MLB, Mastercard, Major League Baseball All-Star Game Expand 20-Year Partnership, Build 'Seamless' All-Star Game Experience

How is mastercard helping integrate a more seamless payment experience at games? Absolutely so we’ve been with major league baseball for over 20 years now, and part of our partnership is bringing payments, technologies and innovations to the ballpark to make a seamless experience for those attending the game. So, first of all, really important touchless contactless payments tap and go uh during times of covid uh it’s, really important that you have touchless payments and you can speed in and out and get back to the game that you love so that’s. One way and another way is click to pay. So when you’re buying tickets or merchandise, to your favorite for your favorite team, you could just click and go safely and seamlessly, but click to pay. Now dave, i mean faster transaction times. That means more time spent for the fans actually enjoying the game as well. You know how does this contribute to the overall fan experience at the ballpark it’s, amazing and uh want to say uh, hello to cheryl and uh with what mastercard is doing and last year was so difficult for everyone and fans, and people watching at home and baseball Was uh, something that was a very needed, much needed diversion and so now for us to get back to full capacity and so uh the experience is the fan or is the game, the players and so to make it that much more seamless. So when you keep the eye on the ball uh, it just makes so much sense.

Now, cheryl, we understand as well. This expanded partnership is going to help major league baseball’s all star game ballot. Voting process be more accurate, using mastercard’s fraud detection technology. So can you break down for us exactly how that ties in and how this sure works? Mastercard, new, detect uh actually does exactly that. It detects fraud uh from people. You know essentially stuffing the ballot box online. If you think about it that way, and it makes sure that the proper votes are being counted throughout the process, we eliminate fraud and the right all stars get to play in the game today. So it’s just been a wonderful experience again. Another way, we’re working with major league baseball, to bring technologies to make the fan experience better, certainly – and i mean that dovetails into even who’s – on the team that gets managed as well and so for dave. From your perspective, the importance of accuracy when it comes to fan voting processes for an all star game such as this. You know what is that from your perspective and that need to make sure that there is that accuracy and which players you’re getting to work with? That are making their appearances in the all star game, no it’s important, and i think that everyone wants a uh, a fair vote and an accurate count and um. And i think that uh, for example, the los angeles dodgers, unmanaged dodgers and and we won the world series last year and uh – we don’t have a starter in the all star game.

So and again i don’t know how. I just appreciate the process now that we can make it uh one for one and it’s fair and, however, it plays out in the wash that’s what the fans want that’s what the fans deserve. We got to know in recognition of the challenges faced by small businesses over this past year. Mastercard, the mlb they’re launching the home team, advantage small business contest. What does this contest entail so uh? Well. First of all, i want to thank dave for being a part of this and many priceless experiences that he’s done with our card holders and baseball fans and then on this one. This is really special and important. We want to support the communities around our teams and uh, and you know the importance of ensuring that small businesses thrive. So what we’re doing with the dodgers, the red sox and the braids is we’re gon na award a small business in those markets, uh an actual grant uh a basically an honorary sponsorship, where they’re going to get visibility and awareness for their small business and then we’re Going to give them digital tools now talk about technology. This is important for small businesses. In order for them to thrive, they need to be operating their businesses online and helping grow uh their businesses in this way and we’re going to bring digital doors to life. The toolkit plus the ten thousand dollar grants that we’re giving each of those small businesses as well and dave is really helping us as part of this process dave.

You know, as the manager of the la dodgers that the team is a subset of the broader community. How does this initiative really helped connect the team with some of the businesses that thrive and that live based on the fandom that exists within the broader la area as well, and making sure that there still is that connectivity between the team and the surrounding community it’s It’S, amazing and we’re very grateful our country was built on small businesses. You look at the diverse fan base of the dodgers, probably the most diverse in all of major league baseball, and we have those are our fans. Uh people that are uh have small businesses that are that are working so hard to uh, support their families and support their surrounding communities and and still attend dodger games and major league baseball games. So with what mastercard doing, i think it’s a great opportunity dave. I would be remiss if i didn’t at least squeeze in one baseball, related question to today’s game. I mean you’re making history today on the national league front as the first manager to be able to host this three consecutive times and be the manager uh for the all star game three consecutive times on the nl side. And so the significance of that milestone. To you and more broadly, what you’re looking forward to with tonight’s game, you know what uh it’s, certainly something i’m very grateful for. Definitely not a rite of passage.

Um we’ve got a great organization, uh i’m, just looking forward to seeing the superstars i just and and on the american league side. I know i’m managing the nationally side, but the americans, like shohei ohtani uh. This guy is going to start the game um. He is going to be a dh as well and hit lead off and he was just in the home run derby last night, so there’s, just the talent is remarkable and you’re, seeing the best and brightest young stars in denver colorado i’m representing the all star game Right now guys, oh yeah, look shohei is absolutely expanding the game and the attention in the eyeballs that are coming from the international community as well with so many of the other players that are taking the field doing the same dave. We appreciate the time here this morning as well as cheryl dave roberts manager of the la dodgers and cheryl giron, who is the executive vp over at mastercard.

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