Concacaf Gold Cup, Qatar national football team, Panama national football team B: Canada, Haiti, Martinique, USA | 2021 Concacaf Gold Cup Predictions

Three goes to two by the way. Also note that canada and martinique were in the same group back in 2019, and canada won the game four goals to nil. So this one is a tricky tricky group to predict it’s a very, very tough group. You got three teams with french background being canada, haiti and martinique coming up against the usa, one of the most successful teams in the concacaf region. So for my group, the predictions i’m gon na go for the 2002 quarterfinalist martinique. They are not a fifa member, but they do participate in concacaf tournaments and they have been very, very, very impressive over the years. I think they’re not going to be a pushover, but when you look at the other teams in the group here, i have no choice but to put them in fourth – and i think that’s very, very, very fair. They do have some talent in their team, but i think coming up against canada, haiti and the usa are gon na be way too much for the french speaking caribbean island, so coming in third in this group, this group is very, very difficult. This is probably the group of death, i’m gon na, say the 2019 semi finalists haiti, the 1973 regional champions. Haiti are gon na come in third, this time around there would be no fairy tale run all the way to the semi finals for haiti. I don’t think they’ll be a major comeback against canada like last time around, and if the haitian team ought to go on a very, very spirited run, they would have to prove me wrong because i’m predicting them to come in.

Third, i don’t think there’ll be any johnny proceed because i didn’t see him during the qualifiers, so the haitian team, i think, a bit of a problem with the continuity issue. There seriously some very, very talented players in the team when they have francie perro up top with dawkins nazan, and you have derek etienne to supplement the attack. Look. The team has some quality, but i think in a group with canada, the usa they’re gon na they’re gon na struggle and they’re gon na be picked to one of those top two spots, just think about it. If haiti ought to come in in the top two and move on to the quarterfinals, it means that one of canada or the usa are going to miss out, and that would be a disaster for either one of those teams. So i think haiti are gon na. Be the casualty here in this group third coming in second in the group guys, this is gon na, be a surprise to you, but i’m gon na go for the six time world cup champions the usa, the host the usa, because i am not impressed by that Squad at all, really really not impressed it’s an experimental squad, greg berhalter and the us men’s national team are giving some rest to their key players like christian polosick and western mckenney and co don’t get me wrong. This team could go on to impress, then a lot of positives could come through this whole experiment, but to be honest man, i don’t see it.

I really don’t see it. I i i think this canadian team looks a lot lot better on paper and they have a lot more continuity and i think they will pick the usa to that first place spot in the group, so usa, coming in second on home soil. They would just have to prove me wrong man, an mls based team, mostly, and they would have to just show us that hey man, we could do this. We can do this. We got what it takes so usa, coming in second for me, which leaves us with canada the 2000 champions in 1985 regional champions. They made it to the quarterfinals at the last two gold cups, canada, john herdman, has named a very, very, very strong team. I didn’t see jonathan david in the roster, but alfonso davies is there and they have enough talent to actually top this group. In my opinion, they recently came to world cup qualifiers made it to the ocho, and i think the canadian team has the talent to pip the usa and haiti to that top spot in the group. Guys remember, these are all in my predictions.

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