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Well, he’s, responding to virtually cloudless night rojas went one for four last night with a walk, and now he gets it. 2 2 got him strikeout number two for bueller strikeouts, pitching to contact every now and then but he’s and walker will head down to first base free pass if you’re gon na think about how to pitch him and there’s something on the scouting report got him. Fueler strikes out, three gives up a hit and the diamondbacks leave two happening to get on base and lead this team to a win tonight. Chris taylor playing shortstop hitting second, then turner, muncie albert pujols, at first base, but it is his 27th appearance overall we’ll replace molina as petz takes ball four and the dodgers with a base runner and he likes left handed pitching hitting 326. sure can’t taste it two On and nobody out and they struggled for three of those the o2 and that retires turner, one away once he’s been an on base. Machine dave pollock had the only hit against him at that time. That’S gon na bounce and stay fair here comes mookie to score rumbling in behind him is taylor dodgers and he finally gets albert 16 and a half percent of the time this year, he’ll use the change 40 of his strikeouts 34 of them on the slider way. Back, it is gone around the weighted belly bomb, two more runs come in and the dodgers lead it 4 0 Applause to have the days off at the all star game and around it and to go into it.

Feeling 127 home runs got one last night in the third inning to lead off and in it hey, jay, pollock home, run number 11 and it’s five, nothing dodgers, oh, what a smack by pollock Applause, sixth, austin barnes to peralta in the left, and the dodgers pick Up five, no hitter in the top of the eighth inning in arizona back in june on the night rodgers wanted on a muncie walk up, but how good was bueller in that game? Turner right there for the out was in the lead off spot last night. Beginning strike three on the foul tip: that’s four strikeout uh, when you’re pitching to a guy. You strike three thanks for coming Applause. Second time he’s drawn a walk in entertainment, department and that’s ball. Four, so the bases are full of dodgers and justin wants to get in the grand slam club he doesn’t have one in his career. Payoff pitch is gone. The first career grand slam for justin turner Applause over for caleb smith, muncie down to first hawk sharply and christian walker, makes the play with peacock, covering one down playing him very deep on the left right. There. Applause, ground ball, fair down the line at third escobar, long, throw against pujol as cole, calhoun and that’ll do it for the dodgers. In the second inning, we missed the first pitch because matt peacock stepped he loops one toward right field. A leaping attempt by muncie in the first broke turner, calling one out hitting 265 breaking ball rolled to first and pujols, would just kind of wait for him right down to pujols, and that takes care of that.

The russian hollick to lead off against matt. The base hit to right Applause aj continues to have reggie smith in the dugout. With a field corner, cole calhoun will catch it for the out reggie. Another dave said when he called reggie. So the my conversations with him all the time when i’m around him bueller draws Applause executives from major league baseball. Are there foul ball, but they’re just so many first filler three two ground ball is short ahmed flips to rojas, one on to first a double play and walk and rest up now. The way the schedule goes, oral star game, bring him in for a batter or the last out of an inning, because the feeling that the dodgers and jack nobody’s really trying to steal signs in the all star game. So you don’t worry about it. Just i like it, i like my target here on my sink or whale sign when i was at the all star game, and then i carried the ball. No, we did you do more. We each have about a half a dozen of them. One throw find your baseball with us psyche, gavin lux, and these few at bats would be good for him to get on track off. Speed baseball as turner lobs went into center field for our base hit muncie doubled in two runs in the first inning hits a knuckling ball to center field that is tackled by pavon smith Applause. Every time he does something moves up, some sort of chart diamond hits and he’s got room in front of the track.

Dodger bullpen through this inning and maybe in can of corn for bellinger one out. He gets him coupled with a slider popped up to justin turner off pitch that goes to the bank. Stop and they’ve got a man aboard, and i saw the commercial where that bobble head talks to you green one, that’s it for the double pitch for the diamondbacks, making his 30th out of high school in the illinois. As he walks past draft a player who can change your franchise bounce to second young flips to ahmed back to first in a double play, no action in the dodger bullpen. So it depends on if i was getting first or second round. Money begins the sixth inning against that. If this were to happen, but underneath it is bellinger for the uh for the third time, he’s walked and struck out for the first time. 2 2 balls got some Applause Music and he said what do you mean he goes. I don’t know the office yeah bullholes plays it deep and bueller gets to first and it’s a one. Two three look: he’s looking for a hit he’s debating this time around off of van meter and it’ll, be a base hit gavin lux left on left match up here with up on it right in front of the track. Is cole calhoun he’s got two hits tonight right. The third hit of the game for turner, zach mckinstry came in for max muncie and safe at first base.

Applause albert one for three tonight golf down to short and ame goes the short way to force out mckinstry birthday hill. Remember very often, during the course of the week, whether it’s a second to play, outfield toward the middle gavin lux in time, ahmed went over last night, although he did reach base twice and some trouble at all during his outing and down on strikes goes ahmed. Second time holiday over two struck out in the second inning of pitching. If they were, it was a possible opener situation. Nice backhand play by mckinster and the finish by young and hitting right to the second baseman and andrew young throws him up. Aj went deep in the first sixth time this year, deep into games and keeping the left field for a base hit three hits for pollock to make sure he keeps swinging the bat six and barnes is plunked blast at bat, routine, ground and back monkey magic on A saturday night sixth career grand slam, Applause and a bouncer to the right side for lux two down that created a spot for rex, so the dodgers bringing the bat in and he drops it and hustling into second – is zach. Rex, a routine fly ball. It’S far more rare to see too, but it is carrying well gone. Applause hits the big fly and that’s career home run. Number 674 Applause, that’s down to first and haven smith, beats bellinger to the trying to cover this inning and next and then move on to them to fall to five.

At that center field. Pollock goes back and watches it andrew young, with a hope started behind the plate. Last night down on strikes goes var. Show in that’ll be the case tomorrow afternoon. Very quiet, baby doesn’t cry at all and he got him good. Inning give up the home run. He came back getting three in a row striking out bats in the night day game tomorrow, don’t, let him sleep. This one’s headed to the mountains. Aj pollock has hit his second home run of the night. 17, 1 and he’s walked fences move deep and tall, and he lines it to the right center field gap. Car showing right field cuts it off there’s the walk and the bases are full of dodgers grand slam going to the history books, Applause, just pulverizes, one, a hit and he’s going to pull into second, with a ball toward the middle, but it’s picked up by young And he’s stepped for the day game, ground ball to shore. Lux has it here. It is pollock going back and aj with a pitch from reed and this one’s put to bed grand slam mookie bets his fifth albert pujols for two home run night tonight.

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