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I know you’d like to work with jordan. This is 11 different things. Are you going to be wearing anything special for the olympics, you’re going to pull out anything special, the olympics uh to be determined? I i i have something special all right appreciate you, both christos here you’re up next and then we’ll go to keith, lando’s, hey jeremy. How are you good great uh? I would like to ask you different ball different uh rules in the olympic games. How what would gon na be your biggest adjustment in the olympic games in tokyo and how do you vision your role in this team um? I think the the different rules is it’s, going to be a adjustment but uh that’s. What we’re here right now working on we’re going through the different rules, and we got a great group of guys with extremely challenging group of guys that we’re learning really fast and uh my role, i mean uh i’m, here i’m gon na be playing a lot of Defense uh hitting open shots being aggressive. When i get the opportunity um but yeah, i think i think that’s my role a lot of energy uh doing what i need to do to whatever i need to do to get this goal. Jeremy i’m wondering what were your emotions when you learned that you were being asked to be part of the team and what are your expectations for how it will improve or affect you um i mean i was i was blessed.

I mean when i got the call it was a honor i loved, to play the game, uh that’s, why i’m here and uh yeah i was excited. I think i told my family everyone excited for me um. I think this is gon na benefit me uh, being around a group of guys. Is this talented, uh being ever being able to pick up the little things that they do and watching uh the movements observing things like that? I think it all. It only can help me out for my future: we’ll go with james edwards and then uh, hey, jeremy, hope you’re doing well. Um is is making the u.s team. Is that a bucket list item from from childhood? Or is that something you strive towards, as you get in the pros, get to college and start to play with guys and see guys with these opportunities? I think that’s always like one of the pinnacles of your career, i think uh to be able to play um for your country to be able to play on this stage and play uh the amount of basketball or the level of basketball. On this stage, i think uh it’s always a goal for anybody in any sport, so i would say that and uh what was the second part of the question? Oh, that was it. I appreciate it finally we’re up next and then we’ll go the ac hold stroke. Uh, jerry uh you’ve played against him uh quite a few times when you’re, when you’re with the nuggets but uh.

I was wondering uh. What are your thoughts on on damian, lillard and playing alongside him and just what he brings to your guys’s roster with team usa. He’S, obviously, extremely talented one of the best scorers in the league, one of the best players in our league, um yeah, i mean it’s, always tough, you know having a guard and you know having to play against him. Obviously, you got a game plan against him to be able to play on this team. I mean it’s great um, like i said i’m here, i’m observing i’m watching i’m picking up little little key points and things that jeremy you’ve made uh such remarkable improvement over the course of your pro career. After being a second round draft pick, i was wondering who’s helped you along the way there uh, who do you credit helping. You uh, develop your game over the last six seven years, uh a lot of people um. I think the main people that i work out with back home, damn mclean keith, stevens um, so them a lot. John towson uh, my shooting coach from philly uh it’s, been a lot of people helping me along the way but uh. I think um. In terms of my improvement that it definitely helped me improve a lot, obviously me putting the work in you’re up and then we’ll go to mark lawson thanks craig, hey jeremy tim reynolds with the associated press um, the name we won’t see.

This team live, of course until saturday against, for that first game, but being in these practices for the last three days, we know the names we know you’re all elite. We get that. But can you take us inside what some of these runs are like and or even you mean an accomplished nba guy, like yourself, are even you kind of blown away by the collection of talent that’s in that gym. Right now i mean yeah these. These are the best players in the world. You know a few other players in the nba but uh. You know these are the best players in the world. I think well, our runs have been uh extremely competitive, still getting to learn how to play with each other and things like that, but uh yeah there’s a lot of talent in it we’re only getting better. You know from day one to day two. Thank you. Music. Hey jeremy, i read uh where you’re only the second syracuse university product to ever play for team usa uh. What kind of pride do you take in that, and just in general uh that’s a blessing it’s a blessing um to be here uh to be one of one of the two um? Obviously um i don’t know it makes it honor it’s a blessing because uh nothing more. I could really say to them things kind of spanning out the way they should. Does it surprise you at all that so many great players have played at syracuse and you’re.

Just the second uh i mean this. This is the opportunity that a lot of people don’t get a lot of great players. Don’T get so it’s, not really surprising, but, like i said it is a blessing it’s, an honor to be here. Music. Congratulations! Thanks! Hey jeremy uh, you mentioned how much of a blessing and an honor it is for you to play for team usa. How much does that extend to siddique and isaiah being on the select team at at such a young age and being able to take advantage of this opportunity? Uh extends a lot to them. Yeah. I was talking to them last night. You know they were just extremely excited to be here, and you know they were. You know talking to me about um how i went from being on the select team to being on this team yeah. You know just telling them to keep working, and you know they can get here. You know in and they’ll um fine they’re ahead of where i was at their age: Music, hey how you doing today, everyone i’m! Well, everyone talks about trust in the process. How has trust in the process helped you become a better player on and off the court i mean uh. I think i had to. I think my career that’s, how my career kind of unfolded. Uh. I came into into the nba uh that second round pick ‘ and i was on the team with a bunch of lottery, picks um, so you know i didn’t, i didn’t have an opportunity to really um show what i could do on the offensive end.

So i had to make my niche and uh it came on the defense and blocking shots playing defense guard, my man Music, so you know i had uh. I had to do a lot of work uh, so so things panned out, so i had to trust. I had to trust the process and uh. You know seven, seven years later, i’m, here uh on the usa team so like i said it unfolded the way it it should bless Music. Thank you, leonardo uh and then finish with george stevens hi jeremy it’s, leonardo torres from peru, hope, you’re well, jeremy. How proud are you to be part of the team usa, and what do you think will be your role on the team? Oh it’s great it’s great to be here um. I love playing the game so to be able to play the game with uh. This college world players is amazing for me and, like i said, i think my role is going to be energy. Defense uh making open shots and being aggressive. When i see the opportunity too, hi jeremy, oh, can i go ahead. Craig nbc sports um. You were talking about just talking to your teammates, how they’re on the select team and how you’re once in their position any like? Aha moments, or just i i not that i can’t believe i’m in this position, because you’ve earned it, but just any moment of reflection for you or excitement um in these first couple days of practice, just being with so much talent around you, whether it was a Specific play or an interaction um, you know, you’re playing with kevin durant, someone that’s from your area any just like i don’t know emotions in these uh you kind of cut out, but um, no real, aha moments.

I think um just being here, uh it’s great. For me, um and yeah, i put a lot of work into to get here, so um no aha moments but uh. The challenge is amazing to be here and uh, just observing um. I probably have a moment.

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