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If we could do this as a movie probably 20 years ago, because it’s a great story of a uh of a young man that that realizes his father is um is essentially one of the world’s greatest um super villains, one of the world’s greatest criminals and and How do you process that, and how do you deal with that as a as a child, and how do you, how do you evolve beyond that and the heroism needed to uh to break free of that and grow beyond that, and even in our film to to Realize that uh, that there are many sides to all stories into in the the world’s perception of of his father and his perception of his father um is more complex than perhaps he initially. He initially thought. That was a great driving story for us that we wanted to to explore someday looking for a filmmaker to to do. It was obviously, as it always is important and destin creighton coming in and again dedicating his talents he’s an amazing filmmaker, who does amazing movies that have been um uh on the smaller budgeted size compared to a big marvel movie, but coming in and giving his personal A vision to this story of this father and son and really this family was very special and then how we could find somebody to play. Shanghi was his biggest question when he signed up as uh as director our producer, jonathan schwartz and uh casting director.

Sarah finn, looked at hundreds of people and simu came up relatively late in the process when you just start to get to that point of maybe it’s not going to happen, because what you want is everybody in your inner circle, the producers, the filmmakers to see somebody And go look at each other and go. We found this person. This is the. This is the one we hadn’t we hadn’t had that on shangxi uh at this point and simu came in, and sarah finn had seen him before and brought him in again, and he did great. He did a great uh reading with destin. He then did a great chemistry read with uh, with aquafina who’s gracious enough to do that, and i will say he you know a little bit was: who is this fellow let’s? Look him up that’s what you do nowadays you look up. Who is this guy and he did have a uh, a um uh infectious uh uh personality on online in uh, in in the way he interacted with the world and with fandom of of his show that he was doing in canada at the time and with a Sports team that he was a fan of that was doing well when i happened to when i happened to to search him. So he’s kind of the the real deal and uh and bringing a new marvel hero into the fold is never easy and always there’s. A lot of a lot of pressure on us and i’m sure on the actors, but simu has uh, has pulled it off in ways that again i’m very excited for audiences to uh to finally uh see in september.

Throughout my life, the ten rings gave our family power well that’s, what’s fun about the mcu. At this stage is we can do something like chongxie introducing a brand new hero into the mcu and into the into the world at large, but that subtitle and the legend of the ten rings actually connects it back to the very beginning of the mcu. The ten rings being the organization that uh kidnapped, tony stark at the very beginning of iron man, one and that organization was inspired by a character called the mandarin in the comics and going back to iron man. One we’ve been talking about. When do we? When do we bring this character to the to the screen and only wanted to do it, we felt we could do it supreme uh justice and really and really showcase uh the complexity of this character, which, frankly, we couldn’t do in an iron man movie, because in Iron man movie is about iron man in iron man, movies, about tony stark, so shane black in his film and his uh script that he co wrote came up with this fun twist that we love to this day and uh turned out to be trevor slattery. Just because that version, wasn’t real didn’t mean there’s, not a leader of the ten rings organization, and that is who we meet for the first time in uh, in chongqi and and again talking about actors making making these characters come to life.

Tony liang playing shanxi’s father and the leader of the ten rings is another pinch yourself dream come true moment because he’s, one of the best actors of our time and very excited to to have him introduced to, i hope, a whole new fan base uh, who might Not be aware of his spectacular uh work that he’s done, you got this. Thank you. We just recently released the uh the final trailer for shangshi, the end of which had a character that looked very some fans said this looks like a character. They hadn’t seen in many years name the abomination, fighting a character that looks like wong and i can say um that the reason it looks like that is because that is, abomination, fighting wong, yes, um and again a fun thing to have a character that that that We haven’t had on screen in in over a decade, um uh show up uh again in the mcu and to see fans on that little tag of the of the trailer um recognize that and embrace that uh is great fun throughout the years. We have never interfered until chloe had expressed interest in in marvel many years ago, even when, when brad winterbaum, our producer on uh, black widow, was looking for a filmmaker her, her name came up. She’D done a great film called the rider and and um uh. She ended up not not coming in on that film. I don’t believe and and we’re very lucky to get uh kate shortland to direct uh that movie at uh at scarlet’s suggestion uh, but when, when we were working on eternals and our producer, nate moore was was coming up with this uh pitch to really embrace one Of jack kirby’s greatest creations for marvel um amongst all of his great creations, but the eternals this this race of immortal, beings, who’ve, been on earth for for millennia, is one of his best and he he asked chloe to come and meet, and they really just clicked On this notion of a history of humanity and what it means to be human and the viewpoint of that through these characters, the eternals and she came in with a pitch that that got into visuals, which was which was beautiful, but, more importantly, into these characters.

These are 10 new characters into the into the world, which is a very difficult thing to do, and she embraced that challenge and had a unique viewpoint for for every single one of them and i’m happy to say that from that initial pitch and meeting to the Near final version of the film where we are now um, she has both won a handful of academy awards in between and delivered on her promise of uh of what the eternals could be, and i look forward to to people seeing that one as well. I love you, my sons remember this place. Oh, it was always our hope at marvel studios to to be able to pull off even a little bit uh in a cinematic form uh. What publishing had been able to do in the comics for for uh for 70 plus years um, and that is – and that is everything from from the genius of stan lee and jack kirby and steve, ditko and and all of the uh uh spectacular, artists and writers? Is that they can tell honestly stories as big as the big bang and the foundation of the universe itself and the foundation of reality and tell something as small and moving as you know, peter parker’s, origin story, or any of that moment in the loki series. When tom hiddleston is watching himself in clips from endgame, it is so heartbreaking. It is so moving well that show also has uh uh space lizards and deals with and deals with a time itself.

