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Watch out. Ladies i’m. Coming imagine that beard in two more years, which one would it be and why it’s a great question from anne they’re up north, your mom’s still hot, oh it’s, quite good, because he can’t speak, but she gets smoking. Horses, yeah, it’s, a compliment, yeah Laughter, Music Applause. Thank you, violet did you know he was born in local hudson on the 29th of august 1983. That is approximately two weeks before i was born. Applause, Music, foreign, Music Applause. Music Applause is Music. Oh, can you dedicate this song to me because i am Music. You could be a girl for 24 hours. What would you do? I’D do nile? Oh god, i saw a picture of um harry uh in the studio here on twitter. What is going on there there’s music where’s it just staring out, because i heard zane gooses you to get the high notes. Is that true, Music? No, i sang somebody else’s song. The story is changing, but it wasn’t my song, i won’t, be able to sing my own song, like i don’t, know: Music Applause, um, Music Applause, oh Applause, Music, Applause, the shop and i bought like a packet of crisps. So there was this guy, and there was this guy who, like tried to steal my crisps. So i like ran away yeah like i talked really slowly, it’s a really exciting story, but, like i make it really good i’ll look somewhere else but i’m telling it as well.

So you don’t, you lose interest, even Applause, Music, more Applause, i’m, currently single Applause, Laughter i’m. Currently, with someone hello, the first time i went on a plane, i went on a plane with these boys and they knew that it was the first time i was getting on a plane and i was quite nervous about it. So before the plane took off i’m sat with louie on one side and liam’s on the other and louis goes right when it takes off it’s going to do a loopty loop in the air. For that so, like i remember for like 20 minutes of the journey, i was waiting for. It was the part of us like being away from home and stuff where we kind of all banded together, and you know when we were missing home a little bit made each other happy. I love it. No it’s hard it’s hard getting living in london and you’re like from ireland and everything. It must be Music difficult and the best 40 year old, virgin Music harry no way. I never bought it not louis. Now you could go because you wear them tongues and stuff that weird thing that you had once hang Applause on. There was a little boy called harry. He come from england and when he came to austria he felt like he was from finland and now and then these Music do. You know what that was phenomenal about today when we had a date, yeah louie, louie yeah, he, the sweetest he’s, just i think i’d have the most fun with her um.

So if you took louie out for valentine’s day then say what kind of treatment would he expect? Um i’d. Take him for dinner. Um the ivy louis likes ivy thinking for dinner at the ivy, bring him bring him for a movie watch. Your film and uh. Give him a kiss on the cheek good night and send him on his way Music. My i love you.

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