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Sliding stab pedroia, spinning throwing into the runner collision and down, goes hanley ramirez and the runner is safe, as bogarts goes over to get it, but hanley and agony on a collision with sanchez who ran right into him. Yeah there’s, nothing that could have happened there that one 3 2 runner first goes and he struck him out. Here’S the throw down the second it’s off into center field and nunez is shaken up eduardo nunez is down, and john farrell is coming out with a trainer. The wall leone coming in to score jackie bradley churning here he comes the throw home the tag he’s safe. He beat it and attacked by gomes they’re challenging this second he’s on his way to third here’s the throw he gets by got him in the head. Yeah. Sam is down on the ricochet yeah that got him in the head and now rising up on all fours 2016.. He hit 310 runner goes here’s the throw down the tag and he got him on a strike him out, throw him on double play. Well, i thought lin had it all the way that ball got him in the chest on the tag that’s. What it looked like to me, i don’t know what he’s holding fastball will pop him up in the center charging on it. Hernandez and royal could not make the play that drops in runner. Heading into second dozier will be safe. It fell in and arroyo shaken up here who bounces it up there knocked down by flowecky correa, not going anywhere a change up right there that bounces up and gets them right in the mat he’ll stroke that one for a base hit center field, mary phil rounding.

Third here’s the throw coming home and it’s up the line, and this game is tied, uh. Oh, we are tied 2, 2 and we’ll see if one gon na be fair that one sneaks down the line off the short wall, frasier will bare hand and fire here’s. The throw in he’s gon na slide and hang on to the bag for a double, so another two base hit for jd yeah good, throw there by frazier would have had a shot at him one two inside and got him that hit him he’s. In some pain, though, arroyo gets drilled and another run is in but he’s in serious pain. Is it the slide here into second base on the double well let’s? Take a look that appeared to be okay unless he turned over his ankle, but he’s waving to the dugout, so apparently he’s all right there, but he’s yeah, and he took a shot now racing to try and get the out and what a fine recovery to get It now let’s see if he’s, okay, that was a bullet right back up the middle and it got him boy. He stayed with it too. He just stayed with him. He was going to get himself an out, got him in the bicep santana chops it towards. Second, fletcher gets rid of it in time to get santana who comes up hobbling down the line to end the top of the seven at the end of his ground out, danny santana, we told you came up limp, got him hit by the pitch jd martinez.

Well, it comes cross. Seamer comes running back in gets him on the ricochet that got right to the bag at first to get the out. Oh that’s, not good. As the run comes in to score. He took a hot shot, 17 5 tampa bay and and perazo was only in there to try and finish it up, gets a wicked liner back at him. Nothing’S coming unfortunate right here, as he hits the first base and you’ll see him. Just kind of you know. Go across that back and pull up just before he gets to the bag and re engine. It apparently and has front he’ll ground that one maybe another double play, could oh threw it right by him. Everybody’S going to be safe and the red sox catch a break. Roduko down to second evers at first grabbing, his hamstring air thrown out on line drive not in this airline drive, but you see charging guriel jr 90 mile an hour fastball. He threw all the way into janssen and he’s a dead duck at home. You see him tonight, muncie hits it right back off of stephen wright and he’s got an infield single red. Sox. Bigger concern is about right, that’s how bad you hate the dodgers, your angels passed fouled at home plate. I didn’t like the dodgers either. I was a giant fan when i was a kid right right. You know i was watching yesterday. They would, when the rain delay was going on in new york and they put on the end of the dodging game, it was dodged.

3 2 to bradley is hitting right back up the middle. A base hit i’m telling you it’s fun to watch guys still in this game, who are able on the ground slowly hit third base side that better roll foul, and it does not so now brian ball. The trainer is going to go out with ricky renteria to talk to herrera. This is not a good sign from where they’re at and with mccann running. I guess they still could come home that’s. Why they’re back two reasons: they’re back a little bit because they don’t want to give up two runs on a base hit in this situation. Obviously, 3 2. He got him, they came back and he went back to back with the fastball jerry yeah and he kept that fast for joe kelly and i think all of those change ups now make perfect sense. Yeah. We had a great shot of that to one out and ground it out. Oh now, he got hit. Hanley was taking all the way, so he was completely relaxed and then that ball darted in on him bringing brad pearson a trainer out to check on him. 2. 2 is inside that one got him david ortiz, struck by the pitch on a 79 mile, an hour knuckleball Music let’s, see if david is okay, john farrell out with a trainer in the rumor mill, as that one is scorched into left field headed with the wall. Almost hit the ladder – oh and young, is grabbing for a hamstring and barely able to get back to first base.

I think it is a hamstring we’ll see, but as he took the turn at first base, he was grabbing at the back of that leg. He couldn’t have ran around, and this is earlier now and shaw was in the game and watch him hop a little bit. Remember last night he drilled that foul ball off the right. Shin it’s got to be that’s the right hand or loose in the bullpen. The helmet came off on a mighty cut for strike one hanley trying to make it a 4 4 game. With that swing gets the fastball, gets it up in the zone. A little donates 50 dollars to the greater boston food bank posey, the batter he has struck out, walked and flied to right, yeah that plate has moved around on both teams tonight. It certainly has yeah posey at 288 after the home run, let’s. Take a look at johnson is Music and that one ran in and got him on the hand he’s been hit by the pitch xander running out of there and heading right for john farrell and a trainer it’s, always scary. When you get hit in the hand, you know his 0 2 pitch he’s looking to dive a little bit thinking he might throw, which gets away from vasquez, goes to the back. Stop a curveball that didn’t connect here comes john from he’s going to need. Brad pearson trainer with him. What is this little cramp? I wonder about the slippery conditions too, pulling at the back back so did he line to right? That’S well hit bets to the track.

Lunging can’t get it mookie’s slamming into the wall. Now he has to chase diaz, has had a tremendous night he’s down to third round. He goes the strike, not a good, throw off of the center field, he’s going to stay right there at second base. You talk about having a bad back. He’S got to have one by now. Is he okay up and away for ball? One ramran did not look good after that last delivery, i’m, not sure if he hurt himself or not just frustrated yeah they’re gon na call out on the infield chop runner holding it. Third, he went for the tag, he got him to throw onto first base and got him and is benitez and he got tagged out on the play.

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Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees, MLB, Yankees–Red Sox rivalry \ New York Yankees Worst Injuries

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