It is both that makes marvel marvel. It is being able to do the world outside your window on a very personal emotional level and come at it from a viewpoint that hopefully makes us makes you think about your place in the grander scheme of reality. In the universe and speaking of eternals, i think of i’ve seen seen pictures of jack kirby and his at his little drawing desk in his house and thinking the imagination of that man pouring out onto that page, um and now and now uh. The incredible artists, led by chloe of doing it in in cinematic form, is amazing: it’s bringing the human imagination to life on a personal level and a cosmic level that makes marvel. I think what it is. There was a time when it looked like marvel. Studios would not be involved in in spider man movies, going forward for sony um. It was only a few months, but it was. It was uh an emotional few months, for i think all of us on all sides. In a very public few months, for whatever reason, um uh – but yes, i had thought if it were going. I i i always want to look at the bright side and the bright side was we got to make two great uh spider man movies, um with amy. Pascal and john watts and tom rothman and tom holland uh – and i was very proud of that – and very happy with that, of course wanted it to continue um, but but always want to be happy with with what we have instead of upset, what we don’t.

Luckily, um uh tom rothman and bob iger and alan horn and alan bergman and tom holland himself um all realized. Would it just be more fun if we just kept doing it? Let’S, not let let’s not get business or politics in the way, because the deal always started with amy pascal and i having nothing to do with numbers or contracts or um politics. It had to do with story and a love of of spider man and peter parker, and the marvel universe, and it effectively has continued like that. Uh and that’s and that’s, where we find ourselves now. Michael morby got tired of doing the whole good guy thing. What’S up doc, i don’t want to obviously talk about rumors or speculation on what could happen. What couldn’t happen as it relates to any characters that marvel studios, hasn’t hasn’t brought to the screen yet, but i will say what i’ve always said, which is having been in marvel for 20 years. I wouldn’t dismiss anything i wouldn’t rule anything out when and how and where remains to be seen it could. It could be. You know any rumor that you read online could happen uh anytime between tomorrow and never get down here and fight Music america. You can’t affect the real world in here who’s laughing now you know i spoke earlier about everything we do in marvel. Studios is from the point of view of of the audience, and how do we make the audience feel one way or how do we evoke an emotion as an audience? I really feel like i learned that from watching sam on the spider man movies, where i was just very lucky to be there working for the former head of of marvel studios, avi rod and just watching watching avi watching uh, laura ziskin the producer of that watching.

Amy pascal, who ran the studio at the time and particularly sam raimi, put that those movies together so now being in a position that that sam is back in the marvel universe and and working for us on dr strange, which, aside from spider man, both steve ditko Co creations um: what was his favorite characters is, is really quite quite remarkable and full circle for me personally from my my journey at marvel and but really it’s just exciting to get to watch sam work again and to see sam raimi put his sam raimi stamp On dr strange on the multiverse on marvel and for people who know what that stamp is um, they can be very excited and for people who don’t yet know what that stamp. Is i can’t wait for them to see this movie be blown away by it and go? What else has he done and delve into sam raimi’s uh, a filmography which is uh, which is uh won the best of all time? Hey yo is this yours, Music? Who are you? Yes? I mean the death of chad had hit all of us um extremely hard and at the same time as it hit the world because we didn’t, we didn’t, know either um uh and there were all sorts of of questions and, and our first thought for many weeks. Afterwards had nothing to do with the movie it had to do with with him and his and his family and his wife and his legacy.

Um and and really we were looking uh to ryan coogler for guidance, as as one frankly always should about almost everything in life i’d recommend following ryan coogler for guidance, um and and having the discussions, which is essentially came down to continuing um the legacy of wakanda And continuing um, with with that storyline in a very um, meaningful, respectful and yet still hopeful and fun and exciting way, um, which is which was which was difficult. Um uh after after after uh losing chad, and i will say that that ryan and our producer, nate moore and the entire cast and our co writer, joe robert cole um, have done some remarkable things in the story in the draft and and the the team is Assembling once again and and cameras role uh in the not too distant future on that – and it will be extremely emotional across the board, but i think they have something um very special in mind: Music, when you love something you fight for it: Music, we’re, the ones Who changed everything? You know? The definition of phases often evolve with the phase and and often i leave up to writers and journalists to decide that’s for the that’s for the film historians to tell us what the phases were about truthfully. It is phase four was always about continuing in new ways and new beginnings: um uh, even even uh. You know, with with uh films that uh that seemingly are concluding story lines.

There are. There are new beginnings within them and that’s what was most exciting to us about the opportunity to to make shows for disney plus about all of us at marvel studios, choosing to continue um, past endgame and pass far from home once and leaving the infinity saga behind. To a new, a new beginning and uh that that, i think, is what is what people will be looking at uh at phase four uh hope i hope is having accomplished uh, but we’re in the middle of it now so remains to be seen.

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