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Getting ready to dig in is david fletcher he’s about as hot as any hitter in baseball right now, 21 game hitting streak. He takes into play tonight. Two balls in the strike to count to david fletcher right where he likes it well hit to left long, is back and it’s gone first of the year for fletch 22 game streak and way to extend the hit streak with his first home run. That’S been about 113 games now without a home run for fletch, so two outs for the angels here in the top of the first inning. They have the one nothing lead on the lead off home, run by david fletcher and that’ll, bring up left, fielder, phil, gosling here’s. The next offer on the way in a swing and a miss and a cutter in on the hands of gosselin a swing and a miss for strike three and that will retire the side angels. One run one hit david, fletcher’s first home run of the season. We had to the bottom of the first hour score: it’s, the angels one and the mariners coming up, alex cobb, who goes for the angels he’s been pitching a pretty good baseball of late. In fact, five and one with one no decision in his last seven starts, the chanaker is having a very nice season comes in with 19 homers 48 runs batted in and he’s the guy who did not play at all last year. So owen two is the count.

Next delivery – and that is a called third strike and haniger knew it. He couldn’t pull the trigger on that. Sinker struck him out looking and that’s the first out in the bottom of the first tai france. The first baseman cleanup batter will be the next hitter, so it’s a full count on france next delivery and that one’s going to get him and that just got the outside part of the plate. Francine something to the home plate on fire. Here comes right, fielder, taylor, ward, and now the mariners infield has to come in close for a play at the plate. Here’S the stretch, and now the gonzalez two one on the way to ward tries the bun lays it down squeeze one here comes the glaciers shovel tossed by the pitcher marco gonzalez, to terence down with a tag he gets iglesias at home plate on the failed squeeze By the angels lagaris coming in 214 average and he’s over his last nine, just one for his last 16. here’s, the next delivery, and that one is sliced down the right side and that’s, a fair ball it’s going to kick around down in the corner. Going into third being weighed home will be ward, throw to the plate, it’s late, he’ll score and ligaris delivers a two out. Rbi double and the angels have a two: nothing lead that’ll, bring up. Third baseman luis renditfo here’s the pitch on the way swinging. It’S popped up straight up on top of home plate, terence catcher, off of the mask off to the right side of the plate, leans back to his left, he’s there and makes the catch and that’ll end the inning.

But the angels pick up a run here in the top half of the second. We go to the bottom of any number. Two dylan moore will be the next spatter here’s, the 1 1. This is lifted in the air and hit into right center, but they’re waiting, making the catch will be taylor, ward in medium right center and the inning is over. So cobb walked the first batter but got the comebacker and then the two fly outs and the inning is over. Ohtani grounded a second in his first try tonight, falling two strikes to show hey here: oh got it got it got it 33., oh wow. Where did that one go that’s, his 11th home run versus left handed pitching this year. He has hit another one out and ohtani’s 33rd of the season 16 homers in the last 21 games and how about it friday, night it’s show time and some chance of mvp inside the ballpark. How could he not be 463 feet, get ready, denver here’s the one two pitch to walsh lefty against lefty breaking ball, swung on a miss strikeout for marco. His second there’s two down here in the third gosselin struck out on a cutter, a one two pitch. Then the first inning two one swung on broken bat loper coming on fraley, trying to cut it off in a gap dives in front of henniger who peeled off at the last second jake makes the play so the two are gone and mitch haniger.

The next batter here’s the 3 2 pitch and that one there chased and missed. He got him with a sinker struck him out, haniger down on strikes for the second time tonight, three strikeouts in the game and a clean inning for alex cobb, who has now retired the last six seattle batters in a row, two one and two outs and that’ll Bring the tying run to the plate and left fielder shed long junior. This is lifted out the opposite way. It’S carrying back it’s back and it’s off the yellow line fraley is in terrence is peddling home right behind him, as shedlong jr was a quarter inch from a three run home run and now an opportunity for the second baseman dylan moore three straight batters have reached Base safely with two outs and here’s, the pitch off more and it’s, a little flare that’s going to be run down by david fletcher in shallow left center. The angels have the shift on the wind up and the 3 2 pitch on the way. Swing and it’s popped up shallow right field down the line. France going out hannigan racing over along with dylan moore, dylan moore with a slide, and he makes the catch in foul territory. Well, here he is designator, shohei, ohtani, long home run upper deck and right field. Last time, up now the set and the 2 2 breaking ball. Then a swing and a miss for strike three on the swing and a miss ohtani loses his bounty helmet and that will retire the side.

What a pitch by marco gonzalez, who wins that battle? We go to the bottom of the fifth inning halfway: point: it’s, the angels three and the meritorious two crawford’s, a guy who got some consideration for the all star team here’s, the next pitch, and that is a called third strike caught the inside part of the plate And crawford he is out looking for the second out and now kyle seeger will bat he’s crowded out flight down over two and the 2 2 pitch, and that got him a called third strike. Seeger says no questions the home plate, umpire chad, fairchild and the inning ends on another batter called out on strikes a couple in the inning and they’ve had four of them already in the game. Ford, oh for two of the runs, scored right hand. Hitter first pitch from jt, swung on fly ball, bowers, going deep under track right field and slides and makes the catch as he started, getting close to the foul line, that’s, the third out and that’ll. Do it so jt throws a pitch and gets the final out and dylan moore will be the next batter here’s the next pitch. This is bounced out towards short charging, as iglesious throws on the run and gets it there in time, and watson comes in and does his job. They add two runners on with one out and he gets the strikeout and the inning ending ground out and that’ll. Do it for seattle that brings up both tony pitch from the seventh swung on hit hard right side.

Oh, what a pick by dylan moore in the shot short hop. Oh man short right field going towards the line and he picked that baby clean throws to france in time for the out americas could use a two out knock from ty france, two outs runners at first and second, three, two ages, first pitch swung on line drive Base hit up the middle here comes jp he’s, coming around he’s gon na score, ty france, paying attention got that first pitch straight. We got a tie ball game here in the seventh freely batting the angels haven’t gotten him out tonight. Even three times up. He has a walk he’s reached on an error. He’S had a single he’s, also scored a run here’s claudio’s pitch and there’s a shot that’s hit right out to laguaris the center fielder hardly had a move. It was hit sharply but right to him, and that is how the inning will end and now here’s right, fielder, taylor, ward and the 2 2 on the way swing and a miss and a fastball for strike. Three second rider strikes out taylor, ward and that will retire the side. A couple of strikeouts for drew, steckenrider bases juice for hanniger base is loaded. Two down here is the stretch and the two nothing pitch swinging: a drive deep to left center field going and going grandma get out the rye, bread and mustard. It is grand salami time mitch, haniger, with a grand slam here in the bottom of the eighth inning, and the mariners have the lead.

7. 3. His 20th home run of the season and henniger clears the bases here’s david fletcher, the set by graveman everybody on their feet pitch on the way swinging a chopper to third one hopper, take it by seeger toss across and the ball game is over. The mariners come from behind and they win it 7. 3.

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