Harry Styles, One Direction, 2021, Concert tour REACTS to BTS Permission to Dance Music Video, ( bts ptd official mv reaction )

Ed sheeran bts just released the music video of their highly awaited single permission to dance, and it is beautiful and amazing, as ever, the song is a gift from bts to army on army’s birthday. So i have to say thank you so much bts for everything you have done for us. I love you from the bottom of my heart. The world still hasn’t gotten over butter, which has now topped the billboard hot 100 chart for six consecutive weeks, the longest by any group in history. But now they are back again with permission to dance. The music video has been released and the internet has officially gone into a lockdown. It is not only trending number one all over the world right now, along with band’s most popular member jungkook, who has half the tweets of the song. He is indeed a social media. Star, every single social media platform is being filled with posts of permission to dance. Everyone is streaming permission to dance and is tweeting about it, because everyone is absolutely loving it. The video has millions of views and likes already, and it hasn’t even been a few hours, and we have to say not only the song is amazing, but the music video is to die, for it is literally one of the best music videos that have been released. This year in 2021, not only it is so positive, but it also has so many stunning and gorgeous visuals that are making everyone crazy, and one of these people is none other than golden singer.

Harry styles, as we all know, the only thing trending on the entire internet right now is permission to dance harry who, on multiple occasions, did talk about bts and that he often listens to them, but he has also reacted to their previous songs like dynamite and butter Has also reacted to the new song permission to dance, just after the release of permission to dance music, video harry styles fans shared a clip of the music video on instagram, underneath the post harry styles left a comment about their music video saying yeah. The song is great. Well, if you have watched the music video of permission to dance, you will know what harry styles is talking about. It was filled with so many positive messages and ideas, not only it showed us the future, where there won’t be any more lockdown. No one has to wear masks anymore and life goes on. It gave us a posy coveted world where everything is back to normal like before. So it was such a positive and healthy message, especially in difficult times like these, where people have gone through so much difficult time and there are still countries like india, where the condition is still very bad. So to be able to see such a beautiful and positive message, it was really soothing and reassuring. So that is why harry commented that the song is great and we have to say we totally agree with him on this harry styles and bts are no strangers when it comes to knowing each other, not only they are from two biggest boy bands and groups in History, they have also interacted at so many occasions.

In fact, they were both nominated for grammy awards this year and both attended the award show and now they are nominated for 2021 brit awards, 2021 iheart, radio, music awards and 2021 billboard music awards together. Bts have shown respect and love for harry styles on multiple occasions, for example, just a few months ago, they added harry styles, new song, falling from his number one album fine line in their all time, favorite songs, playlist on deezer. They personally created a playlist with their all time: favorite songs. The playlist was curated for french music streaming platform deezer, and it includes an array of genres from different musical eras. The k pop group added songs by harry styles, coldplay luis capaldi, the notorious b.i.g and angel snow among various others bts, who has been vocal about their admiration for the one direction member picked falling from his latest album. Well, this must not come as a surprise, because harry styles mega hit a number one.

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