Spider-Man, Sam Raimi, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Kevin Feige, Doctor Strange 'Black Widow' Director Cate Shortland Reveals What Marvel Fans Would Be Surprised to Learn

What do you think would surprise people to learn about the making of a marvel movie like black widow? You know what i was surprised at is the conditions that we shot in. So when we were shooting at pinewood um, the girls were fighting in an apartment. It was so hot that we continually had to clear the set um. So some of the scenes you’re watching it they make it look effortless, but uh it was. We had some really tough days and um you just i mean we had days shooting with scarlet right at the end where she had pneumonia and she kept um she kept going. So i think what you see on screen is kind of effortless, but i think you, what surprised me was the massive effort that everyone puts in so you’re saying: it’s, not all glamorous every day of a movie it’s, a fight as we like to say in australia. Did you guys ever discuss making black widow as an r rated movie, or did that never come up in conversations? No it. It did come up and i think um i’ve got a 12 year old daughter and i think, if you’re making a film about control and power – and you want to uplift people – i think you want to include adolescents in that, and i think it would have restricted The message we wanted to tell – and we didn’t want to do – that – i completely understand um – was rob hardy ever going to be the cinematographer or was that just a rumor we rob was a great collaborator and um.

We ended up working with gabrielle berenstein sure cinematography is great by the way i just you know i’m trying to ask a few things: i’m, always fascinated by the editing process, because it is the final rewrite uh. So can you talk a little bit about how long was your first cut compared to the finished film first cut was really really long um. It was probably twice as long or one and a half of what it is, because the editors put everything in sure yeah. What well, let me ask you: were there a lot of deleted scenes, or was it sort of um scenes that you’re just like editing out? I guess: were there a lot of deleted scenes? No, there wasn’t uh. Can i ask what was the last thing that you took out of the movie before you picture locked and why do you know what i edited a year ago, so i don’t really remember. I was just. I just realized that as i’m saying this, this is forever ago, for you, you’ve been yeah yeah. So what actually has this been like for you, because you made a really good movie? What has it been like waiting for this thing to come out? Peaceful, i mean i was with my family in lockdown in l.a, so it was very quiet and i think, like the rest of us, it was it was winter and we just hunkered down and yeah. It didn’t feel the film felt in another place because everybody was dealing with the pandemic, and i i think that was right and i think it feels good now to bring it out, and hopefully we can celebrate that we’re coming out of this oh 100 uh, i Don’T want to spoil what it is, but you have some footage in the movie from another movie.

Was that um tough to get? Can you sort of talk about that without revealing what it is? Uh, nothing was tough to get because it’s all part of marvel and um. We didn’t use parts that have screened in other movies. We used outtakes. Oh i didn’t. I didn’t realize that that’s really cool um you. Obviously every marvel movie is an after. The credit scene was it always going to be the one that’s in the movie? Was it ever going to be something else i don’t know? I don’t know what the what you’re talking about i’m trying to do this without getting specific, you know to talk around things. Um so one of the things, though listen, i think that darren prescott was your second unit director and he’s amazing phenomenal, and i wanted to know. Could you sort of talk about what it’s like collaborating with a second unit director in crafting action? In a movie like this darren was a rock. He was like this beautiful immovable force and he always had my back and he had brilliant ideas and he should be directing his own movies um. Someone needs to give darren a lot of money and he will make a great movie um. He he is really respected by all the stunt people and he collaborates really well with the fight choreographers so and he’s always pushing it. You know he works really well with vehicles and he works really well with people um yeah.

We had a really good relationship and yeah i’d love to work with him again. Can you actually, if you don’t mind um, can you talk specifically about crafting whatever sequence you want to talk about in terms of how does it actually work to deliver? What actually ends up on screen, so in pre production i made like eight or nine short films, and some of them were about uh fights. Some one film would be about fights, one would be about warfare, one would be about guerrilla uh soldiers in childhood. I made all these different films. One was about the spirit world in that, like in nature like fireflies, and things like that um, so that my team could see what my vision was. And then i also made a hardcover book of images, and so when darren came on board, he could see he could have the script and he could have all of those shorts. And then he and i could sit down with the stunt um choreographers and talk about what was the essence in the heart of each fight or what was the essence of um like some of the big stunts and then we’d shot list it or i’d shot list. It and heat shot list. It then we’d come back and meet and we were sometimes we’re on set together. So it was a very fluid relationship and um yeah. I learned a lot of him yeah. I i the two of you together did some fantastic stuff uh, one of the things that i think is so well done about the movie.

Is it dealing with very serious stuff, but there’s also some really funny moments in this thing? Can you sort of talk about balancing, like you know the the humor, with also all the seriousness, i think, if you’re down trodden you’ve got to laugh, you’ve got to you’ve got to poke fun at your jailer, and i think women do that a lot and i Think um, i think the jewish community does it people of color, do it um. So what we wanted was the girls to be able to laugh at the man and at what he has done to them, and i think in a funny way, alexi becomes like this um puppet. You know alex. Is this great character character to to pick um to pick fun out or make fun of, but we knew i mean i wanted the audience to have a laugh. I love having a laugh and having like people like florence on set and david, especially um. We would sometimes i’d sit behind the um split and and cry i mean they’re so gorgeous. They gave me um charms with lines from the film that’s awesome. I know so i’m wearing them today. Uh. I already have to stop. I could ask you a million other things. I just want to seriously say. Congratulations. I hope the movie’s a huge hit for you. Thank you.

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Spider-Man, Sam Raimi, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Kevin Feige, Doctor Strange ’s Phase 4 – Part 2: Shang-Chi, Eternals, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever & More

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