i’m against the team that was beat up and injured. When i expected to win that series and um, it gave me that issue to jump right back in and play um and have a chance to to win and not have to sit around for a full summer. Thinking about you know what went wrong and you know how we actually play off so um, like i said, i’m, excited to be here and have an opportunity to play with the best players in the world. Thank you thanks. Tom next up is brian mahoney and then we’ll go to uh mark berman, hey damian um. I want to ask you, but you know a few years back. You almost got a chance to play for the u.s in the world cup in 2014 um, and then you know when you didn’t uh sort of did you stay with the program as far as saying you know, i want to be considered again or was there some? You know disappointment that maybe a couple years later, you weren’t ready to play again or how did the whole process go for you to get? Finally, here now um, i think that that year, when i was with team usa, i was um. I wanted to be a part of it.

You know i was. I was there to have a chance to be on that team and i didn’t make it. You know, and i had no issue um being cut. You know i didn’t feel like i was above being cut or anything. I just felt like the time that was spent in the offseason. I just felt like i didn’t i wasn’t, given a great opportunity to make the team or make a different impression in that. So i think that’s why it was a little bit of a sour taste in my mouth after um leaving the team um, and i just decided for a few years that it just wasn’t something that i wanted to do. I was gon na. You know, use my summers to rest and try to become a better player going into the next nba season. Um, and i think at this point in my career i’m, you know 30 gon na be 31 soon. You know this is something that would be a great accomplishment uh, something that’s great to be a part of, and you know a great thing to add to my resume my legacy as a basketball player. So um, you know that’s that’s. That did you consider playing in 2016, the last olympics um. Not really, you know i wasn’t really thinking of it. The following, i think world cup, the world cup after 2016 or maybe 2018 or 19. I don’t know what year it was 18.

I think um. You know i thought about it, but i again i decided not to do it. Thank you. Mark dreamer, go ahead and then we’ll go to giovardo, hey damian uh. How are you handling all that speculation about your future and rumors? You may want to ask for a trade, and you know, are you still mowing things in your mind? I mean what what’s your what’s, your thinking at this point. You know after the coaching hire i mean at this point. You know it’s a lot of things being said and um sometimes words being put in my mouth and i haven’t said anything. You know i think uh a lot of well should be all of the people who’ve covered me since i’ve been in the nba they’ve noted. If there’s, something to be said or if i think something or have something to say, i’m going to say it and i’m going to stand on it so, like i said, there’s been a lot of talk and i nobody’s heard what i’ve said or nobody’s heard me Say any of these things, but anything that i that i have to say, i’m gon na say it directly to to neil and i’m gon na i’m, addressing directly with with my team, so um, i don’t really have nothing to say to you guys about it. Everything that i that i need to say and that i feel um has been said to to neil so uh there’s, really nothing else that i have to say about it.

Okay, joe go go ahead and the next step is dwight. James uh, hey dame um i’m, not sure i could follow up on that without getting you fined uh. So i i guess, i’ll move on um. You know you average about 30, a game or you can anyway uh and so does brad and certainly kd can um. Do you feel, like you, have to give the ball up in this offense to to make it work uh? I just think we got to let the ball move, because you know whoever the ball finds they you know. We know that that next guy has the ability to put it in hole and um. You know i think that’s the fun part about it. For me, i didn’t come here to try to play the exact same way that i played in portland. I came here um to to be a weapon. You know to play off of other guys. Like you said i know, brad can fill it up. I know kd can fill it up. I know jason tatum can fill it up same thing with exactly me, so understanding that i’m just going get into the paint if they collapse i’m gon na make the right play and pitch it out if i’m attacking the rim and bam is diving. I’M gon na toss it in the air, if i happen to be on the weak side and somebody else is penetrating, and the ball comes to me, i’m gon na shoot.

