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com, and we are back with the breakfast menu served up by no house advantage – be sure to hit that like button subscribe to the channel and hit the notification bell. So you know when everything goes, live and give that shout out to know house advantage whether you’re trying to play nba, mlb, nfl or pga contest. You are in luck, they have them that’s, pretty sweet and you don’t have to worry about fantasy points at all. This is all based on player. Props. You can use the promo code, osmo get a 20 instant match deposit bonus. When you sign up can’t beat that it’s free money. You can download the app in the app store and win big with player props. Today, at no house advantage ben, we did pretty well yesterday for the home run derby. One of us this guy right here, hit the outright that’s. True, congratulations! No! I was. I was actually really happy with it. I i got a pretty fortunate split. To be honest, i mean the longest home run cleared, i think, was some ease, but my other strategy – and we talked through that on the show we kind of arrived at the same conclusion. You went one way i went the other. Obviously your way worked out with a nice hit on pete alonso, so it was much needed for you. You had been in a little slump, uh, and now we get to talk a little more all star and lb.

Before the nba comes back tomorrow, i was in a little bit of a slump that was very necessary uh. It really helped to see yeah. I immediately had better’s remorse and wish that i put more strips of bacon on that bad boy, but such is life so um. What i’m gon na leave it to you, since you still are on a bit of a heater. Would you like to go first or second, i’m gon na go first i’m gon na get things started here, i’ll say uh. Obviously we like to be transparent on this show and kind of get some insight into how we’re approaching it. I was stunned, slash disappointed a little bit in the offerings that were out there for the all star game. I thought to be a lot more creative props. I didn’t see a ton of them. Maybe some will pop up later in the day, but we still have some things that i i was interested in. Obviously, just like the hormone derby not going crazy. Today i did see a prop uh that i’m gon na take a shot with and it’s it’s kind of like what we do with the nba, where it’s like a team, wins a game and then the series they kind of have that for the game. I’M gon na bet that the national league scores first and also wins the game that is plus 230. now the the first disadvantage they have is.

They are not batting first, so they have to serve. You know they have to get three outs before anyone scores or we’re completely dead, but then obviously it’s, like anything else, they’ll have the advantage or go back and forth we’re in coors uh there’s going to be ample opportunities for runs and it’s more that plus 2 30 on something that i view as somewhat a toss up and i do lean to the national league in the game uh, i was pretty happy with that. So i’m, just gon na put a half a strip of bacon on that maybe steal one. Obviously gon na need the national league to start fast and strike first, and if that, then, i have them at plus 2 30 to win the game. Well, we are certainly going in different directions: let’s kick this one off with a half strip of bacon to an alternate line for the al al minus 1 plus 133. So i loaded in my projections and created a neutral stat line and i actually simmed this game and obviously had to make some assumptions. Since we expect, you know, 20 different hitters to play and all sorts of different pictures, so some variants here, but i have the al as a favorite in my model and i didn’t want to just go straight to the ale. I wanted to pick up a little bit more love on the line, so i found al minus 1 plus 133.

So if the ale uh, you know, wins by one we’re still getting a push here and i think when push comes to shove, i am willing to bet on the bats of the american league a little bit more. I like the offensive profile. I like the way that they’re going to maximize ohtani for this game and my expectation, my uh, my guess for this one, is that vlad guerrero jr is the mvp of the all star game and if that is my feel, that’s how i was feeling after the Simulation i’m going to the al that would fit both of these things. Work in synergy. I couldn’t find any the who’s going to be the mvp of the all star game type prop. So that would have been my next pick, but i don’t have that ability, but for right now al minus one all right! Well, we got kind of most of the bases covered here. Hopefully we don’t get middle. I think there’s some some type of way where we could both lose, that uh that’d be quite unfortunate but yeah if you make like i didn’t sin, the all star game, uh ten thousand times and get ready for this. But on that note, my final we’re only doing two picks here: i’m. Just going with a very generic over 11 runs 107. You know. Listen, the game is in coors there’s opportunities. The balls were going extra far last night. I know there’s a million good pitchers, but there’s, so many good hitters as well it’s.

Just a simple fact. I think they want runs. I think you know again it’s an all star game 11 was pretty reasonable. We see totals in cores throughout the year that that are around that i know it’s an all star game it’s difficult to quantify, but i thought it would be a little higher and a little more juiced, um it’s, actually slightly juiced to the under. So when i saw minus one 107, i was content to put a half a strip of bacon in that and hope the national league just scores, like 12, runs in the first inning and then i have everything covered and i can relax for the night. Well, i hope that that does not happen. The way that you just laid it out, because that wouldn’t work for me. I would not be covering one at that point in time, it’s, neither here nor there i mentioned that i think vlad guerrero is going to win the mvp for the all star game. I could not bet on that. So i’m gon na go with the next best thing. One quarter, strip of bacon for vlad guerrero to hit a home run, plus 320. there’s, not a lot of value in a lot of the stuff that i was looking at. Unfortunately, so i projected expected home runs for everyone in the starting lineup, based on two played appearances, a piece guerrero projected as the guy with the best or like the most likely to hit a home run relative to the odds that i was getting.

They were pretty bleak at the bottom. These lines were a little bit more juiced up than i was expecting so i’m gon na double down on my vlad guerrero. I think he wins the mvp because he home run, he hits a home run sometime early because he’s – probably not batting late, but you get him at plus 3 320., just a little quarter strip of bacon a little nibble something to pay attention to. While you watch the game, no they’re gon na nl’s gon na pitch a perfect game, give me props on that. Just uh i’ll take that action on my own yeah. I bet you will no. I have no i’ve listened. I have no problem with honing in on a player or a guy that you know if those pop props pop up later in the day, you know having some fun with something like that there’s a lot of ways you can go for an all star game. Of course, the goal is to enjoy it and, like the home, run derby, you pick a couple things. You have some fun and doesn’t mean you can’t. Do it beat alonzo that was very sharp by you and i think we see some scoring tonight that’s really what i’m basing things around? I think there’s going to be a lot of runs up for grabs. I think the national league is maybe uh the better side. They’Re starting to take a little money – i looked at them straight but for me that’s, where i’m leaning and then uh turn my sights back on a pivotal nba game for tomorrow.

I am very excited for that game. Four of the nba finals tomorrow, pga contenders today for the open championship, something that i don’t want to call the open championship at all. That will always be the british open to me. It’S never going to be anything else, you and i will be recording that video. A little bit later today so keep your eyes peeled for that one anything else we want to touch on before we get out of here. No, as you mentioned, stay tuned we’ve got a ton of content uh coming to you for pga, certainly it’s a premiere week, but then we’re gon na start transitioning more and more college football nfl. Getting you ready. The season is rapidly approaching. We’Ve got so many tools, not just on the betting side, the fans football side. Obviously the dfs side we’ve got you covered from all angles, so be on the lookout there and certainly stay tuned for more props and bets on the breakfast menu there. It is everybody. Thank you so much for joining us and thank you once again to know house advantage for being the presenting sponsor of this show we wish we could have brought you aside. A no house advantage. We just don’t have the ability, but those sides will be back tomorrow for game four of the nba finals.

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