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You know his career that he’s just sort of being noticed and now that uh, you know he’s in this position. What have you seen in him in the practices this week in his game, and how do you think it will help your team at uh in japan? Well, i can tell you a couple of things. One zach is someone we wanted on a team we tried to. You know you try to keep a lid on everything uh. I don’t think anybody was thinking about uh jeremy grant out there in the public. You know they’re always thinking of the names that we hear all the time but we’re trying to put a team together, and that takes a lot of different elements and we’re looking to have as many tools as we can, depending on what we run into. So everybody fits a role in in some way uh with zach. He is somebody who really wanted to do this number one uh his physical skills are abundant and obvious his length. His athleticism, i think, will translate very well. He wants to play defense to the nth degree. He knows that that’s, what we want from him. We also want energy, and obviously his scoring ability is is always available, but i think, through this camp, what he’s going to do is become a little bit more solid playing with all these guys decision, making wise i’m talking about you know being able to play with These guys, but his energy level is high.

His commitment is fantastic and he’s willing to do anything. We ask him to do uh, and you know he’s stated that he’s he’s somebody that i think is very different from most other players that we have on the team. So those are the you know, skills and things we’re. Looking for from him uh. Thank you. As always, for your grace and aplomb, you take care. I love you. Next up, we’ll go with uh tim reynolds and then we’ll go to uh amari thanks craig hi pop howdy howdy howdy howdy, you um. Will you have to promote some guys to have some extra bodies tomorrow night and what are you sort of looking to get out of tomorrow, um from your first real timeout? Well yeah, we will have to have a few bodies uh. You know for the group that’s here but, as you might imagine, you know it’s it’s the beginning, and we just we don’t, want to skip any steps. We want to make sure that we have a defensive emphasis, that everybody understands how we want to play defense. We want to emphasize ball movement and player movement, you know without the defensive three seconds. You know a lot of a lot of the teams pack it in and you got to move them and that’s not going to happen. If you have ball stoppers or if you don’t change sides of the cord bodies, don’t move so we’ve been working on that a lot.

So we want to see you know how we’re moving together uh on offense and on defense, if everybody’s pulling their load being accountable to each other, so uh, you know other than that it’s it’s, obeying the basketball gods. Really, you know making sure these guys, who are all very good players, know that they’re playing with other very good players, and so in a sense we all become a role player. If that makes any sense, you know i’m attacking for a teammate uh, i i’m not going to be isolated as much as normal i’m, not going to get as many shots as normal. That type of thing, thank you, bob welcome ed amari, and next up is david. Uh hi hi coach. I hope you can hear me um. This is ammo impossible. French newspaper leaky. You said you said three days ago that you wanted your team to first get a good sense of how strong the competition is going to be in tokyo um. Could you maybe elaborate regarding the french team, what it prints to the most two years ago in china? Do you think they may be even better this year and is the fact that you’re going to be playing them first, a good thing yeah, you know, i think uh. The french team has been very good for a long time. They’Ve played together for a long time. They’Ve added players, and every year all these teams, including france, has you know one or two more nba players, which means they have more talent every year.

So you know the gap is smaller and smaller every year. As far as talent is concerned, so it’s about execution uh, the coaching staff i’m very familiar with you – know, they’re great people and they do a fine job. Everybody is hungry. You know everybody wants to win. So having respect for the opponents, i think is step number one more so than anything else rebounding shooting playing defense if you don’t respect uh these teams you’re in big trouble because of the coaching, the talent, the execution and you know, it’ll be difficult for us to Execute as well as a lot of these teams do given the fact that they’ve played together for so many years, so we realize that that means we have to really prepare well with the time that we have. Thank you, david go ahead and then we’ll go to akiko uh hi coach. This is davide. Quinellato i’m, with the lagazetta lost sport in italy. Hi great to see you um. What are your expectations from the olympics? Not not just the the basketball tournament but the olympics themselves. Well, uh, i’m, not sure what you mean by expectations, but uh in in what area i mean you said other than basketball. Do you mean going to dinner or seeing yeah? I know i know there will be some some restrictions, but you know the olympics are for many people like a dream come true. I know this year, it’s going to be a lot different with all the restrictions in place right but i’m curious.

What? What do you olympics mean for you in general, and what do you think you will be able to leave from that? Well, i think you know everybody’s, you know ultimate goal of going to the olympics is to to win. You know to win the high jump or win the gold medal in basketball, or you know, win the pole vault whatever it might be. That’S number one but it’s also an honor to be there and represents a lot of work that all these athletes and coaches did over many years. So it’s like a it’s like the uh, the pinnacle, you know of of competition. In that sense, where you pit your skills, uh against the world, it’s a time of camaraderie uh of honoring each other and one of those events in life, that uh is very, very, very, very rare, so it’s it’s to be honored it’s to be uh cherished and If, on top of that, you have time to enjoy the country to some degree, that makes it even better. It seems that might be a little bit difficult this year, but we’ll wait and see what the situation is when we get there you’re up next and then we’ll go to fargo franklin, uh, yes, i’m, sorry, yeah, um, yeah, i’m. I work for japanese newspaper kyodonius and uh yeah. It might be a really similar question, but um i’d like to ask you the olympic will be held without spectators. So what are your thoughts about it and the players disappointed about it? Uh.

