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If i could possibly do that. Well, we’re almost done here, you want to hang on for companies. The thing is you can’t relax and enjoy it when you need to go to the toilet, i wasn’t enjoying it anyways. What are you most embarrassed about? What are the things you really the way nobody ever asks. You don’t say that again, oprah was too expensive, all right, easy tiger. If you could swap bodies with another male celebrity present company accepted. Who would it be? Definitely not you who smells the word of the band. Continuing hey, stop it. What are you doing guys? I thought you’re kind you and i we don’t want to be Music. My channel and today, we’re gon na be watching one direction, blue and literally everyone. This is from zelda mantras again. This is the second day of me watching something from this channel i mean i don’t see anything bad. I really hope that this video is not going to turn into zeri, because this channel has tendency to do that, but since it’s called one direction boom, literally everyone, i really hope that it’s going to be about that by the way. I also noticed one thing in the comments somebody told me to add something to my wall about zayn. Actually, i have some things about zayn, as well as other people. Of course there’s. I think the biggest amount of pictures about harry because harry is my favorite. I have pictures of three albums, so zayn plus.

I also have nobody’s listening thing right here. I uploaded this from the from the album albums cover. So i don’t think that i don’t have anything about him. I have plus i’m planning to add some lyrics from his songs, but stop talking about that. I really want to see this because i don’t actually think that they’re gon na bully everyone but let’s believe to this title and yeah. I hope that all of you are doing great let’s get started. Oh, i noticed one direction these by celebrities and fans. Do you want me to watch this video next being shady? Ah any interesting stories, we do have a good story. There was one time we were in sweden and the street it’s already the first one closed off. There was this little prep shop and we went down. Oh yeah, do you remember how good it was any interesting story? It’S, really interesting. Okay, so it’s, like it lights, up your mood. It was like hey nyla’s, really liked to record with his top off this okay yeah. He recorded like two pack, yeah, okay, Music. You know like what’s missing from earlier, oh um. I think i just think that if you get to a point where you feel like you have nothing left to do, then there’s no point doing it. I think there’s a lot of stuff that we still want to achieve and want to like what okay. Oh, i i’m finished, but Music um.

I really need the toilet, you’re, so serious Applause. You want to go toilet now. If i could possibly do that, we’re almost done here, you want to hang on for companies. The thing is, you can’t, relax and enjoy it when you need to get the toilet yeah, i wasn’t, enjoying it anyways Music. My first concert um was with them actually cascada. I just didn’t want to say that one, okay, Music, it really is the best right that’s. What you’re here to do it’s all the other stuff that drives you, nuts, like interviews right, you hate it. No, i don’t mind interviews either interviews the worst question. You’Ve ever been asked this one, this one what’s the worst question: okay from awkward gymnastic whale, which one of you takes the longest to do your hair genius, inventive question um. Can i be honest, tommo was the longest he’s got the longest because i’ve got the longest there. Yeah i’ve got long locks at the moment. He’S tough! Well, i don’t know harold is pretty long as well. Music is pretty long as well. He’S he’s older he’s. Always he didn’t do it yeah yeah that’s a bit. You look like that. Was good, uh, Music, hey he likes now. He’S angry draw a picture of me. No, i don’t, like you, Music, everyone’s, going to see it so it’s done now, and i think when you put yourself out anything like that, even if it’s you know as putting out a new song it’s the same, you want people to like it and you know It’S kind of it makes you feel vulnerable.

I think putting yourself out there that much so it was exciting but it’s nerve. Wracking too i’ve been sorry for that woman. Just there because she’s to do all the typing of that very long answer, i’ll, try and write i’ll, try and speak in shorter sentences. She’S, probably one of those you know the court clerk. So you just ask me again because i’m here to do one thing and that’s grill one direction. I need your help. Grill is the appropriate word. These boys had me trending worldwide on twitter because they said i didn’t smell very nice. Well, you’re gon na get paid back today, boys. So i want you to send me your questions thanks what’s that spell watch it. So what are you most embarrassed about? What are the things you really the way nobody ever asks you please don’t, explain that again. Now do this: instead, you need opera. A switching point was too. If you could swap bodies with another male celebrity present company accepted, who would it be? Definitely not you who smells the worst? This is radical ashton of who really stinks the worst. Um i’ve been told that you stink the word rather like they want to go and meet santa claus in the in the shop. You know christmas time. They know that i’m, not men, but thank god, people like old men, Applause to If we had a superpower. What would it be? What would you live? I’D, be invisible yep, you already are.

