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According to the xiang chi trailer, the film will find our hero being drawn into the world of the ten rings, the terrorist organization that kidnaps tony stark in iron man and was mentioned by darren cross as a potential buyer for the yellowjacket technology in ant man. It seems their intimidating boss when woo happens, to be both xiang chi’s dad and the notorious villain the mandarin, and he wants his son to take his place in the terror group. As you might assume, xiang chi has a few things to say about that. Not to mention a lot of people to punch, we can’t wait to see all the action going down on september. 3Rd 2021 sony’s universe of marvel characters kicked off successfully with venom which cleaned up at the box office, despite critics not being as kind considering that the movie brought in a mind boggling sum of 856 million dollars, a sequel was all but obligatory set up by a Credit scene with a villainous, woody harrelson and a truly fantastic wig, a sequel, titled venom. Let there be carnage, will see andy circus stepping in as a director telling the story of harrelson’s cletus cassidy character as he unleashes carnage on eddie brock’s world according to circus. A plot will pick up over a year after the events of the first film, with eddie brock, attempting to readjust her normal life, with his symbiote to roommate only to get pulled back into another chaotic conflict with an otherworldly foe, venom, let there be carnage, is set For release on september 24th, 2021 marvel head, honcho kevin feige has teased.

The eternal story will span tens of thousands of years telling an epic story of the type we haven’t seen yet in the mcu. The film will be directed by chloe zhao, who won an oscar for best director for her work on nomadland, which also nabbed the academy award for best picture. The titular heroes at the center of the film were a group of superpowered beings created eons ago by the celestials in order to defend the earth from the evil deviants in the real world. They’Re the brainchild of the great jack kirby, who created the comic in the mid 1970s. It features a pact cast that includes the marvel debuts of richard madden angelina jolie, kumayo nanjiani, and more featuring a bonus game of thrones reunion with richard madden. As icarus and kit. Harington as the black knight eternals touches down on november 5th 2021, the more we’ve learned about the third mcu spider man movie, the less we understand about where this series is going when jk simmons reprised his role as j jonah jameson from sam raimi’s spider man trilogy During the end credits of spider man, far from home, we probably should have suspected that something strange was after in the mcu. Now reports have emerged that heroes and villains from previous iterations of the spider man series like alfred molina’s, doctor octopus, jamie foxx’s, electro and maybe even toby, mcguire and andrew garfield are all being pulled into this movie for an inter dimensional spider summit.

I’M. Sorry you’re saying there’s a multiverse well far from home teased the multiverse that ultimately turned out to be a ruse perpetuated by mysterio. This movie might be bringing in a multiverse for real, ah that’s, a question that’s a question in addition to other spidey characters benedict cumberbatch’s doctor strange is also joining the cast and he may be the key to understanding how all these surprising, casting announcements fit together. We’Ll learn exactly how all of the various spider verses potentially fit together when spider man no way home hits theaters december 17 2021 joining tom hardy’s eddie brock in the sony, spider verse will be morbius based on a living vampire and frequent spider. Man nemesis, who first appeared in the pages of marvel comics in 1971. morbius, will star jared leto as dr michael morbius, a brilliant biochemist, whose attempts to cure his own deadly blood disease with an experimental vampire bat treatment. Go predictably awry transforming him into a superpowered ghoul who must consume human blood to survive. The movie will also feature a surprising appearance from michael keaton, most likely reprising his role as adrian tombs, aka, the vulture from spider man homecoming. This film will hit theaters on january 28, 2022.. In 2019, we learned that the doctor, strange sequel, will be titled doctor strange and the multiverse of madness. The sequel will co star elizabeth olsen as wanda maximoff, and it will be directly influenced by the weird events of one division and possibly the events of loki joining the cast of doctor strange and the multiverse of madness is babysitter’s club, star, sochi, gomes as america.

Chavez also known in the comics as miss america, a member of the young avengers, who also happens to be from another dimension. The creative team for the second strange film is changing in a big way with spider man trilogy director, sam raimi, stepping in for original director. Scott derrickson we’ll find out what else is changing in the mcu. With this one on march 25th, 2022 taika waititi of thor ragnarok will be returning to direct thor, love and thunder, and also to voice the lovable rock alien cork, but at 2019 san diego comic con. Further details were announced that shocked those in attendance, specifically, the ragnarok sequel, will see the return of natalie portman’s jane foster. He will follow in her character’s recent comic book footsteps by picking up meow nir to become thor herself. Additionally, several of the guardians of the galaxy will also be reportedly joining the cast, which makes sense, considering thor was last seen joining the guardians at the end of avengers end game, serving as the antagonist for love and thunder will be christian bale, as gore, the god Butcher a character who, in the comics, is obsessed with killing gods and absorbing their power. How it comes together will all be revealed when thought, love and thunder hits theaters on may 6, 2022. After the tremendous success of 2018’s, black panther, a sequel was a sure thing, with chadwick boseman expected to reprise his role as t’challa. The king of the fictional country of wakanda, tragically in august of 2020 bozeman, passed away following a four year struggle with cancer.

