Los Angeles Dodgers, Max Muncy, Major League Baseball All-Star Game, National League, Baseball Judge Calls Shohei Ohtani a "Once In a Life Time Talent" & Wants To See Shohei for "20 Years"

You know throw in the upper 90s. You know great feel for all his pitches can pitch. You know deep into games and then to come up and hit three homers in a game. It’S uh i’ve never seen anything like it. You know so i’m excited to you, know, kind of see him up close and personal and uh be rooting them on in the derby for sure yeah otani what’s. The experience like on the other side, you’ve seen it up close and personal in the batter’s box and then you’ve obviously seen it from him hitting what is it like? It’S tough to describe showing you know, it’s like i’ve, been saying you know what he does on the mound um. Even his demeanor. You know, he’s, like he’s, got that quiet confidence um, you know he’s a guy. That knows he belong knows he belongs. Um plays a lot of heart, plays a lot of hustle he’s. You know with his size and his power he’s, usually the fastest guy on the field too, which is something that’s, pretty rare, so he’s uh, quite a talent – and you know it’s an honor to be here with him and watch him. Do his things yeah. You know it’s crazy, i i tried doing both in college. You know during our fall ball, i would pitch. I would hit, go back and forth i’d. Do the running conditioning with the pitchers throw with the pitchers and i come in and try to hit and i was exhausted, and that was just me doing it in college and you know on such a smaller scale, and you know for him to do that.

The major league level trying to get out major league hitters and then also facing the best pitchers in the game. Um it’s, tough, but he’s, always got a smile on his face. It doesn’t seem, like anything, bothers him he’s made for this. You know so i’m excited to see. I want to see him do this for the next 20 years during the league, you know, do something special Music, oh as a hitter, you know what i saw him do at yankee stadium. You know i felt like we’re trying to pitch around him, but if any ball got anywhere near the strike zone, you know that’s the one he deposited in the seats and i saw a couple fly over my head and our pitchers made great pitches on him. You know it wasn’t, like they were just kind of serving them over the middle. There were pictures on the corner, pitchers up and in, and he just still was able to get the barrel on it, and it was impressive to watch. Wow i’m excited to see him go to work. You know, i think he’s starting the all star game, which is going to be something pretty cool and then i hope he’s that in third or fourth for us in the lineup he’s um he’s definitely going to put on a show – and i know in the derby And even in the game, were you surprised when you found out sure he wasn’t going to stop the game was surprised when i found out he’s gon na start the game? Uh? Not really.

You know based on the type of pitcher. He is the type of player he is. You know i was. I was hoping he’d he’d start the game or do something. You know it’s it’s, just so impressive, like, like i said, like he’s, pitching during the season he’s hitting every single day and then for him to come here and do the derby start the game be hitting for us. It’S, uh it’s, just incredible what this? What this young man is doing and we don’t have to face him yeah. I think a lot of guys in our lineup are happy we’re not having to face him. We need to kind of watch him go to work on some other guys coming looking forward to it, and you have some time with him in the clubhouse and back out. Is there any questions or like stuff that you want to talk to him yeah? I briefly kind of talked to him and you know said hello, say congrats, you know you represent the game so well, and you know i got a couple questions to ask them about hitting man because he’s you know he’s the one guy that i’ve watched to swing A lot um watch his mechanics, they’re they’re perfect, you know, so i just want to kind of ask him his approach and what he kind of does in the box is something special. You talked about how you know: shohei is doing so much and he mentioned how he knows he’s going to be really tired, but people are really looking forward to it.

How important is it for someone like him to sort of give the fans what they want to sort of you know what i mean like like help grow the game and take on that, because i know that’s something that you’ve done in your career: yeah, no that’s, Um, i think he’s he’s going to take that burden on pretty well. You know he’s, a guy that he’s a performer he’s one of the best in the game, and you know, like i said, he’s going to continue to grow the game and just grow the reach. You know, i know there’s a lot of probably a lot of you know young kids out there in japan or all around the world that are watching him and want to grow up and be just like him and um. You know he’s he’s doing it the right way, that’s. All i got to say what do you think about it and also pitch a little like that’s, why i say it’s kind of tough to describe shohei. You know it’s how many times just you know. I know what it takes, the preparation and the work and the maintenance it takes to. You know: fine tune, a major league swing and to get ready to play every single day, but to not only do all that all that preparation. What takes me all day before the game now at on top of that, the stuff you got to do to keep your arm in shape.

You know, keep your legs in shape. Keep your stamina up to pitch. You know 100 pitches and you know be reaching up to 99 100 miles an hour and it’s just impressive that’s. Why? I say it’s tough for me to try to sit here and talk about what he does, because i can’t do it. You know i can’t really. I can’t seven issues and do it so it’s uh it’s. He wows a lot of people that’s for sure yeah. When i did the derby in 17, i couldn’t even lift my arms the next day. You know i was dead, tired. You know, and i was kind of walking through bp the next day leading up to the game. You know it’s exhausting, you know, especially going all the way to the finals and the amount of swings it takes, especially with the clock they got where it’s a running clock at two minutes or whatever it is you’re just constantly swinging swing and swinging so um. I want them to stay healthy.

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