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Turning on that notification bell and liking. This video, if you enjoy it, if you enjoy this type of content, we ask you to support it by joining the powerline, which is our channel membership program. You can find all those links for anything we mentioned here in the description below it’s time for another trailer reaction, this time we’re doing what, if i i actually got confused for a second, because i was like wait a minute. Did i get the the title wrong of this, but no it’s what it is in a question it does. What is that question? Is there any movie title out there that answer the question i’m sure i feel like there’s. Probably a lot, and probably the comments are blowing up now because they know these things and i don’t yeah, and so you guys can fill me in on that. But this is about what, if, in the marvel cinematic universe, so they’re gon na be taking like what? If you know rocket, raccoon was a bunny instead of, like i mean literally they’re gon na, take like the most random thing to be changing so confusing for me, because i don’t know a lot about marvel anyway. Yes, i’ve seen all the movies yes, i’m. Still confused. You’Re not gon na remember a dang thing in this. I know right and so i’m gon na be like wait. Is that reality or is that a what? If and so so is this a tv show just go? It is a tv series just go into it.

Knowing that i’m gon na be confused well that, and that this is all make believe at least at this point as far as we know, but isn’t it like one division, make believe like what’s going on. Don’T worry about that. Just know that these are supposed to be fantastic, fantastical tales about what might happen if this happened, yeah peace, i love peace, i’d, be out of a job with peace, okay, so that’s killmonger that’s, the villain from black panther. So now they’re friends in this, so remember it’s all about what. If this thing happened, it’s changeable, oh that’s, a cool like view of the oh look, they did the spinning thing with them where you want to be. But what do it is that’s, the challah, every universe, Music, slow down a little bit there’s a few people in the room that don’t understand. That is clearly i get it. So this is captain brit, that’s sharon carter, who are you the name’s captain carter Applause? Will not interfere, i said never it’s, just like evil star lord! Is that some kind of catchphrase, oh gandhi. You had me worried before i said what, if all right, that’s cool i’m really excited about this, so remember, i have to keep reminding you throughout it. Just forget this is all what, if this one moment in time in the mcu had been changed. What might have happened there so remember. The very first thing that we saw was iron man getting saved by killmonger.

What would have happened if that had occurred would have been iron, man would have become bad well, would he we don’t know that’s we’re gon na find out in this now. The one thing i did notice here, doctor strange – i didn’t, see a lot of different things for him, but he fell down that like tunnel yeah, but there was so obviously something happens in that tunnel. Obviously, they’re not gon na make an episode about his. What, if story, if it wasn’t something different, but i just like from the trailers and all the other stuff like i haven’t, been able to pick up like what’s his crazy thing, like t’challa being star lord, which is it’s funny that they kept the whole like chris Pratt humor, are you stressed about this thing? Yes, because i didn’t even catch that t’challa was star lord. If you hadn’t said that i would have been like. Oh, that was an original line and look at the subtitles down there that, where the hell no, i was just trying to figure out who the people were in cartoon form and that took me all of my brain that’s. The funny thing about this is jessica was completely thrown by the fact it was cartoons because nobody told me it was gon na be cartoons. I thought this was gon na be real life. I also didn’t realize it was gon na be the actual voice actors doing this some of them.

I think i could be wrong, but i don’t think robert downey jr was in there he’s, probably too expensive, but that was clearly chris hemsworth and i am struggling and here’s here’s here’s a little bit of sad thing here, i’m, not exactly sure, at least all of That was um chadwick boseman for black panther, because i mean i don’t know. Maybe some of it is maybe they got it recorded before he passed away, but also okay, take a depressing turn: yeah, so we’re just gon na blow past it move past it um. I liked that spider man looked like this spider man what’s his name tom hall, tom holland. I was gon na, say andrew garfield, that’s terrible. Why would he look like a different one i’m, just saying like, because we’ve had a lot of spider, man’s people we’ve had what’s his face. We’Ve had andrew garfield we’ve had tom holland. We’Ve had a lot just wait until she sees spider man far from home. Those of you that pay attention to spoilers, you know what i’m talking about i’ve seen spider man far from home. Excuse me no way home the third one that’s coming out this december, but you haven’t seen that. But i know some things that are probably going to happen anyway. That is not where all spider man’s gon na be in that i’m, not gon na we’re, not gon na we’re, not discussing anything okay, but also. What? If so, are you excited i’m excited to find out what if this had happened, and that would happen this and that this and that i will say, i’m glad the animation is a little bit different than that clone wars thing.

I know all of y’all love that so bitter about that. I am like the only person that doesn’t love, that kind of animation, not saying it’s, not difficult to do, because i couldn’t do it it’s, just not my thing, fair enough. Well, that’s our thoughts on the official trailer for what, if which will be coming out later this august. We want to know from you now what you thought about brand new official trailer. Let us know what, if, in the comments section below, what do you think might have happened if this had happened, and that had happened and this and that and this and that keep the conversation going down below what else should they do? If you haven’t already, please consider, subscribing and turn on that notification bell and that’s all we have for you on this edition of i2i. If you want more trailer reactions from us, you can find a playlist here at the end of the video, but also the links in the description will lead you to some of those places as well.

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