Sex and the City, Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, Kristin Davis, Carrie Bradshaw, Kim Cattrall, Miranda Hobbes "Sex and the City" Explain Samantha's Absence?

What about samantha? Where did samantha, i don’t know we don’t know, but we know that the ten episode series it’s coming to hbo max it’s in the television forum, which makes me particularly happy about like hbo max that’s, all the good stuff. I know the undoing, yeah. Okay fans are excited, but they’re a little bummed. Some are that kim catrell’s samantha will not be part of the new show on twitter by the way everybody’s everyone’s putting in who they think they should be. Who should play her if someone was going to you know who somebody said phoebe from friends? Oh that’s, a great idea, that’d be a good one, but i think they’re, just gon na write her off, so you can’t have another one. No, no because she was such a memorable character. So how would you write her off well here? Let me give you some theories. These are twitter theories. She joined the real housewives of new york and is currently dating luanne’s ex tom it’s. All going down to going down at the reunion and carrie miranda and charlotte will hate watch her in their group chat. Oh my that’s, a good one. What about this? She clearly got back together with smith that was remember her handsome hot old boyfriend and stayed in la and then she realized her friends were annoying they’re, not annoying. They were such a good group, but here’s a terrible one. Okay, she slept with big that’s a great that’s, a that’s, great horrible.

You know who would know or no justin sylvester yeah. He knows everything. Justin is the co host of daily pop uh justin. How on earth are people gon na handle this departure? What do you think you guys andy cohen, just confirmed? She is actually a real housewife of beverly hills. Oh, oh so it’s, the smith it’s, the smith version with the beverly hills combined the housewives combined. That would be actually amazing, but i know everybody is saying she is done, but i would not put it past hbo max to come back and make this happen. Remember abc brought patrick dempsey back from the dead after mcdreamy you know died, so this could actually happen. I wouldn’t give up on it just yet money talks, justin you’re such an optimist, we’ve sort of given up yeah, but i like we like it that’s right money, does talk well, justin don’t go away, we’re, just going to take a real, quick commercial break. Oh it’s trends day wednesday we’re back with justin sylvester, he’s co, host of the daily pop on e and he’s catching us up on the buzz. Yes, okay, justin. We need you because there’s a new couple last week it was harry styles and olivia wilde now there’s. Another beautiful couple: yes, there is the sad news hit hollywood. Yesterday, when michael b jordan announced he was officially off the market going insta official with his girlfriend laurie harvey now we all know that he has never ever posted a girlfriend.

How mad do you think those exes are that he’s giving her this online love and by the way people are like who’s laurie harvey who is lori, harvey justin? Well, laurie harvey is the lady bridgeton of this cuffing season. She just snagged the most eligible bachelor. She is the daughter of steve and marjorie. Harvey she’s also been linked to some very famous men, we’re talking trey songz diddy, the rapper future, so she’s been around for a minute, wow wow boy. A lot of women are going to be bummed, no totally bummed. All right who who was the um, who was the michael b jordan when you guys were dating when we were dating when we were dating okay, i don’t remember was it oh. I always thought jt with his hair yeah, but i mean when you mean when we were dating like back when we were kids, i can’t remember. Let me go back to the history book. All right. Wait. Can you just real quick, tell us about some celebs have gotten like new dues, new looks okay congrats to the kylie jenner, hair color of the month club. They have gotten two new members. Chrissy teigen is sporting. This long purple locks look at her. She is living her best life and she said i just want to start looking the way i’ve always wanted. How amazing is that love? It love it who else, and then you have demi lovato who’s starting the year off light and bright.

She is killing it in this short pixie cut. Now hoda and jenna. The memberships to this fictional club are expensive. So i went ahead and had money you got dessert, please! No! You wouldn’t have to spend the money hoda come on oda. You look pretty important. I love cookie. Okay, let’s, see, let’s, see jenna let’s, see jenna Laughter jenna. Can you do it? No, i mean i couldn’t have a haircut that short i’ve got too big of a face. You look kind of cute. I think you can pull it off. Oh justin. Okay, wait there’s this new artist. Yes, that everybody is talking about. You have to tell us more about this. You guys olivia rodrigo is the new 17 year old, phenom they’re, calling her the second coming of swift. Her new song driver’s license is her debut single. It dropped last week it hit number one already in less than a week on the u.

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