Concacaf Gold Cup, Qatar national football team, Panama national football team 2021 CONCACAF Gold Cup – El Salvador vs Curacao – 5 Minute Preview

It’S el salvador, it’s curacao he’s gon na come out on top we’ll. Take a look nick, that’s right folks back once again with another five minute preview. Looking forward to the opening match of the 2021 cocka cav gold cup and we’ll get to that in just one second, if you’re new, where have you been boys, smash your subscriber to get your banger to date with all things: conker, calf, gold cup related black belt Roll related whoa football that’s right, of course, euro 2020 america are coming to a close, but guess what the international football keeps on coming on with a banger here, el salvador, i guess curacao it’s, actually patrick clive, up against hugo pedes in the dugout, so we’ll take A look at that in a minute, in a minute, of course, big shout out to the vips. They are the patrons. Thank you for watching, of course, getting amongst it smash your thumbs up smash your subscribe here we go voice five in the preview. Looking forward to this one, it is el salvador, it is curacao, it is at the toyota stadium that’s right on the 10th of july, that is this body saturday it’s climbing. It is hugo perez in the dugouts, of course, competing to see you can get themselves off to an absolute zinger, that’s right, uh, of course, uh el salvador, taking on curacao, of course, who knows about kyoto? Well, we’re gon na find out a little bit about them.

Right here, right now, folks, here we go. Of course: el salvador currently managed by hugo perez qualified uh, the caf national league or nations league sorry, uh league b. They actually finished in group b, uh in that, respectively, into second spot. They qualified on the 16th of november 2019 it’s their 18th total appearance uh in the in the uh, the gold cup. Of course, it was called something else way back when i think it was back in the 90s uh. The last two appearance was the 2019. The bit the best ever performance, though running up twice and they’re, currently ranked fifa wise uh 69th in the world uh. This is their resume right here, right now, of course, the table group, a of course alongside curacao mexico and now traded, tobago, of course, secured the deal uh just the other day. They’Ll take on curacao right here right now this weekend, then of course they’ll wrap their next up. The match will be trinidad tobago on the wednesday, the 40th of july, but we’ll wrap it up against el salvador on 80th of july. Will there be one of the top two sides that go through of course, let’s take a look at the squad then, shall we for el salvador remind ourselves of who is uh in the mix? Goalkeeper’S wives, mario gonzalez, amongst oscar piates, as well uh eric sagavette from toronto, oscar, probably a main guy at the back there for el salvador into midfield, with the likes of darwin sieben.

Of course, houston dynamo of the mls uh seattle sounders, is alexander roldan it’ll, be handy up top we’ve got the likes of uh yeah joshua perez uh juana martinez, amongst others. So here we go. This is how we’ve got them lining up this coming match day. Of course, we’ve got madoka gonzalez between between sticks, aladdin at left, back xavier in midfield joshua perez david rumigas and juan carlos portilli. Now, if you are an el salvador fan, let me know how badly or how good i did with that starting. Let me know your thoughts about that. Kicking off forwards. Take a look at the opposition. It is curacao, of course, managed by patrick clive, but none other the legend. I think he’s took over the race from louis van gaal or or uh some other legendary dutch guy. For for health reasons, anyway, they qualified as the conquer captain nations league league, and they did finish in group d uh in second spot uh. They qualified back in the 17th november 2019 they’ve been at the uh, the cold cup three times in the past. Uh. Last time was 2019 best doubles, quarterfinals, currently ranked 76 in the world. Their resume, of course, looks like this. Taking on el salvador right here right now, then it’s of course, mexico on wednesday, the 14th of ju of july before wrap it up against trinidad tobago and again, could they be in the top two sides uh to get in amongst it? We’Ll have to find out now how about the who’s? Who of these then uh badges then, shall we go uh eloy roon from columbus crew between the sticks, more than likely we’ve got at the back there uh cuckoo mantina.

Are they twins? I don’t even know daryl lachman from perth glory, of course, of the a league down under uh kevin velder from den bosch, uh rkc, wildwoods, varian, anita cardiff, seriously, leonardo bakuna uh up top. We got like stuff kenji, gore, uh and rajango janga, of course, uh geneva. No nebogamenco, of course, up top uh legendary superstar name. Uh let’s take a little look at the lineup, then for this one again, if you are curious, if i let me know how good or how bad i did with this one, a lot of room between the sticks, etc. At the back there, alongside daryl ackman cuckoo martina and maria maria as well bradley kunis, alongside judy bacon and leia and andrew bakuna, alongside kenji jaw, ryan, garo, janga and jennifer, no number, kabakuno, uh, sorry, but again, probably butchered all of those anyway. These two sides pleasure the four times to 2015 uh. Four wins el salvador, no wins for curious, sound, no draws the biggest win for el salvador was a two year win. In fact, it’s got five goals to curacao zero they’re coming to the seventy five percent form. Winning uh four games in the past six in all competitions. Meanwhile curious sacramento. Without a win in three i don’t i’ve been told that curacao are to be feared in this group. Meanwhile, doesn’t put a vote out there on the old youtube channel nice. Two of you have voted uh and six percent have gone with.

El salvador, 24 have gone with curacao and sixty percent have gone with the draw that’s. For me, i’m gon na go with a cheeky two and win for, of course, for curacao on this one to uh upset the apple car perhaps and get themselves in the contention for at least maybe the runners up spot albert in group be sure to give the Video someone smash that thumbs up smash or subscribe check the links down below on twitter, twitch, facebook and, of course, patreon as well, be sure to give the videos a loving. Of course. Can the curacao be the difference maker here, of course, get out of the group stage into knockouts? Let me know your thoughts opinions.

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