If i understood you correctly, i’ll try to answer i uh whatever the situation is, we have to deal with it. Just like everybody else. You know life is never perfect or the way you might want it. At a specific time in your life, everybody gets. You know curveballs and hurdles and that sort of thing put in front of them, so whatever the situation might be when we arrive uh we’ll deal with it, that’s the only choice, yeah. Thank you very much. You’Re welcome Music, taco you’re up and then we’ll go with joseph, the gucci hey how you doing coach good. I hope you’re welcome yes, sir same here. Uh, can you touch on kevin love and his leadership ability on the floor? Sure uh. You know kevin’s been here before so he’s, one of the veterans on the group, and he can reinforce a lot of things that we’re trying to talk about as far as respect for the opponents and how tough a lot of these games have been. You know people have the impression that you know america has uh. Just you know, destroyed people in these games, and we all know that that’s not true they’ve been very competitive games. Very often so uh people like he and kevin durant, are able to uh describe that to people and make sure that they’re aware. So in that sense you know his leadership is important, but uh. He also uh. I think you know he has something to prove where you know the year.

Didn’T go for him that great – and i think, at this point he’s thrilled to be part of this and hoping that he can uh. You know, get back to his form and his rhythm. So he’s working hard to do that and so far i’m very pleased with what he’s done. Thank you coach welcome Music coach. Thank you so much for joining us um. I wanted to ask you about the roles about kevin durant, draymond, green and kevin law, specifically obviously they’re, the three former olympians on this team. Can you kind of talk about what impact they’ll have on the nine other players who’ll be making their olympic debut? I think that overall uh they’re, you know a source of leadership as far as making everything real, making everybody serious, knowing that it’s a difficult uh journey, uh understanding what these teams present in the way of competition and how badly they want to beat us. So you know everybody being accountable to each other is easier if you have guys that have been there before and understand the situation, so in that sense, uh they’re, very important. Thank you. We’Ll do two more questions: uh brian lewis and then we’ll finish up since we started with sam we’ll finish with sam, hey bob um. You addressed, you touched on kevin durant’s leadership. I’M curious. I mean at this point in his career, where he’s accomplished everything um. What do you think motivates him to you know commit to tokyo, i mean, do you think you know, obviously being whatever having a chance to go? Maybe one gold medal ahead of kobe or to chase carmelo’s scoring record.

I mean: do you think he thinks actively about those things or is it just? I love to hoop and i like to be out there right. You know, as far as those specific you know, goals or rewards or meeting someone. I really have no idea what’s in his head in that regard, but i am totally uh convinced and understand that the reason he’s doing this is because he loves to play. He loves the competition. He loves the camaraderie with the guys he wants to win and when he’s playing basketball, he’s, happy and that’s the bottom line common denominator y is here, so i don’t think it’s any more complicated than that. Thank you. Well, i might add that it’s, amazing and fortunate for us that he does feel that way, because you know he’s a heck of a player but to make that sacrifice again uh the way he’s done in the past, i think, is pretty laudable and uh. He deserves a lot of credit for that, as do you know the other guys who, in a tough year, have stepped up to represent their country. Thank you i’ll finish with uh, sam smith. I want to apologize for taking you away from the early study of your wine list, but i did have one quick question um. I got it right over here sam, i got it over here. I heard the man who cheated you out of a spot on the 72 team.

Uh spoke to your team uh yesterday. Yes, it still hurts and i’m still uh aggrieved deeply agreed by this, and nobody was going there really um. I wanted to ask uh what was that what was doug collins message to the team? How was it received and and what what does his experience uh bring to the young players? I know you would have voted for me over doug collins right, oh yeah, i did. Okay, doug hit a home run yesterday. Very honestly he was fantastic. You know i wanted him. I wanted him to. I wanted them to feel him. I wanted them to feel what the olympics meant to him uh to this day, uh. What happened in 72 hurts him, as you well know, i’m sure, and i wanted that to be. You know, felt and transferred to our players how important these gains are and how wonderful a memory they can have. You know if we are successful in this quest, so he did that, but he was also you know, emotional about what the game has meant to him uh. He lauded our guys uh, for you know, making this sacrifice and wanted to in some ways warn them about. You know how we had to become a family. You know, as i’ve said before, basically fall in love with each other and be responsible to and for each other accountable and play with that in our minds, and he got all that across and he was especially effusive about kevin durant because even though i’ve already said This afternoon about his love of the game, the sacrifice he’s making he’s also been injured.

Uh, you know, quite a bit in the last couple of years has gone through a tough time. Uh and he’s still here and doug, really made sure that that was appreciated uh by everyone in the basketball world, so he was, he was great sam. Thank you, you’re welcome. Thank you.

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