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com. Can i try wednesday, as we get this video to you every day around this time today, we’re traveling today, so the video is inside the car, not in the usual office, but still have a certain time for you, like we do every single day and uh. In my cadillac escalade i like cadillac’s, that is my car cadillac escalades are my vehicle of choice. I always love cadillac’s and of course mine is red all right for the alabama crimson tide, but i really enjoy cadillac escalades in general, so um looking forward to getting you this free pick winner today yesterday we gave it to you on a total didn’t hit at All uh so today, we’re gon na give it to you on the side. So we had back to back free pick winners coming into yesterday, then we missed a free pick, so hopefully we’ll try to get your nice free pick winner today, we’re on a what is it two and one? Sixteen eleven twenty eight nineteen uh one, fifty nine one! Twenty six uh three eleven, two thirty five, thirteen, ninety one, ten thirty, seven free pick run and uh, even on the the days where there’s a dirt of action, uh we’re always able to try to share some thoughts with you, some liens. We gave you a lean on the all star game under yesterday. Probably what should have been our premium play but uh we try to come at you every single day and try to give you content every single day.

So we don’t forget you guys um. What do i need to tell you here a seven year, wnba selection today we’re excited about it. Uh we’ve won four straight days in the wnba, so this will be an important selection for us. We will probably have olympic selections um, i don’t know i mean we’ll, see we’ll see and i think we might actually tack it on to the nba package. Um that’s, what we’ll probably end up doing uh and in women’s basketball it’ll be the wnba action. I think that only makes sense right because most of the players, many of the players, are wnba players there, but uh yeah. We have a seven unit play today on the all star game at seven o’clock hop on it and join us for that. Korean baseball is on a break right now. Uh horsing starts back up on saturday uh. We have a nice three unit selection in soccer today, i’m, going to give you two selections in concave today, uh in soccer i’m gon na give you a free play and then a lean based on what we think on our models: um and then yeah nba. We have a six unit selection today between the bucks and the sun, so i’m, looking forward to that um and we come off a nice 40. You know winner on the bucks and the sun’s under in the last game, winning six of seven nba playoffs. So hopefully, we’ll try to post a nice winner for you today, all right let’s get your free play today.

I, like mexico, minus the three today i think mexico is going to come out. I really ticked off today. Remember guatemala just lost to el salvador. You know zero to two and el salvador isn’t, even that good. So imagine what guatemala might end up losing to mexico here, mexico, just tied trinidad and tobago zero to zero, and they are going to be super ticked coming into this game because they weren’t able to win the trinidad game. They haven’t scored any goals. Yet mexico just beat this team three, nothing back in september of 2020, so they have experience against this guatemala team. They need this game, they need to score a lot of goals for the differential. So i like to blow out here. I have mexico, probably around four or nothing here. Uh so would not be surprised to see mexico win and win yeah. I actually just realized uh. We can’t give you the trinidad uh and el salvador selection, because it’s a premium selection, so um. So what we’re gon na do is um yeah, so that will be the the free play and then uh we’ll go ahead and uh another additional lien for you is going to be on the over between mexico as they hook up against um, as i hook up Today, um against one second here, while i pulled this up um i’m trying to get you the line on that mexico game uh against uh guatemala on the total but yeah you’re.

Obviously, your free play is going to be on mexico minus three and your additional lien is going to be on the over and the current line on that is yeah three and a half, and we obviously have it at four nothing. So there you go. That is your free plane. Lean today, free play today is on mexico. Minus a3 lean is on the over hope. You guys are doing well twitter, folks, uh, on what side the publix is on the consensus on what side the public is on. That is going to be available for you on twitter, as we put it up there every single day as a courtesy to you and we’ll, see you back here tomorrow, indian cowboy working hard for you every single day.

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Mexico national football team, Guatemala national football team, Concacaf Gold Cup 2021 CONCACAF Gold Cup Preview and Predictions | Mexican National Team