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I would like to pay my respects to the biblical people who are the traditional custodians of the land where we meet today and pay my respects to elders both past and present. This is king louis xv, pointing to la comte la peruse, at the very beginning of his voyage in 1785, showing the map of the world and really interestingly, he’s, pointing at australia and saying this is where you are going to head. So you couldn’t get a more potent symbol of this particular connection from where we stand all the way back to france, Music when you’re french. You feel welcome in one week, because when you come from the city first, you hit. You know the frenchman’s road Music. Then you pass by the french school and then, of course, you arrive in botany bay and you see the la peruz museum it’s true. This is really the the core of the french community in sydney is living in rendrick, so it makes the relationship we have with the city council. Very special we’ve dedicated this museum with the help of the french government in 1988. So it really does mean a lot to us and by having that connection to france through the museum has also brought a connection through the cultures and the people of france in randwick city. My favorite aspect, i think of the french characteristics and what i love about it is that it’s such a culture based on democracy, liberty, fraternity, those tenets of democracy, and i think that interest in the human spirit and which led to the enlightenment and the love of Science actually drove the laperous expedition outwards across the globe, with their hunger to explore to document and to learn it wasn’t until decades later that they realized.

This was where the last place was that la peruse was sighted before he disappeared into the pacific in that very year, 1788.. La perez museum has five main themes that we tell that go all the way from the traditional custodians and science, the environment and obviously french, is a really important one and that drives a lot of our programs. So we do temporary exhibitions. We do public programming around french music about really important objects in the collection and that’s, a main sort of focus that we do for our french communities as well as for the wider public and it’s, just wonderful. I come down to the museum. You know a couple of times a week and just see who comes to visit and it’s amazing, the number of overseas visitors we have. He is so revered la peruse that people come to to pay homage to him about albi. So albi was the birthplace of la peruse, so this is the reason why albi is now the sister city of renwick, the city lavinet, forever Music meaningful part of all. This is that you don’t realize how many french people they are after you go to parks and and playgrounds and they’re playing with the kids and everyone’s talking french. Then you realize there is a lot of people around there’s, french passissaries, there’s french bakeries, which, as you can see i’m not going to complain about the french population, is growing. The school has definitely brought a lot of people on board.

The lysse condorcet was created in 1965.. Now we have about 1070 students with 130 staff, the student here they follow the french curriculum. They know the history of france, so they know this end of monarchy, which is very important for us. Bastille day means a lot to the french people, because it’s the national celebration it’s a day off in the middle of the summer, so people basically are watching the military parade. You have the tour de france running and, of course, you have different type of entertainments that are organized by city councils in brandwick city council, but still those are very important. It’S one of the highlights on our calendar. We always try to provide enough entertainment for the residents of ramwig city council, but also for the french residents, so they can feel a little bit of being at home. So bastille day is a great opportunity for the museum to bring forth its stories. So we work with french business people with performers with artists and we show the whole gamut of french culture, of which we know is world renowned and they all assemble here at the headland of la peruse, so it’s a place where we have the tree colour flags Flying right across the headland it’s, a great festival and you’ll hear french being spoken here, much more than english, which is just such a wonderful thing to hear it’s a real community and since the school is a big part of this community.

Yes, we are very linked with the council with the neighborhood and everything it’s just it brings all of the community together all of redwick city on behalf of roundwood city council. I want to wish everyone amongst the french community a really happy bastille day, Music, hello, Music, Music. However, you say it. We welcome you here on that day and every other day, and we are proud to call you, our friends.

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Bastille Day, France, Storming of the Bastille, French Revolution The Life Of Louis XVI – Part 2 – The Revolution