Los Angeles Dodgers, Max Muncy, Major League Baseball All-Star Game, National League, Baseball 22 RUNS!!! Dodgers GO OFF against D-backs in offensive outburst

It down the right field line that’s going to bounce and stay fair here comes mookie to score rumbling in behind him is taylor, two nothing dodgers a one out double for max muncie, his 14th double rbis, 48 and 49 for mad max cody ballinger. Looking to get that swing going again, ballinger hammers one deep right failed way back. It is gone along the way to belly bomb, two more runs come in and the dodgers lead it. Four nothing looks like the bellinger of old on that swing. Aj has been dialing up the long ball a little bit this month so far in july, he’s at four of them, aj hammers one to left this one’s way back. This one’s gone hey number in 11 and it’s five, nothing dodgers, oh, what a smack by pollock and the dodgers all over the diamondbacks in the first inning. So the bases are full of dodgers. Justin turner coming up and justin wants to get in the grand slam club he doesn’t have one in his career, payoff, pitch swing and hammer deep, left, foul Applause. How do you like that? Justin turner with one swing in the back scores? Four: nine, nothing dodgers? What a great day for the dodgers and justin turner the route is on. It is nine to nothing home run number 15 and the eighth grand slam for the dodgers as a team this year and the bases are loaded lookie two for ten, with the bases loaded.

This season, this one’s driven deep to left way back monkey magic on a saturday night. Fifth, career grand, nothing dodgers as moki has a moment in honor of red barber and jerry coleman, oh doctor, and the dodgers reacting angrily tonight. Administering a beating and mckinsey with a fly ball to left center field well hit, and it is gone scoring rex and the dodgers lead it 50. Nothing here is albert pujol, so the base is clear and two down: pull holes. Wide that’s right in the home run seats albert hits, the big fly and that’s career home run number 674. The hits just keep on coming. Oh man now it’s sweet little 16 to nothing good night at the office for the dodger, bats, that’s for sure and aj pollock part of that this one’s headed to the Applause of the mountains. 17 1. Eight for his last 11, with four home runs. Are you kidding me if there was a white towel to be tossed by the diamondbacks? It would have been tossed a long time ago and the bases are full of dodgers again, and this guy has two of the dodgers. Nine grand slams this year, there’s a ground ball in the right field; Applause and the dodgers just absolutely pouring it. On the diamondbacks 20 to 1., over pujols facing josh reddick and albert just pulverizes, one two home runs Music Applause. What is beyond a laugher whatever? It is this: is it 22.

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