Harry Styles, One Direction, 2021, Concert tour I fell in love with Him || AU (Harry Styles & Josephine Langford)

Why it’s an easy one i’ll do dare dare i dare you to make out with heart. She won’t do that. Do you want to do this? What was that? What was what were you like embarrassed that they saw us together? No, i want to show you something so show me. Then it’s a place. You are stunning, i can’t stay away from you. What love is we present? The correct set of desirable traits we can turn it on. Who do you love the most in the world? Easy myself? Why do you have all those who says i don’t believe in love? I think that it’s better if we keep our distance Music, whatever our souls are made, have you never been touched before? How is it that she manages to overlook every horrific thing you’ve ever done, Music is Music. You’Ve got time. Yeah, like what’s, been going on between you and her Music. My confession, i didn’t do anything confession about what me i swear. I saw the taxes. They didn’t mean anything Music. What exactly did you tell them? Music, it’s unforgivable? You think i don’t know that. I know i up, i know you said nothing to change the way you felt about me, so i guess we’re both liars. Do you really love her? Of course i love her i’ve. Never felt this way about anyone before i never thought. I would find myself completely and utterly consumed by another.

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