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In today’s video, we will go over the 23 man squad and that martino has chosen for the competition as well. As answer the question who is in mexico’s group and last but not least, i will end with my prediction for the competition and, if you follow me on instagram you’ve probably already heard the exciting news, but guys my little family is growing. I have my first baby on the way, also here’s a cute picture of my cool cat nefera, so be sure to destroy that like button and let’s get right into this and chuckie lozano. Alongside te kato, corona will be the ones leading the charge to victory, and probably the most interesting addition is that funes mori, an argentina born player, who actually got his citizenship with mexico just recently was added to the squad list and given that he already scored in The first, like four minutes in the game against nigeria, it looks like he’s making a very strong case towards being the number nine for mexico in the gold cup. Also, some notable players not on this squad. Less guys are young up and comers like diego lyness, who has become a star, as of like one of my favorite players to watch for sure and also charlie rodriguez, also not on this list, but guys. That is because both of them are on the tokyo olympic squad list instead and if you’re wondering where is sun memo, where is the brick wall of mexico? He is also on that tokyo olympic squad he’s one of the three veteran players over the age of 24.

In the tokyo olympics, alongside henry martin and also luis romo, overall, though this is a very strong mexico squad and i for one, have some high expectations so who can we expect mexico to face off in the group stage of the gold cup this time around? Well, mexico will be in group a alongside el salvador, kurosawa and trinidadi tobago mexico kicks off the competition against trinidadi tobago this upcoming saturday. If mexico were to advance past the group stage which they should, which they – which they should let’s just be honest here, mexico would then face off against either first or second place of group d, depending on how mexico ends up in the group stage. And if i had to put some money on it and wager who, i think will make it out of group d, i would honestly have to say that it would have to be honduras because they have been playing very well. Their olympic squad played great. They look very organized strong attack. You just can’t, underestimate these guys nowadays and also panama, even though mexico did thrash in 3, 0 recently in a friendly, it’s, a very well organized team and they have a lot of speed on the flanks. So, for me, i think honduras and panama will be the two teams to make it out of group d honestly have not seen much if at all of granada and their football skills, but, like i said you cannot underestimate any opponent, especially in a competition like the Gold cup and the last team in group d is qatar, who are an invited guest to the competition for this year, as well as in 2023.

. Now l3 are defending champion. So now the big question becomes: can mexico defend their title? Mexico had a very rough start to 2021, with losses against wales and a massively disappointing loss in the final of the konkakov nations league no less against the usa. This is also coupled with quite a few draws against costa rica and honduras, which both ended scoreless. But since then mexico has been completely tearing it up in their last two friendlies against nigeria and panama. They scored a total of seven goals between the two and probably even more impressive is that they did not allow a single shot on target in either of those matches. Also, wan na highlight el tata martino’s tactical shakeup. Now, throughout 2021 tata martino has been testing a three at the back formation, and actually half of their games have used a three at the back formation, most notably the three four three, however, against panama and nigeria, atata martino reverted back to the 4, 3, 3 and N3, looked so much more comfortable in the 4 3 3 and played incredibly well. Will the 4 3 3 be the norm in the gold cup, though, or was this just a refresher of the formation for the team big decisions foreign to make? Because for me, mexico must win the 2021 gold cup after the smallest of margins, a missed penalty in extra time. In that final in the konkagap nations league against the usa, el tri and us the fans are out for some revenge, let’s just get it out there.

I want to see mexico absolutely steam past the competition this time around and that way we can go into the fall into the world cup qualifiers on the right foot. So come on n3 let’s let’s go out. There have a good time, but let’s just completely destroy the competition here, so my prediction here should be pretty obvious and three should have no problem, topping group a and going into the knockout stages of the competition, no offense to el salvador or trinidadi tobago. But mexico should win all of these matches by a large margin if they don’t win. Even one of the games, it’ll be very, very surprising to me and to a lot of you guys as well. Mexico would then face second place from group d in the quarterfinals, which i would be willing to bet is going to be panama. Mexico just beat panama a couple of weeks ago, easily 3 0, and i do not expect anything different if they were to face off again. Mexico then moves on to the semi finals, and my prediction here would be a repeat of the concacaf nation’s league semi finals. Costa rica is not a team to take lightly and ostegos always make for a competitive opponent, but as they have up until now, l3 always comes out on top. Last but not least, you knew it was coming. I want mexico versus usa in the final and we’re here for some revenge, mexico will need to learn from their mistakes, but i have it to be defending their title and winning the 2021 world cup.

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