The news came as a shock to bozeman’s fans and colleagues alike, as the actor had kept his condition and treatment quiet, even as he continued to work. While marvel declined to comment too, specifically on the future of black panther immediately following bozeman’s death, black panther wakanda forever is moving forward with the rest of the cast and crew dedicated to honoring bozeman’s memory. The anticipated bittersweet sequel is set to be released on july, 8th 2022, no spider man film before it was ever able to do what sony pictures, animation, spider man into the spider verse did win an academy award. The best animated feature of 2018 is considered by some to be among the greatest superhero films ever made, with its supremely innovative animation style and focus on its eclectic cast of ultimate universe, spider people, its success, seems impossible to duplicate, but sony is still going to try. The spider, verse sequel will center on the burgeoning romantic relationship between miles morales and gwen stacy, reportedly taking place two years after the events of the first film additional plot. Details are still a mystery, but a teaser shared by the official spiderverse twitter account flickers through several different spider logos, which seems to indicate that once again, we’ll be meeting a variety of different spider people from across the multiverse. One thing we do know is that each array of hbo’s, insecure will be playing jessica, drew better known as spider woman, as for which other heroes will be joining the flick, we’ll find out soon enough, as into the spider.

Verse 2 hits theaters on october, 7th 2022, while marvel is keeping quiet so far about what carol danvers will be up to the next time. We see her. We do know that she won’t be alone. The film that was originally presented as a sequel to 2019’s. Captain marvel was revealed in 2021 to actually be a team up feature titled the marvels brie larson will be returning as carol danvers. Aka captain marvel the titular star of the first film, but joining her. This time around will be tiana paris, who was introduced in one division as a grown up version of monica rambo and iman valani, who will be appearing in her own disney plus series as carol danvers number one fangirl, kamala khan aka. Ms marvel a team up. Adventure will be soaring into theaters on november 11 2022, while most of the other mcu titles for disney plus seemed intended to further the overarching interconnected plot for phase 4 and beyond marvel announced one title during disney’s 2020 investor day event that doesn’t seem interested in epic Battles or sprawling narratives and is much more concerned with being jolly and bright that’s right, the guardians of the galaxy holiday special is coming to disney plus in 2022. What can we expect from a holiday themed, mcu space? Special one may need to look no further than the much maligned star wars holiday, special, which guardians writer and director james gunn says he unironically loved as a kid what’s up gunn says: he’s had the idea for a guardian’s holiday special for years, and that is one Of his favorite stories ever the special will be live action and will bring back all of the main guardians cast members.

Gunn also confirmed that the special will be considered mcu canon and it will be set between the events of thor love and thunder, and guardians of the galaxy vol. 3. it’s still hard to picture exactly what to expect from the holiday special but we’ll find out in late 2022. Among the more interesting projects, sony has planned for their spidey centric universe is a solo vehicle starring, the classic villain, sergey kravenoff aka craven the hunter descended from an aristocratic russian bloodline. Kravinov has dedicated his life to becoming the world’s greatest hunter and no quarry has ever stoked his obsession quite like spider man, while we’re unsure of the plot. We know the screenplay will be penned by the equalizer 2 scribe richard wenk and screenwriting duo, art, markham and matt holloway. Interestingly, back in 2018, before marcum and holloway came aboard, wayne had some interesting ideas about the project. In an interview with discussing film, the writer said: it’s an interesting world, a great character, it’s going to adhere very closely to the law of craven the hunter and he is going to come face to face with spider man. We don’t know if that’s true, but we do know who will be playing craven, mcu veteran aaron taylor, johnson, who portrayed the ill fated quicksilver in avengers age of ultron raven. The hunter will be helmed by triple frontier director jc chandler and is scheduled to hit theaters january 13th 2023 after playing a key role in saving the entire universe.

During the events of avengers end game and man will return for a third headlining feature ant man on the wasp quantum mania of the three core director peyton reed promised the third ant man movie is going to be a much bigger, more sprawling movie than the first Two it’s going to have a very different visual template returning for quantum mania, are franchise stars, paul, rudder, scott lang and evangeline lilly as hope van dyne, along with hope’s father and scott’s mentor, hank pym and the long lost wife he recently rescued from the quantum realm. Janet van dyne joining the cast will be catherine newson as a teenage version of scott’s daughter cassie, who was briefly played by emma furman in avengers endgame in the comics cassie becomes a superhero stature, one of the early members of the young avengers plus lovecraft country, star Jonathan magers will be playing iconic marvel baddie kang, the conqueror one of marvel’s, most notorious and powerful villains expect to see our heroes battle, their new foe on february 17th, 2023 between getting fired and rehired by disney over some old tweets, james gunn decamped to warner brothers To write and direct his own take on the suicide squad, but he’s coming back to finish what he started with guardians of the galaxy vol 3.. We don’t know much about the plot of the movie, but considering where things left off, we assume it will have something to do with the guardian. Searching for gamora, we also know rocket.

Raccoon will be a major player, as gunn explained on twitter rocket is a big part of what’s happening in the future, and a lot of this stuff, like the scars we’re about to see on his back, sets up what i’ve been planning for rocket all along as It now stands, guardians of the galaxy vol 3 will be entering our orbit on may 5th. 2023. These aren’t the only marvel studios and sony pictures projects on the state for the years to come, also reported to be in development with no announced release dates are deadpool. 3, fantastic four blade captain america iv, an untitled or female spider, verse, spin off nova jackpot; an entitled, olivia wilde, project, reportedly centered on spider woman, an entitled sj clarkson project, reportedly centered on madame webb, black cat silver sable night watch check out one of our newest Videos right here, plus even more looper videos about the future of the marvel cinematic universe, are coming soon subscribe to our youtube channel and hit the bell.

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