Outsourcing, Asset management, Asset, Service IVYFON 6-2021 – Outsourced Benefits and HR – New York City June 23rd-24th

This morning, i think suzanne curry also mentioned on the panel um, and they really hit the nail on the head just around needing more infrastructure and and not being kind of the pm with the bloomberg machine in your garage and it’s. Really, regardless of your size, um, you really can’t, be a pm or a gp and then manage risk. You know manage hr, managed compliance it’s, really going to become a detriment to your performance. If you are not outsourcing operations, so you really need to partner with someone to guide and support the success of your business and really just the soundness of the infrastructure and the people within it. Um so really aspen here we’re here to support you. We are a full service outsourced, hr benefits, payroll and employment management risk solution, something very unique about our organization is that we have truly vested partners. Our team is comprised of a really deep bench of investment professionals and everyone is very, you, know, passionate about serving this industry and really have that extensive uh background in fund operations, and i just noticed that um i have subtitles going on here, so i’ll turn that Off um, you know really our goal is to solve um there’s, you know inherent problems with really how we see um this solution being delivered today, there’s a clear lack of uh service, a deep commitment to the industry, and so today we work with hundreds of of Asset managers, including family offices, both emerging and established investment firms, we’re here to really help you make better informed decisions, and so you can focus on your team’s core competencies.

What we’ve seen is that asset management firms over the years they they are facing, those you know increased regulatory scrutiny um and in order for you to kind of meet that new generation of demands, you really need to make well informed investment decisions and have, but at The same time still have the visibility into all of your business lines, um, which is it’s even more important uh, to surround yourselves with the right partners um today um, so you know how we differentiate. Ourselves is really through the white glove experience and, and with that you know, looking to help improve your business margins, provide that competitive differentiations, attract retained, talent, right um and identify really those areas of lucrative areas for growth um. There is a lot of litany. You mentioned a pandemic, a covid. You know there’s a lot of litany and compliance coming out of that and it’s affecting you um, most likely affecting your investment companies, your portfolio companies today, um, you know some of them notable mentions ffcra there’s, arpa ppp loans. Um. You know we’re in the forgiveness stage at this point and then you couple that with the remote environment, so it’s it’s, really you know, turn the world upside down um, and so we today we have the the 365 hr solution. We include the cloud based software as well as we wrap that in a fortune, 500 level uh benefit program and really with the intent, is to continue to drive success through the the high touch white glove experience and then stay laser, focused, um and supporting you guys And the investment management ecosystem, so we’ve we’ve intentionally aligned our product and service deck um to uh this industry.

So you know from curating a marketplace of partners specific for asset management firms um to even providing pre and post um investment hr. Due diligence support for you guys, um, i won’t take up too much more time, but i’d love the opportunity to speak with you all and help your team evaluate your current infrastructure. So you can contact me or my partner.

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