Bastille Day, France The FFL's bastille day with English subtitles

, And notably with the return of the pioneers who we haven’t, seen for two years. for reasons due to the circumstances of last year., The FFLis, the embamatique unit, created in 1830 with heroic battles, notably Camerone.. Where a small detachment in Mexico will hold off thousands of mexicans. The FFL, a group which is rich with a colossal history shown in cinemas, which represents more than 150 yrs parading Fred, it is a historical moment.. What is fascinating is that all the trades are represntedby. The pioneers in the FFL builders painters s, There is a very strong, symbole, very important. I belive we should talk about for FFL. It is the only unit When they parade on the champs eleysse. The soldier leading is an NCO Becaue, the particularity of the FFLi s, an organisation which recruits foreigners who enters under a declared identity and all the NCOs of the legion have come up. Thforugh the ranks as well. There is the symbolic why this axe and why this buffalo apron, and why this beard, The pioneers, were the ones who cleared the way And who, later on built the camps in the evenings., The aprons would protect them from the wood chippings.. The weapons axes would bee used to cut the woodtrees.., But we don’t need a beard for thatgtgtgt. No, the beard is a symbol of length of service.. Earlier, a jounalist ask a leg on the Champs Elysee who answered a leg who passed report after a battle earned .

.. The longer the beard is the longer. The leg has taken part in numerous and important missions, which is a visible respect higher than grade, because you can be a CCh in the legion and have more than 25 years of service.. I’Ve got a question. I heard that the French citizens who join the FFL have to take a foreign nationality at the beginning.. Legally, the FFL is a corps made of foreigners. Roughly. A third is made up, Belgians, swiss and Canadians.. What is important is that it is a corps which recruits foreigners. In a Legion company made up 150 soldiers. You can have 50 to 60 different nationalities.. There is a number under which the mix should not fall below because they are people who don’t speak. A word of French Who will be executing the same mission as all the French regulars.. We will find them in all operational theaters That yesterday, as … 14th of July, there were some legs who recieved, notably legionnaires, wounded on operations who received their decree of French nationality.. They are now French citizens., As the saying goes, French, not by the blood received, but by the blood spilt Pascal Bonetti. We see the FFL’s Music band. It is the occasion to remind us that they are using instruments that are obsolete in other military formations By example. This little side flute, which is the fifre, the quotchapeau chinoisquot … les tambours bas, And the 1st REC – is the cavalry regiment kitted out with AMX 10 RC, an extremely prestigious regiment, which celebrates it 100th Anniversary.

, the general Burjhard, who is going to become the general of The army is an ex legionnaire.. He is often seen in training wearing the green beret..

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Bastille Day, France Spirit

Bastille Day, France, Storming of the Bastille July 14th…The Storming of Bastille (Bastille Day)