George Floyd, Toledo, Lightning strike Mural DESTROYED After Being STRUCK BY LIGHTNING?!

That really make us think hard about divine intervention. Okay and this story right here, is one of those that really make me think hard about whether or not this was something that was divine okay, i’m, so serious um, because you know i do kind of see this as a message from god. Okay, in terms of what happened here as a george floyd mural, was struck by lightning in toledo, ohio. Now i want you guys to watch the news coverage of this event and then i’m going to chime in and give you guys my opinion take a look. Well, the mural of george floyd here in toledo, is no longer standing tonight. It collapsed this afternoon, one year after it was painted on the side of an old bar new tonight, 13 abc’s josh cooper is there live with what caused it to crumble and the reaction from the neighborhood there josh it’s, something that catches your eye, it’s, something that Just reminds you of this, the north end of toledo, tremaine mitchell, runs by this part of summit street at the intersection of lagrange all the time when he gets here. He knows he’s home, but instead of this catching his eye tuesday. It was this the george floyd mural, painted on the side of the old mugshots bar crumbled into a pile of broken bricks. Right before that storm hit, i just pulled my driveway and it wasn’t down. I would have noticed it right away.

I noticed it when they put it up. I would have noticed it when it came down a witness, told toledo, firefighters. They saw a lightning strike hit. The building a city inspector says there are no concerns about the structure as a whole. The building part is fine, but it’s the outer layer of brick that now has to come down. It was beautiful. Actually, when it was up, i hope they redo it. Right now it sounds like that’s. The plant, a city of toledo, spokesperson, says they’re, going to work with the arts commission to build a new mural there or find it a new home. The artist david ross finished it in july 2020. Since then, it’s been a sight where people have gathered for memorials to remember george floyd now. Those moments here will have to also include the memories of the mural it’s, going to be a tough one to kind of walk by now and not see the moral that reminds us where we are and just how far we came as a country and a statement From the city of toledo, tonight says that they are heartbroken over this, since we were out here earlier this evening. They have put some support beams up to keep the rest of the roof intact here, but much of the rest of the side of this building. That was crumbling has been taken. Care of toledo, police have barricades blocking off this portion of the sidewalk reporting live in toledo, josh group 13 abc action news all right guys.

So, as you can see there in the news coverage um, they said was struck by lightning right. They said the the witness the lady said it was there before the storm. Okay and then once the storm came um the mural fell apart now. The reason why i think that this makes me think long and hard about divine intervention here is because guys look at the mural right. The george floyd mural was literally in the middle right here. Okay, it was in the middle. You mean to tell me that this lightning right again your chance of getting struck by lightning, and i think, a 80 year lifetime is like one out of fifteen thousand something and the chance of being struck by lightning in any given year is one out of five Hundred thousand okay um, which is uh much higher than winning the lottery by the way but um regardless um. You mean to tell me this bolt of lightning struck. Just that part where george floyd was painting at his his face. Okay, it didn’t destroy any of this. It didn’t destroy any of that. It literally hit right there on the target right there. It literally hit the part where george floyd’s face was painted on it, as if that that was the target. Okay, it didn’t destroy the building. The building is still standing. It literally just destroyed that part of it that, to me is freaky man that is really really really freaky.

Okay, now again, if this was a natural event that occurred but struck by lightning again again, it makes me think long and hard and it would make sense right like we have a society that is praising somebody who was not necessarily the greatest role model, and i Know some of you guys may not, you know, believe in the bible or be christians or whatever right. Everybody might not be into that, but the bible kind of warns us about idol, worship right like leviticus, uh, 26 and one okay uh. You shout out make idols for yourself or an erect uh image or pillar, and you should not set up a figured stone in your land to bow down to it, for i am your lord god. Okay, what’s, going on with george floyd here, is hero, worship, right, that’s, what’s happening and uh again, the bible kind of warns against that. But again, i just find this situation right here to be insane just considering how it was done, like literally everything else is still up, except that now is there a possibility that this could have been done by vandals, sure right sure, and that could explain why it Looks like it was targeted to a certain extent, okay, but you know again according to witnesses, it was there before the storm and it wasn’t there after the storm. I would have a hard time seeing people go out there in the middle of a storm to tear down a george floyd mural.

Okay, i mean, i think that would take a lot of dedication to do right now. Some people are saying it. You know it was a building collapse right, as in like it just collapsed again, even if it just collapsed on its own that’s, still freaky, to see that it just it collapsed on just his face, it’s really freaky, to think about right, so i think either way Man, like i think that loki it’s a message it’s a message. I i think that is god to a certain extent telling us hey. Maybe you guys should not be uh memorializing this person. Maybe this is not the person that you guys should be. You know celebrating and trying to paint as some type of hero in our society and again that’s not to try to degrade him or to try to you know, make light of his death or anything like that. Obviously, he died in a way that was tragic. I wouldn’t wish the way he died or anybody right. I wouldn’t wish it on anybody, but i’m just saying: okay, people die tragically all the time, but they don’t get this type of hero, worship that george floyd is getting and the dude wasn’t a hero. He was somebody that probably was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Okay, who was doing things that he wasn’t supposed to that led to events that should not have happened. Okay shouldn’t happen, but at the same time, lifestyle choices kind of led to that right.

To a certain extent so, like i said man um, this was freaky um. I want to know you guys thoughts on this. I want to get. Do you guys think this is divine, or do you think that this is just uh, something that was done on purpose? That somebody vandalized this or could it be just dumb luck? Let me know in the comment section make sure you like comment and subscribe.

What do you think?

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George Floyd, Lightning strike, Toledo RAIO DESTRÓI MURAL DE GEORGE FLOYD

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