Major League Baseball All-Star Game, MLB, American League, Shohei Ohtani, National League José Peraza hits game-tying HR off Josh Hader, then Mets come back to win in extras!

You got the big hit as well sunday. You have the fan, interference, double against the yankees and put the mets in front to stay nice round. Applause haters got a little extra on his fastball today. I said that eight days have passed since he’s thrown last one out and nobody on and peraza gets one of the air to left center field back goes bradley to the warning track at the wall. It’S out of here jose pereza ties the game with a pinch hip home run, Music strikes again, the first home run, josh hayder is allowed this year. His first goal save of the year and it’s carrazzo, the king of the bench mob, to tie it up in the seventh. Well, sometimes you got ta mix intelligence with talent. He saw hater just blow away pilar with three straight fastballs after he got behind in the cow he looked for that fastball first pitch got start got it started early and ties this ball game hader had been 20 for 20 in save opportunities and now he’s not Slaughtered to start off nemo, nothing in one first pitch hitting up in the zone and peraza covers what a hit now the mets of the tying and winning runs in scoring position with nobody out there’s, nobody throwing in the bullpen for the brewers chris hook, the pitching Coach on his way out to talk to suiter who’s, hit a batter and walked a batter reminiscent of edwin diaz’s top of the eighth, and now the mets could win it with a base hit, but something you wouldn’t uh, normally see from suitor.

Who is a control artist, he’s, a guy that usually lives on the bottom of the strike zone? But now you put him in a situation where the adrenaline rush alone maybe has taken him out of where his strength is well. Certainly the the change up that he thought he got in at the knees and that demonstrative reaction, much as with diaz on the top of the inning. When you see a pitcher fighting for calls like that, it’s, not a good sign, that’s right, unless you can uh forget about it and with that walk. Obviously, he didn’t let’s see how the brewers play their infield here fly ball could tie the game. Basic could win the game you don’t want to play too far in. Would you concede the tying run to try to get a double play? They’Re going to play their middle infielders halfway, corners are in against mcneil, who had an infield hit. His last time up base has loaded nobody out now. Mcneil takes a slider on the inside corner for a strike. Nothing in one. The infield configuration allows them to turn the double play up the middle if the infielders have to move to their left or right. But if they have to come in on a baseball and can’t turn two, it allows them a chance. Maybe to get lindor in a force. Play at home got speed with lendore at third, not so much at second and first with smith and mccann and mcneil takes inside the ball and a strike.

Applause, michael conforto, on deck mets have had a free runner, a hit batsman and a walk in this setting to load the bases and mcneil takes it low. Another slider from suiter, 2, 1 it’s gotten so rough for mcneil. He needs a game where he ends it. As a hero, he has never had a walk off rbi in his career, middle infielders remain halfway with the corners in tying run, a third winning run at second and mcneil lines. One base hit lindora is in here comes smith: here comes bradley’s, throw to the plate on the hop not in time, and the midst win it jeff mcneil, with his first career, walk off. Rbi is the match rally in the seventh and they rally in the eighth and they’ve taken the first two games of the series from milwaukee as they win this one four to three guts: the effort uh by the mets in this game, gutsy effort by mcneil hasn’t Had a lot to cheer about this year had to be in the back of his brain as he’s trying to come up with that big hit. Finally ends it as a hero here in game, one slider in the middle of the plate. He knew it right away, but jackie bradley jr’s arm left this game still in peril, but he could not come up with an accurate, throw and the hustle of dom twice in this series has scored a big run and aggressive base.

Coaching by gary d, sarcina descend. Dom smith figured the ball was on the grass long enough and that dom had a good enough break, that he had a chance to beat bradley’s throw and that he did Applause, and so the mets have now won four of their last five they’ve taken the first Two of the series from milwaukee their seventh walk off win of the year mcneal, with his first ever, walk off rbi peraza with the home run of the seventh to tie against josh hader, and then the mets rally for two in the bottom of the eighth.

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Major League Baseball All-Star Game, MLB, American League, Shohei Ohtani, National League Come Back, Mitch Haniger Slam Seals It

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