American International Group, The Blackstone Group President Charles Payne & 5 ANALYSTS: "AMC WILL BOOM" Buy AMC TO GET RICH QUICK analyst reveals! AMC

Today we are talking to our new president, charles payne, in reference to the amc movement. He speaks to three to four analysts on fox business in reference to the amc movement. Where can they see it going in the next few years, specifically payne looks at one analyst reports in reference to trying to divide the eight movement. He looks at regulation from the sec in trying to shut down reddit. What can they do and what does charles payne think to finalize payne also speaks to one analyst and investment banker in reference to what stocks you should buy, why you should buy amc and unique stocks which go under the radar, and i got an email that kind Of really pumped me up on tuesday, it came from someone who’s a subscriber and uses my educational services. He said he went from 120 000 to a high of 1.2 million in less than a year. I have yet to cash out any stocks, except for the 10 profit designated for christmas donations. The funds i am working with are in my 401k trading account. The book is wonderful, but a new chapter needs to be added how to take advantage of hedge funds when they try to run a company out of business by shorting it out of existence. Now you know the email speaks of taking action right. It speaks of diamond hands, obviously speaks of trying to level the playing field. What made you focus in on the market, particularly on these amc and gamestop those kind of stocks? Well, honestly, i didn’t really know what i was getting myself into uh when i first decided to invest in amc.

I did. I did know about what happened with gamestop um and i i guess i didn’t want to see the same thing happen with a movie theater company. I love the movies. My family loves the movies um. I didn’t want to see them. You know be pushed down. I didn’t want to see them, especially during a pandemic. Thank you, charles from the moon, platoon, the andromeda money community. I really appreciate you having us on. It is a story of when people take a look at obvious injustice. When people take a look at companies that have been growing up with them, alongside their childhoods and now giving back to that exact same company gamestop and amc, there are 4.1 million apes holding the float for a reason on emc side. So i mean almost every single day in the financial media, you’re called dumb uh. Today you were, the eighth community was blamed for the broad market, a 36 trillion dollar market. They blame you for it being down. Today i mean how does that make you feel? I mean it just makes me feel even more excited it’s, just more attention on the movement. To be honest, um i feel like people over, i feel like. There are plenty of people who still trust you know what they’re hearing, but there are a lot more people who are seeing things the other way now they’re seeing things for what they really are um. They know that this wasn’t caused by us, um they’re, starting to you, know, realize what’s really going on congratulations and you’re right, listen, i’m, working on another book and i’ve got a whole chapter in diamond hands and it features warren buffett uh.

That is the definition of investing. Finra is taking public comment on short reporting and short sales, apes and everyone else. If you’re seeking fairness, you must make your voice heard: it’s regulatory notice, 2112, 2119, i’m, sorry, i’ll, post. The link on twitter, cb, payne, good luck to everyone now remember: uh. The big names in the dow will probably keep you rich, but if you want to make it and become rich and not take, maybe 30 or 40 years to get there, you have to think outside the box i’m going to bring in strategic wealth partners mark tapper, Because mark you always come up with unique names and before i even ask you for some let’s let’s let’s try to help the audience a little bit. So how does someone even go about looking beyond the major indices for ideas? Uh, look! So, charles it’s, very rare! You hit a home run off a name. Everyone knows you got to keep your antenna up. You got to keep an ear to the ground because a lot of these under the radar companies, as you know, they have little or maybe even zero institutional coverage. So the first thing is you got to source the name or idea. Second thing: is you got to do your research and charles when it comes to sourcing names, don’t overlook the power of social media, we’ve all seen what reddit can do twitter uh, you know maybe join a stock group, preferably one that maybe is a pay to play In private group i think you get some good ideas there and then you got to do your homework.

You know so, once you get the idea you got to get the investor kit, you got to watch some youtube videos to learn about the company, their product, their service, um. You got to do a heck of a lot more work than facebook or an apple. You know you know uh today, the number one stock in all the market, the entire market is a company called b square is up 175 i’m in it. My subscribers are in the stock and we’re down. Okay, so the reason i bring it up is sometimes you can find a grand slam up 184 today, we’re still about 50 cents short and be early. How do you deal with something like that? Charles, it happens to us all the time, full transparency, man, it happens to the best of us um, look. We fall in love with a company management team growth story and as soon as you get in it’s weird, but all of a sudden, the price action is a complete dud. You know so look you got ta enter every position with an exit strategy, sometimes bail on it and come back later so i’m. Bringing in author of the war of small business and recovering investment banker. Carol roth, you know carol. I want you to check out the headline. Meme stock hype can deter women from investing. I mean this article does all kinds of twists and turns to sort of connect, uh, low representation of women and blacks and hispanics in a financial world, so by them.

Casting the retail revolution as exclusionary seems like one of the biggest self owns of all time. From my perspective, you know it seems that they’re not understanding that these memes or these retail investors are using memes they’re using humor they’re using communication in order to be inclusive that’s. What this entire movement is about, it’s about bringing more people in and having more people participate in wealth creation opportunities, regardless of race, background sex or creed. That should be celebrated, not denigrated. Charles says quote. I worry a young woman reading the meme stock coverage can conclude either that she is no match for the hype, traitor and or that she has no interest in working in an industry dominated by this personality type. What the hell are they talking about. Let me go paint my nails, charles now, as a woman who has been more than a quarter of a century like. I am appalled and embarrassed by this yeah and, of course, like all these financial time articles, they call them day, traders uh, you know again. I think that’s sort of a reference to oh don’t day trade. Remember what happened in 2000. Now another article talked about how much the shorts have lost down 12 billion dollars and how the hedge funds are trying to find ways to monitor these websites and these discords uh. You know i just think it’s so interesting that there’s this focus of the industry on how to beat the individual investor.

Thank you for watching. If you enjoy stay tuned, for more updates on amc, palantir, neo and speculative stocks alike share this to the apes share. This on reddit, in order for it to gain more traction across the ape movement.

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