So i came here excited to to not be exactly who i’ve been for for my team. Uh, but to use my skill set – and you know all of my ability to uh to complement everybody else on this team, sometimes that might mean being more aggressive with the ball. Sometimes that means off the ball, but i’m excited to to be a part of that. Thank you, um dwight go ahead and then zora stevenson, damn i’m kind of curious. She played with the same coaching staff for a long time here in portland a long time, no disrespect to any of them, but what’s it like for you to come into a different situation. You got pop there it’s it’s different teammates uh. How different is this? For you is it exhilarating? Is it fun hard what’s, your reaction to it, uh it’s fun, because you see um, you just you just see a different way and uh. Sometimes you a different language and you know a different, a different type of energy about them, like um, just talking to pop talking to steve kerr talking to jay wright. You know everybody they’ve done things at such a high level and for pop and steve kerr, specifically at a level that you know i’ve been wanting to to be on. You know not that they know something that my coaches uh in the last nine years, haven’t known but it’s, just when you get there and you have that level of experience and you have that level of success it’s.

You know it just hits a little bit different. Um, you know so i’ve come in here, just listening a little bit harder. You know having my ears um open and one wanting to hear what they have to say and why and why to do things a certain way and you know it’s. It has to be at that level. You know it’s a reason why um you know they’ve had so much success, you’re up and then we’ll go with sean higgins, hi, dames or stevenson with nbc sports. I wanted to ask you about your teammate of the year award. I was asking pop about just those characteristics of selflessness and leadership and he said it’s gon na be very important and i know you’re a first time olympian. But how much do you plan to display those characteristics and and be a leader and obviously i know you’re gon na be selfless? You talked about just like listening and sharing the basketball, but that leadership part. How comfortable do you feel i mean i feel very comfortable. I think my leadership style has never been to try to boss everybody around and always be the loudest person, sometimes just being a listener, sometimes just taking instructions from other people and allowing other people to have have a stage and uh. You know if anything that’ll be easier with the level of players that i’m that i’m playing with, but i just think my who i am as a person, you know i think, that’s being a good teammate uh, just trying to do my best to to contribute to Winning and contribute to success, um and being selfless.

Those are like my my greatest strengths as a person and as a basketball player. So you know i think, it’ll be i’ll in that way, i’ll be able to be who i always am with this team. Okay, sean go ahead and then we’ll finish up with uh dame going back to the uh coaching higher for a second uh. You said on social media that uh during this process and during the search you had been unaware of some of the allegations against chauncey is that uh? Something now that you do know about that stuff? Does that change at all how you feel about the higher or you know how comfortable you are with it um? Well, when i said that i didn’t i didn’t know, i meant the very first time that uh right away when we we let terry go. I was asked you know about names that have been floated out there and of the ones that i heard floated out there. I said you know i like jay kidd, i like chauncey um, and at that time i had no idea of any of it, and you know when i did learn of it and the process continued it. I never felt like it was my job or my duty to say you know. Do this or don’t do this. You know i i like. I said i do my job. I improve my game and i show up as a point guard of the team, and you know in the past: i’ve never stepped on on anybody’s toes and said you know, or demanded anything or told anybody what to do, and it was no different in this situation.

So that i mean that’s all, i can really say uh i’ve known johnson before, and i never knew of that until this coaching process came into play and uh our organization, you know they, they said they did a thorough investigation, they went through everything and they went Through the process of hiring a coach, as they did in a comfortable way and that’s, not my decision, you know or my job to say this guy’s hired or this guy’s not hired or anything. So this is what it is now so here we are Music. Final question: from tim, reynolds thanks go ahead tim. Thank you, craig hi, dame um. Even with all the amazing amount of offensive talent on this team. Is it a stretch to think that you guys can be as good defensively as you are on the offensive end? Just with you know the length with you know guys like bam and draymond, with the on ball defenders. You guys have, can you guys be as good at that end too? Do you think, i think so, because we because of the ability we have offensively everybody kind of knows like i can give more defensively, knowing that you know it’s going to be okay, offensively everybody’s capable everybody has ability, everybody is elite, offensively in the nba season, so Uh the responsibility and the load offensively would be much less for every guy. So, of course, defensively like i said we can give more and be more locked in and attentive on that end of the floor and it’s been, you know the number one thing that you know they’ve been hammering home with us, we got to defend, we got to Be into the ball, we got to be physical, so um guys are so great offensive leader i don’t know if we can be as great defensively as we are offensively, but i know we can be very good and uh.

You know. I know that it could complement what we can do offensively thanks dave.

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