We are hey. We are joined by the fellas of one direction. You guys thank you. They got so excited to decide that. Apparently, we have to sign it to the sign that apparently we have to sign it. So we wanted to sign it. They all came, hey, it works, it works. You’Ve got nice shoulders there, man, i’m, sorry bro, they’re, so complimentary of each other. They were just talking about their nice shoulders. What about my shoulders? You left me out and on that now. Thank you very much. What about my shoulders you left me out. I don’t know i will never get over this hairstyle. I’M. Sorry hairstyles in louie is um spontaneous loud loud, no, no and loud, very nice. I really wish she did this differently Music. What have you learned um, i don’t know. Do you know what you know? I do do that. I appreciate, like a nice view, you know when you used to go on holidays, your parents would go it’s, really nice yeah. I view that and you’ll be like what are you talking about now? What’S the best view you’ve seen on the road Music, because there must be quite a i few say: um yeah, probably in norway. We stayed not well amazing hotel at, like the top of a mountain, best view, yeah yeah mate. That was a really good job there. There was a zip line like a song that we didn’t get to put on one of our earlier albums that we really liked we’ve done that a couple of times aren’t we yeah yeah, i was in i don’t, know so yeah.

We just keep the songs and kind of just talked about, say that finish your point i’m just saying we just keep, keep him and save him for any day, and you were in norway. What can you read or not? Oh, Music, all right all right. This is quite good right, that’s great, it makes monotone. So in the movie we obviously don’t get to see very much of your personal lives with girlfriends um, which we understand was sort of edited uh. But my question is actually zane. You just got engaged and how do you have time to have like? Where is that girl it’s, like we never see her and now who’s that girl and um and and that’s, obviously privately between me and right, there um and yeah, we um yeah. We did just get engaged i’m very happy and that’s about as much as i have to say about that and zayn. If you don’t mind, congratulations, um, have you guys started the wedding planning yet um, no um? No. We have moved here backstage to meet some fans that have won the chance to be here. Shut up, keep crying was that, because i told you because i didn’t mean it you’re a mean person, Music, unexpected, very unexpected. Some of the moments were real unexpected. I didn’t expect to hear shut up in the last moment, but of course, of course, i don’t have problems with you know with jokes, and i understand that harry would not ever say, shut up to his fans and do anybody i mean probably he would.

I just realized one thing that i never actually seen harry being angry don’t, remember anything with nile and harry, but i don’t think that it’s so surprising, because nile literally has how just last lull you mentioned in one of the videos that we watched. He has a good life. He doesn’t have problems with anybody i’m, pretty sure that he is in good relationships with all of them and with zayn as well, which i am really proud of. I think it’s so easy to be enemies with everybody or you know, dislike everybody, but to be really kind to everybody and to remain in stable good relationships. I think it’s hard it’s hard it’s really hard. So what can i say, i’m gon na say. Thank you. There you the commentaries for this video, of course, subscribe to this channel nice channel not only about zary, but also about one direction, as you, cannotice and yeah, of course, make sure you subscribe to my channel to get more videos every day. I really hope that this video made your day a little bit funnier so guys. I really hope that all of you are taking care of yourself. Stay safe and healthy, don’t forget to smile and goodness guys when i say treat people with kindness i’m in trouble with kindness. When i make videos about larry, please truthful with kindness. When i make videos about zero, please ship with kindness, i see that there is less stuff in the comments which i really like, but still recent stuff that happened on twitter.

I will not mention what that was, but i really wanted to just deal with twitter. After that i really don’t like when people start fighting over such i don’t know for me, primitive things. I really don’t see a point of all of this let’s, just click on these click and harmony, so guys i’m planning to watch zm. The second part of timeline that i haven’t watched.

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