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First time in this competition, this season a genuine sense of occasion, a bit of fanfare that goes with it. The moon is upbeat laced with a dose of nerves, which must be expected. The team news is in day one and everybody eager to get off to a good start. Yes and that’s very apparent peter competition. Football is a different beast entirely and you have to be prepared to dig deep to prevent everything going south very quickly. So this could be a a tentative standoff in weighing each other up. I hope we’ll see more probing than possession so it’s away. We go, then Applause now a chance to break the ball needed to be better there it’s a wasted chance, gets it back and the finish a collective side, relief from the defense that’s. What all good teams do these days pressing from the front, is highly effective. Applause. Applause, not quite good enough, tries to get it forward quickly, anything jim to pick out of these early exchanges. Well, i think both teams probably feel it’s it’s too early for either to start taking real risks, so they’re still very much in a phase of of testing the waters and and sizing each other up forward. It goes good idea, just poorly executed Applause. Well, i don’t think it was the wisest option peter once he got into that position: it’s not as if he didn’t have people nearby all through needs to be good here, big chance, they’ve scored, really outwitted one on one once more, he gets the better of the Keeper, well, was there ever any doubt it made it look like he’s done it over and over and over again, and he has Applause, Applause, panama, take the lead.

Well, just listen to the reaction. I think you can hear the approval from the support all around the stadium he’s good for it, and that certainly packed a punch. He’S got options out wide loses his balance and loses the ball. Hoists it forward. Torres he’s made sure that that won’t get through Applause. Oh shooting chance and he comes off trumps again. Well, look believe me when i tell you that goalkeepers work harder than anyone else in training and that’s why to be top class on match day. That was a majestic stop. Whistle’S gone that’s, uh, foul, oh, sweet feet! Back into the middle Applause, oh the water Applause have shoots it. They have their equalizer, oh, what a cracking goal, but a cracking touch as well that’s. What made it for me! That’S brilliant play all round, and that has added a whole new complexion to the game. Oh look peter there’s, a great ebb and flow to this clash and it’s. Above all, expectations for me, quick run has a hit it’s anyone’s fault: oh he’s, caught in there it’s a free, kick Applause and it’s paid forward. I needed a better pass there. Applause, it’s! Being played forward, defenders on the back foot Applause tries to get it forward quickly. Referee’S, given a throw Applause, oh that’s, clearly not what he wanted to do: there’s the whistle for half time what it has been an even contest as the scoreline suggests, and it has been more than decent to watch some first half thoughts.

It’S been a really good watch, but i think the managers would be looking for that extra bit of organization and focus now just to try and get a little control on this game. So both teams heading off for the break. An interesting game has brewed up here. Hoping perhaps for a little bit more from both parties in the second half, but the score at half time is 1 1, so we’re just settling back into this second half qatar playing well with lots of opportunities and plenty positives to take from the first half. Despite this, scoreline converting chances would make a world of difference for them good running with the ball. Can they build on it good clearance and very necessary forward? It goes and he’s fell in there just brushed off the ball there, defending all bit from an unexpected source. You have to admire commitment like that, because he could easily ignore that and just kind of walk around and let others do all the chasing, but instead he looks as if he relishes the chance to uh to dig in for his team here right towards the front Man, oh well, intercepted, really alert to the danger and here’s the chance to counter he’s had a goal. Oh that is rather wayward. Guitar looking quite mean on the counter and combating that requires even more meanness hoist. It forward cuts it out. Music Applause he’s had there they’ve done it, it was coming, they have their reward.

Qatar are really pouncing on any stray passes at midfield we’re talking seconds from interception to the back of the net it’s counter attacking heaven. So we have a breakthrough now. How will things develop from here yeah? They deserve great credit for turning things around, but they’ll now need the defensive resilience to equal. That attacking flare looks to bypass the midfield very well to intervene, lays it out to the flank. Applause torres Applause sit forward well that’s, where he wants it. Applause torres Applause and it’s paid forward well positioned to make that interception Applause battles to win it back. Applause, how’s it go, oh just lacked a decent finish. All you’d be thinking is please ground. Swallow me up Applause. There is some activity down on the touchline. It seems there’s going to be a change, a warm ovation on his way off, and that is the least he deserves. I think he’s put in a good shift and and their fans appreciate that i think he can feel pretty happy with the the contribution he’s made. Qatar are looking to make this one safe. They want to reduce the risk Applause with a delicate ball peter. They have to fight the onset of desperation and keep enough cool heads to still deliver Applause forward. It goes questions were asked and he’s, given the answers and the shots. Applause are the balls come loose, he’s pulled him up for that challenge. Music Applause. Qatar are clearly looking to kill this game off it’s keeping the ball away from the other end too.

I’Ll get the better of his opposite number Applause, just a few more moments for them to hang on, panama need to give it everything they have kitchen sink included. Applause gets the better of his man. The assistant referee has his flag raised for offside qatar, certainly don’t need to over commit now. Their priority lies further back torres positions himself well and cuts it out into stoppage time very little left on it.

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